Mamasapano coverup becomes a gag order


President BS Aquino’s obsession to conceal his responsibility and acccountbility for the events that happened in Mamasapano has transmogrified (grotesquely changed) into a conspiracy to gag PNP officers in order to prevent the facts and the truth from coming out.

The administration policy on the incident/massacre began as a simple attempt at deception. Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas got things rolling by immediately calling it a misencounter (which the government peace panel and the MILF promptly adopted), and then by immediately firing the SAF general in command of the mission: General Getulio Napeñas.

At this early stage, it was just deception or lying; no criminal offense yet, just ostensibly bad judgment and poor choice of words.

When the misencounter did not fly, and the public and the media cried “massacre” and screamed for the facts to be uncovered and disclosed, the government policy turned into an active cover-up of the truth. The truth especially regarding BS Aquino’s signal role in Oplan Exodus, and his total failure and cowardice on ordering rescue operations to save the lives of SAF commandos on the day of the incident.

The cover-up initially succeeded in keeping Aquino’s accountability completely hidden from the official inquiries, which turned in reports that hardly mentioned Aquino at all.

In this coverup stage, the Aquino policy became an unlawful conspiracy to conceal vital information.

Now, we are in the third stage. The Aquino policy has turned into a PNP- wide order gagging all police officers not to disclose any information on the massacre.

At this stage, the policy has become a crime of abuse of power, a betrayal of public trust, and an attempt to induce junior officers and officials to commit illegal acts. This could very well serve as grounds for the ouster of the President by either impeachment or public protest.

Different degrees of wrongdoing
It is useful to understand the gradations of wrongdoing implied by each term: deception, coverup and gag order. It makes a whale of a difference.

Note this memorable historical lesson.

It was not, strictly speaking, the break-in at Watergate that brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency in 1973. It was the criminal conspiracy to cover up the crime, led by president Nixon himself, who misused the US law enforcement apparatus (justice department and FBI) to conceal the truth.

Deception — Deception is simple enough by definition. It is lying, prevarication or misrepresentation. But it can rise to life-and-death proportions for an administration, depending on the degree of the offense. Lying nearly brought down the Reagan presidency in the Iran-Contra-scandal.

Cover-up – a cover-up is any plan to avoid detection of wrongdoing; or an act to conceal a mistake. It also denotes the conspiracy to obstruct justice as in the Watergate case. Obstruction of justice in the end was thought to be the offense that was certain to persuade Congress to impeach Nixon. Faced with that certitude, Nixon resigned.

In the Watergate case, according to a transcript of a taped conversation between Nixon and his justice secretary, John Mitchell, Nixon said: “I want you all to stonewall it, let them [the Watergate burglars]plead the fifth amendment, cover-up or anything else, if it’ll save it – save the plan.”

Nixon himself could not be saved.

Gag order — In the annals of presidential administration, President Aquino may have introduced a new category of wrongdoing in concealing the truth. He has apparently issued an order to all SAF and PNP officers and officials not to reveal information on the Mamasapano incident.

A gag order (also known as a gagging order or suppression order) is an order, typically a legal order by a court or government, restricting information or comment from being made public, or in some cases, passed onto any unauthorized third party.

The Aquino administration has now employed the gag order, and there is a danger that Aquino could gag on it.

Gagging the national police
Information about the gag order on Mamasapano burst into the open as a result of President Aquino’s disclosure that he is studying an “alternative version” of what happened in Mamasapano

When the alternative version turned out to be the version of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) alleging that the SAF commandos did not kill Marwan, but Marwan’s aide, top SAF and PNP officials took umbrage. Some disclosed to media that PNP officers were ordered not to talk about the incident.

One PNP top official told the Manila Times that there is much resentment among officers and men toward the recent statement of President Aquino that he is studying an “alternative version” of the tragedy.

The source said that many SAF officers felt offended by the President’s disclosure, noting that the supposed new leads are actually “misleads.”

The source said the SAF officers were given orders not to respond to questions regarding the “alternative truth.”

“You can ask around. That is, if SAF officers will reply to you because they have been directed not to make any comments. They were told not to talk. The PNP has extensively investigated the incident through the Board of Inquiry. How will General [Director Benjamin] Magalong react to this?” the police official said.

Magalong has stood pat on the report of the Board of Inquiry. He declared: “I stand by my report. The [surviving]SAF officers risked their lives as their colleagues sacrificed their own just to get Marwan. They have saved the lives of many people who would have been victimized by him.”

The report contained more than 300 signed affidavits of SAF members, military officials, witnesses and other civilians who provided information on the firefight.

Magalong was summoned to Malacañang days after he released the board’s report. Magalong said the President was clearly upset by the results of the probe. Last month, the police officer was replaced at his old post in the CIDG.

According to The Manila Times source, he will come out “at the right time” to reveal everything he knows about the bungled operation.

“Clearly, this alternative truth is aimed at discrediting the SAF. And this can only be done by someone who feels guilty about it. There are efforts to exonerate top officials,” the source said.

When asked if the “guilty” officials include President Aquino, the source replied, “Of course.”

Alternative truth an oxymoron
By any serious reckoning, the term “alternative truth” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.

Strictly speaking, Presudent Aquino used the term “ alternative version” during his dialogue with the Inquirer. It was Mohagher Iqbal and the paper who introduced the term into public discourse. Confusing terms and identities is apparently one of the special skills of Iqbal.

The bigger problem of President Aquino is the resentment of PNP officers and men, who number more than our entire armed forces.

Then there are the widows and families of the slain 44, who up to now have been waiting for justice to be done to their loved ones. You can cut their bitterness with a knife.

Finally, there is the public and the rest of the nation, who are watching this story unfold.

I can’t find a single soul who agrees with Malacañang’s version of Mamasapano.

They say to a man that the truth all along is that President Aquino abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos. They believe Aquino betrayed them to save his BBL project and to appease the MILF.

To a man, they will tell you that Aquino has committed an act of treason.

This is a grimmer verdict than Sen. Grace Poe’s gentle conclusion in her brief report of the Senate hearings that the President bore “ultimate responsibility” for the Mamasapano tragedy.

No wonder, Aquino wants her to run with Mar Roxas, and Poe wants to lead another inquiry into Mamasapano.


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  1. Ang ipinagsisigawang daang matuwid ni Noynoy Aquino at ng kaniyang mga tauhan ay isang daang hungkag sa katarungan. Palibhasa ang matuwid para kay Noynoy Aquino ay yaon lamang mga bagay na diretso sa kaniyang kapritso na ibinatay sa kaniyang sariling kathang mundo na siya lamang at tanging SIYA lang ang matuwid na pinunong hindi kailanman nagkakamali at hindi corrupt. Iyan ang tunay na dahilan kaya’t WALANG MAAASAHANG KATARUNGAN SA TUWID NA DAAN NI NOYNOY AQUINO. Kaya para sa mga NAULILA ng SAF44, PASENSIYA NA! WALANG HUSTISYA HANGGA’T ANG NASA GOBYERNO AY ISANG NAGHAHALLUCINATE NA PANGULO.

  2. Somebody must be punish stop hiding whose responsible we need a full truth closure to attend justice by the families victim of stupid and irresposible order from irresponsible person.If somebody assumes responsibilty then sure closure attain.

  3. It was very obvious that General Magalong was put in the freezer by trying to conduct the investigation with no cover up. For that he was punished, I just hope he still have enough years to serve and wait for Binay to assume the Presidency next year. I bet Col. Nelson Yabut will try his best to lick the shoes of his bosses to get his stars before Pnoy steps down next year. For sure he will find his desk in the warehouse of the PNP when Binay becomes the next year. This guy is still being called a kabo by some his friends in spite of being colonel. The answer was naging koronel yan kabubulong.

  4. Abdul Ahmed Rashid on

    I wonder why Filipinos keep on supporting a treasounous president.. while we malaysians are rallying to oust a corrupt PM.

  5. Sorry po Mr. Ken. Di po ako nakapag-aral masyado kaya di ko po naintindihan ang salitang Inggles na “Gag Order.” Ang ibig sabihin po ba nito ay “Pag-uutos ng Gago ?” Di po ba sa patakaran ng military at pulis ay ang utos ng gago na walang iba kundi labag sa batas na utos ay puedeng-puede pong di sundin o labagin ng mga napag-utusan ng gagong nag-uutos at wala silang magiging pananagutan sa batas kahit nga lumabag sila ? Naglilinaw lang po. Salamat po Ginoong Makabenta.

  6. Reading through this perversion of facts by no less than BS Cojuangco Aquino III, on the Mamasapano massacre, only point towards some inevitable future that would count in the possibility of facing serious criminal charges, being convicted and jail time.

    He is trying to head off something he most feared throughout his miserable life, to be just like his father, incarcerated behind bars with no one among his ‘trusted’ minions able to raise a defense for him, as of this very moment he seems to be the only one floating this idea, while those leaders on both houses are mum about it.

    On the other side of the issue, Llamanzares who seems bent to reopen the probe, her’s is to score points on those who are unsuspecting, this is still a very good plot to make her win, Llamanzares although she keeps mouthing of her ‘independence’, is covertly a stooge of LP, she is like Binay – Binay is the dark horse of yellows and will let BS Cojuangco Aquino III off the hook, Llamanzares is the monkey wrench that would sabotage the real change and justice which Filipinos are seeking for, while Roxas is a dead horse which cannot be resurrected no matter how much they try to twist facts.

    This is LP’s political play – to field three wannabes and secure the seat of the presidency to continue their plunderous activites, it should be a wise move for Filipinos should vote for other candidates not associated or allied with this administration.

  7. come on people let’s cut the crap, he’s on the side of the milf terrorist! this new(?) version is a misinformation designed to muddle some more the truth!

  8. “Alternative Truth” aka Official Lies. It is obvious to everyone (barring the usual Noytards) that BSA is just going to lie again. Makes you wonder why his tongue hasn’t turned black yet…

  9. Sir,
    With due respect, BS Aquino is intellectually inutile!
    It’s actually the yellowtards fingerprint and the continuing prostitution of our professional institutions remain unperturbed.
    Sino sino kaya ang “brains” behind this new twist?
    Baka sabihin naman nila e sila ay katulad nina Apolinario Mabini, Jose Rizal, Gregorio Del Pilar at Heneral Luna.
    Oh no! the lunatics done it again!
    Wake up Philippines!
    Our salute to our Hereos, SAF 44 and professionals!

  10. PNoy’s grandfather, was a Japanese collaborator and a traitor to the Philippines, Ninoy is now exposed as an ally to the CPP/NDF and a traitor to the Liberal Party. Cory Aquino is a traitor to her husband Ninoy based on the story of ex Sec. Tomas Gomez and a traitor to Doy Laurel and Unido. PNoy is a traitor to the members of the SAF 44 and the entire PNP and a traitor to the Philippines for supporting the BBL which is a theoriticall sell-out of almost the entire Mindanao Island to the MILF and also to the Sultan of Sulu by trying to sell Southern Mindanao to the Malaysians. The whole Cojuangco-Aquino family have treachery in their DNA.

  11. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Lutong Makaw! The investigations already conducted by the PNP and the Senate at the very least point to who the architect of the carnage were- the ousted if not suspended PNP chief and his KKK boss. They were at the scene in different localities to hide something fishy and smelly if it failed. That was to ensure also that P-Noy gets the credit if successful which could have been a good entry for the “Nobel Laureate”. But, nature came in and the rest happened. God has always been there and has bless the Philippines.

  12. Gago talaga si NOYTARD.Matapos niyang ipamasaker ang SAF44,sa pamamagitan ng pag utos ng ‘STAND DOWN’,ngayon lalo pa niyang ibinabaon ang alaala ng SAF44 sa pagpapalutang ng kasinungalingang ‘version’ sa nangyari sa mamasapano.Saba gay wqala namang matinong ginawa sa buong panunungkulan ni ABNOY sa pamahalaan mula pa noong solon pa siya hanggang ngaun para sa kapakanan ng mamamayan kundi manisi,maghiganti,manuhol,magpabaya,magvideo games,mag noynoying at manigarilyo ang gago.

  13. Down with Tolentino! Grace Poe is not qualified to be a senator or anything in the Philippine Republic!

  14. PNoy’s intended “alternative version” of the Mamasapano massacre of the 44 SAF Forces will definitely overrule the PNP Magalong Version so as to bring about a twisted/doctored/fabricated story that will absolve Pnoy or will portray him as free from any responsibility or blame for the Operation itself which led to the massacre of the 44 SAF PNP Elite Forces. This is to rewrite the history of the massacre which pinpointed Pnoy as the principal commander of the operations that failed and resulted to the death of the 44 heroes. Pnoy issue the “GAG Order” to PNP to silence and change the PNP officials version (Gen. Magalong) of the report which ultimately point to Pnoy as the responsible high official in the Operations. Thus, the “alternative version” plus the “gag order” equals the “twisted/untrue/false” of Pnoy’s own report untangling the Ommander-in-Chief of blame and instead will insist he was waylaid or misled by his men, like Purisima and Napena. It is sad to note that even DILG Mar Roxas, the Defense Dept, led by Gazmin and AFP Chief Catapang did not even say a word to defend the 44 SAF or provided support and assistance in the operations. Instead, they kept quiet to Pnoy order to “stand down” and hold artillery support during the critical operations.
    Pnoy is a big liar for not telling the truth of his personal tragic participation in the operation. In fact, he was so insensitive to the death of the 44 SAF heroes that he intentionally failed to attend the reception of the 44 SAF copses that arrived in Manila Airforce airport and instead went to attend to the opening of the Mitsibishi plant in Laguna. In his SONA, Pnoy did not even give a line of recognition to the 44SAf heroes of the country who gave and sacrificed their lives and comfort of their families for the sake of the country. Pnoy,, the incompetent, impotent and insensitive President loudly recognized in his SONA the loyalty of his hair stylist caring for his bald head! What a nerd!

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      P-Noy can never free himself from responsibility or his conscience will haunt him to wherever he goes. God bless the Philippines.

  15. It is quite obvious that this sitting president is more for the satisfaction of the MILF (and Malaysia) to the rebuke of the PNP. This is a clear case of “treason” with a capital “T”! The Philippines has an “Abnoy” for a president!

    Has anyone ever investigated the connection of the big protest in Malaysia, against their PM, to the Aquino-sponsored BBL?

  16. Mamasapano “Alternative Truth” version of BS Aquino is to paint the massacred SAF 44 as morons who got themselves killed by their own S2pidity. Thereby absolving every one alive as in no one is responsible except the dead 44 SAF abandoned to die by the hands of MILF as sacrificial police to BBL altar.
    BS Aquino is documented coddle’r of MILF and heard to had instructed “Stand Down” order so as not to hurt the MILF emotions.