Mamasapano dooms Mar – JPE


Manuel “Mar” Roxas

SENATE Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile is convinced that the Mamasapano massacre will doom the presidential bid of Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd no matter how much he tries to distance himself from the tragedy.

Enrile said  even if President Benigno Aquino 3rd is directly responsible for the poor handling of the police operation that led to the massacre of 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF), Roxas will not escape the fallout of the carnage  because the President represents the ruling party.

“He [President] embodies the entire Liberal Party and [that]is why Roxas is not doing well in my province,” Enrile said, referring to Cagayan, north of Manila.

The senator noted that Roxas was the secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) when the police commandos were mowed down by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and fighters of other private armed groups.

Enrile said the LP presidential candidate was even with Aquino  in Zamboanga on January 25, 2015 when the massacre happened.

“He [Roxas] was  [then]the head of the Interior department. He should have held the hand of his President and said, ‘Hey, Mr. President, my men are dying in the field’,” the lawmaker added.

Roxas, in his testimony during a hearing by the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs on the Mamasapano massacre, said he was kept out of the loop and only learned about Oplan Exodus several hours after the operation was carried out.

Based on records of the Senate committee, he received the first text message informing him about the operation at 7:43 a.m.

Roxas forwarded the message to Aquino at 7:46 a.m.

Enrile said Roxas already knew about the encounter as early as 7 a.m. but he did not do anything to help the police commandos.

The senator, a member of the United Nationalist Alliance led by Vice President Jejomar Binay, said he will make the Mamasapano incident as an election issue to show the kind of leader the administration party has.

He added that if LP will use the issue of corruption against Binay, then he will use the Mamasapano massacre against the LP standard-bearer.

Enrile cited his 50 years in public service and corruption issues have been used against presidential aspirants in the past like former President Ferdinand Marcos when he ran against then-President Diosdado Macapagal of the Liberal Party.

Marcos, the senator said, was portrayed as corrupt but still won the presidency.


Roxas has said the frustration of the people is the biggest obstacle that he will have to hurdle.

While the Aquino administration made some gains, according to him, not all problems have been addressed.

“It’s really the frustration of the people. Yes, we had achievements, we have helped people [through]good governance. But I am not saying that we are already in paradise. So the challenge is the frustration of the people,” Roxas said in a radio interview.

He maintained that the Aquino administration steered the country to progress, also citing increased infrastructure spending in Mindanao that reached P256 billion, double the P125 billion poured into the region for 12 years under the Estrada and Arroyo administrations.
Roxas said traffic woes and airport congestion are being addressed with elevated highways expected to be ready in a few years.

“Everything won’t happen in an instant. It takes time. What I am saying is I will work on those left undone, I will right the wrongs and will sustain the gains made. These are what I can do. I have a platform and I have a vision on where do I want to take this country,” he added.

“Are we content with what happened? No. We are not perfect, but we have gone a long way. Are we happy with what we have? Not yet,” Roxas said.


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  1. Railways Mar, not just highways! Unfortunately, our country’s railways including our rapid transit have deteriorated under Aquino. And the fact Mar is allied with him.

    That is why he does not get my vote!

  2. During the martial law days where jpe is the defense minister has he counted the thousand death that he had perpetrated.He is one of the reason why insurgency flourished.In his home province of cagayan has the lives of his province mate prospered or it is he alone?How many years is he in politics but the lives of the cagayanos has not changed.

    • Well tell it to JPE. Many people did not see nor knew about the death of may Cagayanons. But many knew about the Mamamapano carnage. So new issues will bound Roxas as a n alter ego of Pnoy that can affect his presidential bid.

  3. Now the old man Tata enrile is telling the truth, who won the snap election rigged by NAMFREL lead by Concepcion.. GO TO HELL LIBERAL PARTY AND YOUR LUNATIC PRESIDENT. Where is now mr. concepcion who owns concepcion aircon industry. Nagpayaman sila ng maupo si corykong .. siguro kinarma na si concepcion..ka..ya ayaw ng tumakbo sa gobyerno. Another thing, bakit hindi na maka move on ang mga haters ng martial law??? isa ba kayo sa member ng communista na undergroound enemy ng bansa.. ?? be honest with your self people.. may sarili ba kayong interest at hindi sa mamayang filipino?? at bakit hindi ninyo tinulungan si corykong na siya na ang Presidente??? may nagawa ba kayo na tulungan si corykong after EDSA 1??

    • Tama ka Boying pakana lahat ng Aquino and Cojuangco Tandem ang nangyari snap presidential election na pinalabas na sila ang nanalo sa election kahit na na proclaimed na si Marcos ng BP na siyang nanalo sa election. Dinaya nila ang taong bayan para muling makapanloko hanggang ngayon.

  4. History tells that Enrile is more guilty than both Roxas and Aquino in putting Filipinos to their deaths. If it was accurately written, the preceding statement may be true.

  5. Roxas is a shadow figure that exist and follow PNoy. He has done nothing significant that he can really call his own. The shadow of an elite is also an elite…

  6. Roxas in his defense keeps insisting he was kept out of the loop. Who kept him out of the loop, he would not say. Why he, the DILG chief, was kept out of the loop is a puzzle indeed, but would he dare inquire from him who kept him out of the loop why?

  7. Mar is in the wrong place at the wrong time. His immediate boss is Aquino and he is really helpless contrary to what Enrile is saying. Mar is not an elected official but an appointed one. He can be terminated like Sec Ona of the Dept of Health at anytime. Too bad for him, he is closely connected with Aquino. I think more than mamasapano , the SSS veto will affect Mar this election.

  8. at last, mar roxas has accepted that we, the people is frustrated of the pnoy administration and ROXAS is one of our frustration – why he was put as secretary of dotc and dilig when he is inefficient/incompetent. we need competent, decisive, and fair leader and who can bring peace – DUTERTE!

  9. mabuhay ang ABNOY-ROXAS riding in tandem….itapon sila sa IQBALand or ipakain sa mga pating sa Spratly.Sila walang silbi sa lipunan.Mga salot sa bansa.Mga inutil at mandurugas ng bayan.No more Yellow….tama na….TAE na.

  10. Absent Hocus PCOS aka Precinct-Count Optical Scanner, the straight path to Malacanan for MR. Palengke might be detoured to ” bridge of nowhere” instead, pulse of the nation considered.

  11. This senile man (enrile) appears to be calling the kettle black when he is the oven. He is adamant about not having anything to do with the harshness of martial rule during his regime as a defense secretary and now he is convince that Mar will have to be guilty by association to the party’s blundering act. He is on a witch hunt but to himself. What a frigid person this man is, he doesn’t respect anyone but himself. Not even to his wife who stood by him. What a pitiful individual.

    • Agree. There is psychological problem with this man has he has gone through a lot of bad experiences having born out of wedlock, having, being tease by schoolmates, torture by the Japanese, beaten by bullies, chasing women, etc,, etc. He was ambitious as a person, tricky person (mahirap pagkatiwalaan) and knows where to side when the chip is down (sipsip). He was successful in staying in the game of politics and was successful in enriching himself. Given all the issues that happened between Marcos and now PNOYs presidency, he seemed to be involved in everything. I just put two and two together he seems to be cause of all the problems our country is facing. He needs to retire and retire now!

  12. Roxas can’t be honest about the state of the country, he can’t tell the truth about the past 6 years.
    Roxas must be counting on getting rid of every other candidate or smartmatic gifting the presidents office to him.

  13. Enrile of all people. Thousands of innocent Filipinos were killed during your watch
    during Martial law and he was a direct participant . How much of these killing were his? 44 SAF were killed in the encounter. a big difference the way thousands were killed during his watch. There is no humanitarian reason for the likes of him. He deserves to be jailed and die in there. He did his crimes when he was in his 80’s .

    • Ilang libo ang nabilang mo?
      Eh sa edad pa lang mi Enrile, kupal na ang pagkwenta mo!
      Ano yan, hocus-pcos?

    • Hey e.c. The bloated thousands of people you claim killed during the Marcos regime were radicals fighting the administration. So the government had to fight back to save the country from anarchy. Marcoses hand was force by the insurgency. Who were the innocent people killed? Rubbishy! Even your great fake hero Ninoy Aquino was the number one communist insurgent responsible for the Plaza Miranda bombing. So what are you talking about. What about the Mendiola massacre under dictator Cory? And the killing of farmers at hacienda Luisita by the present insane President Noynoy! What say you about that? It was peaceful for peacefu l people during Marcos regime. He has done more for the country than the three Aquinos put together.

    • Irog, I would suggest that you study the available statistics and it will show you that there were more people killed during the tenure of quo rhee than in the 14 years of the Marcos rule. Likewise, study the statistics of the killings done by the Yellow Crowd after the Hacienda Luisita Incident and you will be shocked at the number of people killed. These are facts.