A male celeb always on the prowl for free booze



    Besides getting into petty fights with his co-workers, this “magaling-pa-namang” actor (MPNA) is infamous for overly indulging in booze.

    Probably a descendant of Bacchus, his drinking binges are often not without a willing sponsor (yes, the MPNA cannot afford to support his vice).

    Once, the MPNA invited a gay showbiz denizen (GSD) out to unwind, that is,“Siya (the MPNA) ang mismong nagyaya pero hindi naman siya ang magbabayad ng iinumin nila.”

    Without having second thoughts, the GSD acceded to the MPNA’s invitation thinking that the night out would have been his long-overdue chance to be intimate with the latter.

    Came the first round of beer in a bucket, followed by another and another and another.

    “Obvious na tinatamaan na si MPNA, sa dami ba naman ng nainom niya, ‘no!” our source said, while the GSD—an occasional guzzler—feigned his drunkenness.

    In slurred speech, all of a sudden the MPNA mumbled, “I think I want to kill somebody…” Frightened, GSD immediately called the waiter, then motioned that he’d foot the tab.

    As GSD hurriedly left the bar without waiting for his change, he said to himself: “I knew he didn’t mean it pero kakaloka, ha? Nilibre mo na’t lahat gusto pa yata akong itumba!”

    * * *

    There’s hardly any fathomable reason for this popular female personality (PFP) to exercise austerity given how much she’s worth now.

    Expensive jewelry, branded apparel—name it, she probably has ‘em all.

    But did you know that PFP refuses to adorn her posh residence with fresh flowers as these costs a lot?

    “Madali raw kasing malanta ang mga yun, so bibili na naman siya uli. Eh, sa laki nga naman ng bahay niya, procuring fresh flowers would make her house look like a flower shop,” our source says.

    PFP, however, has hatched a more brilliant, if not a more practical idea than splurging on fresh flowers, “What are those artificial cloth-made flowers doing? Mukha rin namang mga totoong bulaklak yun, no!”

    Come to think of it.

    * * *

    Indeed, what goes around comes around.

    It didn’t take too long for this female personality (FP) to realize just as well that she only reaps what she sows.

    Here’s why: FP had a female co-anchor (FCA) who came much ahead of her in an AM radio station. However, entertainment wasn’t right up the latter’s alley albeit armed with impressive academic credentials.

    Seeing this as FCA’s inadequacy, FP did everything she could to convince management it would be best to transfer FCA to a separate program.

    FP’s kitschy handiwork succeeded.

    A year or so later, however, FP was unceremoniously sacked from the AM radio station, co-terminus with her regular TV work upon the complaint of an actress-kumare with whom she picked a petty fight.

    “Saling-pusa nga lang siya dun sa radio program, pero kung makaasta siya, akala mo, she had a contract to boot. She even had the chutzpah to have FCA booted out? Spell K-A-R-M-A!” said Vignettes source.

    Gone now are the glory days of the FP.


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