• Mamasapano: Aquino and Roxas’ political grave, and Llamanzares’ too


    THE massacre of 44 elite police troops in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25 last year is President Aquino and his presidential candidate Manuel Roxas II’s political graveyard.

    Aquino, in his hubris that he could catch international terrorists, and then in his paralysis when the operation turned awry dug the grave, enough to fit Roxas since he stood idly by while his police commandos—whom he officially had command over —were massacred by Muslim insurgents.

    Presidential candidate Grace Poe Llamanzares exploited the fiasco by projecting herself, as chairman of the committee investigating the massacre, as a competent, fearless senator out to uncover the truth.  Yet very cleverly, she left room for Aquino to wiggle out of the quagmire, and didn’t submit her committee report to the Senate, so it was just left in her office and forgotten.

    image001I suspect that at that time she was hoping that by helping Aquino, he would anoint her as his successor rather than Roxas.

    Or did Aquino himself, as I was told, tell Llamanzares at that time (February 2015) to help him survive the hearings, and quid pro quo, he’ll anoint her as his candidate towards the end of the year. That would explain why a Balikbayan, who can’t even boast what her highest working position in the US was, suddenly became so confident she could win the presidency of the Republic.

    But Aquino obviously double-crossed her and instead offered her the vice-presidency. After that she’s been barraged by disqualification cases, which likely would strike her out of the contest.

    The new investigation into the Mamasapano massacre called by senator Juan Ponce Enrile will undoubtedly show Aquino and Roxas as at best standing idly by while the Special Action Forces were being massacred.

    At worse, as Enrile has hinted, the hearing would establish without doubt that Aquino called reinforcing troops to stand down, in effect leaving the SAF to the Moro insurgent wolves.

    It will also expose why Llamanzares stopped short in exposing Aquino’s criminal negligence and in asking for his impeachment.

    If Aquino and Roxas have any decency left, they would resign their posts when the hearings indubitably prove this.

    I don’t know how any decent, intellectually honest Filipino would agree to suffer even for just a few more months a lying President with blood on his hands.

    I don’t know how any decent, intellectually honest Filipino would vote for Aquino’s clone with the same blood on his hands.

    Just the photos alone of Aquino and Roxas gallivanting in Zamboanga City while the SAF troops were embattled and massacred are proof enough of their criminal negligence.

    Ironically these photos were by the Malacanang Photo Bureau; since Aquino’s trip to Zamboanga that day was unscheduled, the main broadsheets were unable to send their own photographers there.

    Note the shadows the sun cast in the photos, which show that Aquino and Roxas were going around Zamboanga from noon to late afternoon, when the SAF troopers were being killed.

    By Aquino’s and Roxas’ own statements they were aware that “Oplan Exodus”—with international terrorists Zulkifli Abdhir (a.k.a. Marwan) and Abdul Basit Usman as its targets—was well underway in the wee hours of the morning, and that shortly after daybreak the SAF troops had been pinned down in the corn fields with little cover.

    They did nothing

    Yet what did Aquino and Roxas do?

    After a closed-door meeting with Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and other generals after they arrived at 10 AM at Edwin Andrews Air Base, they went to Guiwan village to see where the car bomb exploded just a few days earlier. Then they went to the Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center to visit a wounded policeman, and to the Western Mindanao Medical Center on Santa Cruz Street where two blast patients were confined. After a long lunch probably with the local delicacy curacha served, they visited another blast victim at the Ciudad Medical Center and 10 other victims at the Zamboanga City Medical Center in Santa Catalina village. Of course, in all these affairs, Aquino and Roxas went with the hand-shaking, back-patting routine.

    All these activities when the SAF troops’ bloody fate was being sealed as the hours passed by without any reinforcement nor artillery fire to scare off the Moro insurgents.

    Visiting the bombing victims was actually scheduled merely as a cover story for Aquino and his several Cabinet members for them to be there, so they could proceed swiftly to Cotabato City to congratulate the SAF troopers after they had taken down the international terrorists.

    Any other president, any commanding officer would have dropped everything in the face of a crisis that could mean the death of his men, so he could monitor closely the events as they unfolded, so he could issue orders to save the troops.

    Even US President Obama with his closest security advisers had set up a war room to monitor the American commandos in their operation to terminate Osama bin Laden.

    President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was given special facilities to similarly do so in the operation that hunted down and killed Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Sabaya in 2002.

    In Aquino and Roxas’ case, they pretended nothing was happening during those frenetic hours from mid-morning to late afternoon, when the SAF troops were pinned down and were picked off one by one by long-range MILF Barrett sniper rifles. Without help coming for the SAF, the insurgents simply waited for their ammo to run out, and then rushed them to shoot those still alive point blank one by one.

    By the police commanders’ account these were the hours when they were frantically begging the Army to send reinforcements and to fire non-deadly artillery fire to scare off the Moro insurgents.

    It was a criminal failure of leadership. Was Aquino so shocked and then paralyzed that his fantasy as a commander of commandos who killed two international terrorists turned into a bloody nightmare?

    It is a very expensive lesson for us a nation, but one we should never forget: Never again elect a president, especially a spoiled scion of hacenderos, who hasn’t been tested in the crucible of experience and leadership.



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    1. Hindi Na nga nakakatulong….namemerwisyo pa!!!!!…sick and tired of this administration…sobrang tagal Naman nitong 5 months Na to……

    2. It’s a known fact that this inutile leader???..doesn’t have the managerial skills and supervisory expertise to handle a crisis or tragedy. Don’t look far….just review what happened in the manila hostage crisis at luneta…that was an ominous sign of things to come and have exposed the terribly lack of leadership of this deranged person…. abnormal as it is seen…. those abnormal who have patronized this idiot are to blame for blindly choosing this f—-t to lead our problematic nation….

      • Would you have fared better if you were the President? Think not. always remember what this administration did or has done,with the advancement as a Filipino. where all previous administration has failed he has exceeded unless you are not reading and is blind. and noting the fact that you have an email and posting so you must have known how to google. the power is in you finger tips.SEARCH use it.do not be a troll.

    3. Tiglao knows better, and he as a palace insider should know better that this was a CIA operation with CIA contractors monitoring every step of the way and the President although commander in Chief is not privy to the plans of the CIA contractors. And the President has had his policy check with regards to the on going peace talks with BBL, While true he has no expertise he pays it up with his consultants.We must remember that this was a clandestine operation instead of using the Scout Rangers or the Marine who are stationed in that area and are familiar with the terrain, utilized SAF so that the enemy cannot detect troop movements but everything happened so fast and the operation went south and in short it was a botched CIA operation. it will be a shame to America or the US. Now confronted with the two issues at hand the BBL peace talks doomed to failure plus this Massacre, plus the China flare up would our President flare up and shout to the Americans and put blame to where it really was and of their failure and expose this tragedy as an American orchestrated Disaster or count your loses while preparing for the help we so much need in trust to face China. Which is Which Mr. All knowing Tiglao,

      • whatever it was…he is the president of the philippines. responsibility should be his not the cia nor anybody.

    4. kawawangpinoy2016 on

      i’m not a fan of tiglao but on this article, he is so bang on! and yes, never again should the filipinos vote into power people whose only claim to prominence are the accomplishments and legacy of their parents (e.g., macapagal-arroyo, aquino, roxas, poe, marcos). and while we should be discerning, we should also beware of those whose fame and fortune are by virtue of their celebrity status such as the”artistas”.

      the filipino has suffered enough because many of those they’ve trusted and voted into positions of power have failed, nay abused them. enough! IBASURA TRAPOS!

    5. Pnoy and Roxas’ intentional withholding of military assistance and stand down order to AFP not to use its artillilery firepower during the time the SAF unit was pinned down and being massacred as principally to avoid killing the MILF forces do as not to be accused of cease-fire violations that Pnoy believe would jeopardize the BBL agreement and his obsession to get the Nobel Peace Prize award. Pnoy and Mar Roxas inaction largely contributed to the massacre of the 44 SAF brave forces, which amounts to a criminal neglect of duty as Commander -in-Chief and Head of PNP. Pnoy and Roxas must be criminally charged for this grave neglect of duty. And to rub salt to injury, Pnoy attended the Mitsibishi plant opening rather than showing his condolences by fetching the remains of the fallen SAF forces at the Villamor Airbase. It only showed Pnoy’s guilty conscience that he can not boldly and shamelessly show his face at the Villamor corpses reception. Pnoy is a worthless, heartless, stupid President paralyzed by his own brain damage condition.

      • Yes, Abnoy is the worst, most incompetent and stupid President the country ever had. He will be surely put into hospital arrest after his term.
        One thing for sure, he will be confined at National Center for Mental Health since he will become paranoid due to number of cases filed against him and his Liberal Party allies.

    6. This is what I thought all along. They have been fooling the nation all this time. How could Aquino, Roxas, Gazmin and Poe live with their conscience with memory of Mamasapano and SAF44? Poe is as gulty for not submitting the results of the Senate investigation which would have implicated the President and Roxas. Poe had vested interest in hiding the truth because of her ambition.

    7. At school anyone caught lying would have to eat soap.
      Pnoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, would keep Proctor & Gamble in business.

      The two faced hypocrites deserve a good slap, on all their faces.

      “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit”
      Arnold H. Glasow

    8. I agree with you Bobby, as a former malacanang insider you know what is happening inside that snake pit. Noynoy is an incompetent hypocrit who betrayed the ideals of the original people power that sent him to the presidency. Just like those who fought to end the Marcos dictatorship as you did we clamored for a change of leadership. Pero susmaryosep! pati ba naman ikaw Binay?

      • and what about AL-BARKA, did you asked bobby what they did in malacanang! mga inutil kayo, ulol! puro kayo comment kala nyo alam nyo nangyari mga stupid!

    9. Annie Marasigan on

      The Constitution provides for the qualifications of all candidates; also the Constitution per se connotatively articulated that Grace Poe is qualified.

      The 1987 Phil. Constitution and The International Law offered the answers about the issue of citizenship, wherein it clearly specified that no man is stateless and that foundlings acquired his/her citizenship according to the place where s/he was found.

      More so, issue about residency was also addressed when Senator Grace Poe submitted all the evidences needed that since May, 2005 she already staying here in the Philippines. Further, an honest mistake which was later realized was already admitted by the latter due to confusion. But it should be clear that Grace Poe didn’t mean to deceive the public.

      Likewise, I, personally, cannot take if in case they disqualify the only Presidential aspirants whom opened and offered a well of optimism to the majority (including me). I hope Supreme Court will give Grace Poe a fair fight and chance to attest how good she is as a leader.

      • wrong thread. Poe is a pathological liar. She can’t lead the Philippines and she’ll be worst than the abnormal PeNoy

    10. Kung makikita mo ang mga picture sa article na ito. masahol pa sa manok at baboy ang ginawang pagpatay sa SAF44. Nakakahilakbot!!!

    11. Of course, a Filipino who have an average IQ knows that the Llamanzares senate report of the Masasapano carnage was done as a cover-up to the person who is the cause of it all, PNoy. It will not even be a surprise that Grace is a member of the cover-up committee.

    12. Noynoy must be having nightmares and haunted by the tragic death of SAF 44. Every night when he is alone, he’s got this strange and frightening feeling that he is not alone inside his room in Malacanang.

    13. I believe Senator Poe and her committee had their justifiable reasons. I am hoping the Mamasapano reopening would strengthen the previous report and give justice to the victims once and for all.

    14. Aquino and Roxas and their cohorts better be out of the country as soon as the election in May is over and start begging other countries for political asylum.

    15. Ninoy – instead of legislating laws as a senator, led in political gossiping & rumongering to the detriment of national interests & security.
      Cory – as a president, freed all political detainees who are now trying to dismember the republic; neglected NAPOCOR power plants, but gave its executives perks & Pajeros, which resulted to long power outages, ie, brownouts & now PPP (special thanks to FVR); et al.

      Noynoy – no law passed as a congressman & senator.

      What did we learn from Pnoy’s presidency?
      That Fr. Bu was a genius.

    16. Ninoy – instead of legislating laws as a senator, led in political gossiping & rumongering to the detriment of national interests & security.

      Cory – as a president, freed all political detainees who are now trying to dismember the republic; neglected NAPOCOR power plants, but gave its executives perks & Pajeros, which resulted to long power outages, ie, brownouts & now PPP (special thanks to FVR); et al.

      Noynoy – no law passed as a congressman & senator.

      What did we learn from Pnoy’s presidency?
      That Fr. Bu was a genius.

    17. Recounting the events leading to the massacre is just too painful even for ordinary folks like me, what more for their immediate relatives. Why would Aquino be bothered with the Zamboanga victims when its not in his DNA to do so. Obviously, he ‘s got something up his sleeve, and for such a small incident, why bring his whole minions of police and army top brass with him, on a Sunday and on Cory’s birthday, when knowing Aquino’s work ethics, is just too unbelievable.