• Malik ‘ID’ found on slain MNLF fighter


    The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday said an identification (ID) card found on one of the slain Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters in Zamboanga City belongs to MNLF Commander Habier Malik.

    AFP public affairs office deputy head Maj. Angelo Guzman said it is still being determined if the body that of Malik.

    Guzman said there were “similarities” between the body and their records of Malik, one of the commanders who led MNLF forces in taking over several Zamboanga villages for 20 days.

    Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin had said the crisis was over and all the MNLF forces have been defeated.

    Meanwhile, AFP public affairs office chief Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said MNLF founding chairman Nur Misuari was still in Sulu but declined to elaborate.



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