A male honoree who walks the talk



GUESS WHO? A male honoree (MH) of an award named after its late founder was unable to attend the ceremonies for the simple reason that the advice of his recognition came a bit too late.

Acknowledged for his contribution to his chosen field, MH claimed that the honorary announcement came in the form of a text message, when such news should be made in formal writing.

“He received the advice Thursday, and the event was to be held the coming weekend. Had he been at least informed Wednesday, he could have adjusted his schedule to grace the occasion,” our source said.

The MH earned “fame” for “walking” his talk.

* * *

If love comes from the most unexpected places, so does showbiz tsismis.

Used to calling him “Kuya,” Vignettes has frequent encounters with this 72-year-old still-macho-looking military retiree on our narrow street in Pasay City. He has been taking good care of his bedridden maternal aunt.

On his way home a few days ago, Kuya said he was supposed to attend a pre-Christmas reunion with his clan in the northern part of Luzon, but he was having second thoughts.

“Naku, magkikita lang kami nung pinsan ko roon,” he shook his head.

The cousin whom Kuya was referring to is an actor-turned-politician (ATP) who’s—well—regularly seen in a top-rating TV show.

“Is there bad blood between them?” Vignettes politely asked the septuagenarian.

After taking a deep breath, he replied: “Kuripot [tightwad]kasi ‘yung pinsan kong ‘yon.”

Kuya couldn’t help but share an instance when his father passed away. All of their kin were present at the wake the whole time except his ATP cousin who arrived during the last night, just as dawn was breaking.

“He must have come from a late-night taping, buti nga dumating pa siya,” Kuya said, apparently consoling himself.

Obviously star struck, their town mates naturally mobbed ATP. Even the children familiar with his character on TV milled around him.

“Matagal din siya nag-stay, pero napansin ko mukha yatang hindi ‘bubunot.’ Anong oras na kasi, puputok na ang araw. I had to think of a way to make him slip his hand into his pocket. Kinomedi ko na lang, ‘Ano ka ba naman, ‘insan, kung ano’ng bilis mo sa pagbunot ng baril, siya namang bagal mo bumunot…”

Before Kuya could finish his sentence, another kin burst into laughter.

Only when his actor-cousin had left did Kuya check the “abuloy.”

And when he ran his fingers through the peso bills, he grieved all the more.


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