‘Malnutrition is country’s bigger problem’

BIGGER PROBLEM Vice President Leni Robredo speaks before public school teachers during the Education Summit and National Teachers’ Day Celebration in Legazpi City. PHOTO BY RHAYDZ B. BARCIA

BIGGER PROBLEM Vice President Leni Robredo speaks before public school teachers during the Education Summit and National Teachers’ Day Celebration in Legazpi City. PHOTO BY RHAYDZ B. BARCIA

LEGAZPI CITY: Vice President Leni Robredo has expressed concern over the growing problem on malnutrition that now affects 3.6 million children in public schools.

Speaking before more than 3,000 teachers here for the 2016 Education Summit and National Teachers’ Day Celebration, the Vice President said the issue on malnutrition and stunting among school children is alarming.

Citing the data of Save the Children, Robredo said the Philippines is one of the countries in the world that account for most of the global burden of malnutrition.

“We have 3.6 million (stunted) children, causing us to rank 9th among countries with the highest number of stunting, and 10th among countries with the highest burden of wasting. At present, there are 1.5 million Filipino children who go through a day without eating,” she said.

Robredo said that since children who are stunted have poor physical and mental development, they are likely to become repeaters in school or drop outs.

Stunting is the most prevalent form of undernutrition and has permanent effects on a child’s growth and development.

“If this issue isn’t solved now, it will become a huge economic problem. As we celebrate National Teacher’s Month, World Teacher’s Day and recognize the achievements of our colleagues in the academe, may you remember that your duty in educating our nation’s children goes beyond the four corners of the classroom,” she said.

She said malnutrition extends into the communities and families.

The Vice President also urged public school teachers to introduce and innovate new ways of learning for the 24.4 million public school students in the country.

“In a time where our values as a people are constantly being shaken and questioned, where violence is being mistaken for peace, and where basic human rights are being scoffed at – teachers serve as beacons of light that shine brighter than ever. Use your influence and use it now.

“You are the hope of our 24.4 million children in our public schools,” Robredo told the teachers.

“With every new course material, learning aid and class activity, you encourage students to be creative and critical of their surroundings. Each one of you holds a key to the enlightenment of a child’s mind. Each key is important; each task significant; each child worthy of our tireless efforts,” she said.

Robredo said there is a need to link senior high school graduates with relevant industries.

She urged the teachers to support the Department of Education in making this year as smooth and as productive as possible since 2016 is a transition year under the K-to-2 program.

“We can do that by providing senior high school students with sufficient information so that they can choose specialization tracks that will ensure productive employment or business opportunities after senior high school.

This is the focus and priority of our office to link our senior high school programs with relevant industries so the transition will be easy,” she said.

Robredo added that local government units have a massive role to play in bridging industries with schools, so that students and their parents can make informed decisions.


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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    This is a very damning development —Yes if greedy politicians and corrupt officials were to stop bleeding the country dry —We would be able to right this terrible state of affairs ..!

    David M Meyer {Prof PhD psych}}

  2. Why ia VP Robredo just talking about this problem now when it was already existing during Pnoy’s term? Why did she not talk about this during Pnoy’s rime? Was she afraid of not being drafted as the LP VP candidate? It is very obvious that she is just dong this now for political mileage…

  3. Unahin mong lugar mo fake vice bgo k umiipal jan poor areas ang Bicol bkit di ko gawin ng paras nnpra wlang bata mgutum at ma rape Sikat ang Bicol s news at ipalit nyong Pnr s Bicol Pra easy transport LNG at daang dap mo e travel m nman yan s buong mundo wawa pera s kaban sinadyang monlang ako p syo resign pcso choice k nman

  4. Yes the problem malnutrition because why the administration panot is corrupt.Why Robredo help the malnutrition shes not deserving to be a vice President.She’s a plastic in Filipinos people call that idiot!!!!!

  5. Sad to say that Philippine VP Robredo is a typical politician who makes noise (publicity) and do nothing nothing for the filipino people. We filipinos are blind, we do not accept our mistakes in choosing the right candidates to represent us. All we have to do is look back (did we vote the right candidate), RP Vice President can only talk, give promises, make noises, point a finger at other and do nothing for the filipino people.

  6. Why don’t we abolish the Vice-Presidency? It’s all talk! Sayang ang pera ng bayan. Clear your name first on BBM’s charge of vote rigging at PET, puwede ba? Until then, you are FAKE VP!

  7. The biggest driver of all the problems in the Philippines is the elephant in the room that no one like Robredo wants to touch. It us overpopulation. This country simply has too many people and it all starts at the provinces where the irresponsible birth rate is astronomical. No jobs, no education, lack of food and irresponsible production of babies. This results in high crimes, drugs, etc. and who is to blame along with these irresponsible parents is the Catholic Church and its medieval birth policy and of course the politicians because people means votes. Stupid is, stupid does.

    • Maybe not overpopulation per se but rather giving birth to more children that they (the parents) can actually support. So yeah, irresponsible parenthood it is.

  8. Perhaps the money spent on comelec and smartmatic could have been put to a more worthwhile use of addressing the root cause. Why not abolish the comelec and use the savings to work on the problem? or do you have an alternative solution “VP” Robredo?

    • Mariel Mendoza on

      The election is over. The attitude is: let’s help the present administration with the task at hand. Let’s not waste our effort in criticizing the past administration–it’s done. There’s nothing can be done about it.