• Mamasapano raid a ‘CIA operation’


    THE botched Mamasapano raid that killed 44 police commandos in January 2015 was an operation of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that was covered up by the previous Aquino administration, President Rodrigo Duterte bared on Thursday.

    ‘MANO PO’ Rojan Luther Senin, son of fallen police commando Romeo Senin, places President Rodrigo Duterte’s hand on his forehead as a sign of respect. The President met the families of the ‘SAF 44’ on Tuesday in Malacañang, on the eve of the second anniversary of the Mamasapano massacre. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

    Duterte met the families of the slain members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) in Malacañang and announced that he will form a seven-member commission to reopen the investigation into the incident, as well as declare a day of remembrance.

    “Why did you hide the fact that it was an operation of the CIA?” he said, addressing himself to former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    “Let it be brought out in the open. It was an American adventure with the cooperation of some, and apparently with your blessing,” he said.

    The Manila Times was the first to report extensively on the US involvement in the operation in February 2015, citing a reliable source who said the SAF men went to Mamasapano, Maguindanao only to act as security escorts for American agents tasked to capture or pick up international terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan who had a $6-million bounty from the United States government, and the Filipino terrorist Usman who carried a $1-million reward on his head.

    The Times also reported that an American was among those found dead and apparently left behind in the evacuation.

    ‘Deles stopped rescue’

    Duterte also accused former presidential peace adviser Teresita Quintos-Deles of stopping Aquino from sending Army men to rescue the SAF commandos who were attacked by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and allied groups, so as not to jeopardize peace talks with the rebels.

    Analysis of the events surrounding the Mamasapano operation point to Aquino as the one who eventually made the “stand down” order, The Manila Times’ Chairman Emeritus Dante A. Ang reported in February 2015.

    “Deles, I do not want to, you know, belabor. You were the peace negotiator. And for me, you were the one who told [Aquino] not to send reinforcements because war will break out, because then you have violated the agreement that you should not enter MILF territory,” Duterte said.

    “So why did you enter into an operation which was really placing in jeopardy the lives [of the SAF members]?”
    Deles however said the issue raised by Duterte was not new.

    “Thank God I’m in Kathmandu and Mt Everest stands by the truth! I hope media will remind him that I already went through the grill on that,” she said when informed of the President’s statement.

    Like Agrava commission

    Duterte said the Mamasapano fact-finding commission will be “independent,” composed of former Supreme Court justices, lawyers and civilians.

    “I will create a commission, and appoint men of integrity and honor to investigate,” the President said.

    “You can summon and even ask the United States government of their participation and where did the reward money went,” he added.

    “We will bestow to the commission the powers exactly given to the Agrava Commission,” the President said, referring to the body that probed the 1983 assassination of Aquino’s father, Benigno Aquino Jr.


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    1. Kung zero casualty at buhay na nahuli si Marwan, sikat si Pnoy at Purisima. Sobra sa kapapanuod ng movies si Pnoy, dapat dun hinulugan na lang ng bomba yong kubo ni Marwan, eh di tapos. Yon naman mahalaga ang mapatay sya, o mas mahalaga yon $6M?

    2. The Families of the survivors should sue the CIA and Aquino and his peace negotiator for this in the Philippine courts.

    3. Let’s read between the lines…NINOY- Plaza Miranda bombing! The truth was burried already! CORY- Mendiola Massacre! The ailing farmers still seeking for JUSTICE. NOYNOY- Mamasapano Massacre! Will JUSTICE prevail?

    4. Nagdunong-dunungan na naman ito si Duterte. What does a small town mayor from Davao know about the CIA? The murder of the Korean businessman warrants a full senate investigation and if necessary the participation of the Human Rights group and its international affiliates. Police murders and EJK’s can not be the norm in a democracy. Clearly, this Mamasapano re-investigation theatrics is a diversionary move to take the attention away from the murdered Korean businessman by the PNP.

    5. J Alphonse DeMaio on

      The Mamasapano operation was planned like it was a picnic in the park. Someone said that the PNP SAF was trained for urban warfare only which is true. The arms compliment of a police platoon is different from an infantry platoon. The infantry platoon has at least four machine guns, four light mortars, and as many as sixteen M16s with grenade launchers. The PNP platoon would be armed with M16s some with grenade launchers.

      It lacked support elements i.e. air, artillery and an extraction plan – simply put, when the other guys have more guns, you have to retreat because you will loose the firefight, and you will die. There is also the old rivalry between the Philippine Constabulary (PNP’s predecessor force) and the Philippine Army. If the PA was not informed beforehand about their role to help or support the Mamasapano operation it would not be surprising if they did not immidiately act on the call for help by the PNP without verifying where the call is coming from. . . . If it was a CIA ops, the agent should not have been allowed to lead that operation and the 44 PNP members to their deaths.

      • One of the Americans ordered (Army 6th Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. Edmundo) Pangilinan to fire the artillery. However, Pangilinan refused and told him “Do not dictate to me what to do. I am the commander here!

    6. It’s about time R3 T@rd PeN0y, Bay0t Roxas, PaLPak Purisima and Duw@g Deles faced and answered for their sins to this Republic!

      The Senate probe into the Mamasapano incident—chaired by Grace Poe—left a lot of questions unanswered and resolved NOTHING. It’s as if the Senate at that time, holding several “executive sessions”, purposely HID vital information from the public. Neither did then DOJ Sec. DeLi b0G lift a finger to dig deeper into the massacre nor hold anyone accountable for the infamous fiasco.

      With Pareng Digong’s proposed 7-man investigative committee composed of former Supreme Court justices and other private citizens of integrity and honor, the truth should finally surface (by year-end) and put closure not only to the grieving families of the Fallen 44, but to the rest of the Filipino citizenry as well.

    7. It is “Get Angry Day” today as we are treated by print and broadcast media, joined by politicians etc, to relive once again that horrible day in Mamapasano where 44 SAF troopers were slaughtered by Muslim insurgents. It is truly pitiful to hear the cries of anguish of their survivors. It is heartening to know that President DU30 will now see to it that they will be given all the benefits they have been promised by the previous administration and maybe even more. More importantly, it seems now they will be given justice through a fact-finding body to be created by the president to finally ferret the truth and expose the culpability, if any, of those who, through their fault or negligence, were involved in or caused this national tragedy.

    8. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      Deles and Coronel were not to be trusted as they were out for themselves and P-Noy who were eyeing a Nobel Prize award. We know from the beginning that 2010 to 2016 would be years like those from 1986 to 1992, the nation being led by incompetence.

    9. I applaud President DU30 for taking up the quest to find out what really happened in the massacre of the SAF44. Their families need the closure, as we all do. I know they will also be given additional help by DU30.

    10. Eliminating terrorists is the right thing to do in these times. However, using foreign powers to do so is probably not the right way to do it. It seems to have produced the worst case scenario in the Mamasapano incident. Better for the Philippines to chart its own independent course and try to resolve the problem under the direction of the Philippines with its own security forces.

      I don’t think the Philippines needs to fall into the same kind of mess that Syria and Libya are in today.

      • Juliet of yellows on

        Kaya siguro ay napuno na rin si Dutae sa kano dahil no doubt na CIA operation ang mamasapano.
        at ang mga dilaw ay tunay na tuta ng mga ito para manantili sa power. Na miss ko na yung mga rally ng mga militante na sumisigaw ng Noynoy Aquino tuta ng Kano..

    11. Matino na Pinoy on

      Why these morons are putting political color on this issue? Regardless on how these fairly intelligent politicians and reasonable people look at the Mamasapano operation, one thing should be very clear, that it was a “military operation”, lead by a very incompetent SAF officer, and none other than General Napenas. All the blaming and finger pointing should stop on Napenas, because he was the highest ranking military person on the ground and he was overall in-charge of that military operation. Therefore, the success and failure of any military operation can be credited or blamed to the commander or the highest ranking military person on the ground. A very simple concept and it does not require to have a very I.Q. to understand. Kaya wala na tayong asenso dahil baluktot pa rin ang mga isip ng karamihan sa atin especially politicians, ayaw magising at tanggapin ng katotohanan.

      • that’s right. its all about incompetence and accountability. Napoles should end up in jail and his pension revoke

      • IT was not a military operation albeit they were there ready to rescue. It was a police operation led by Napenas as ordered by a suspended Purisima and of course with a Nobel prize greed driven and without regard to human life American puppet Aquino, it is also called Chain of Command! And Deles who prohibited the rescue? She was lucky then bec the grill she was on wasn’t on fire but Duterte will make these criminals pay.

    12. In other words Aquino lied about everything. Not a surprise, Everyone knew he was lying and he got the senate to whitewash it and not investigate it fully led by deal making Poe.

      Either the senate investigators were incompetent or they were part of the coverup.

      • Juliet of yellows on

        If found that a CIA operation..Poe will not win of the coming next senatorial re election..She lied her report on mamasapano to defend abnoy from being impeached and jailed…Stand down order is a treason

      • Juliet of yellows on

        Pretty sure na gagamitin ng kalaban ni POE sa susunod na re election ang issue sa Mamasapano, kung paano ka patriot siya sa mga Aquino..Anyway, yung panalo niya noong 2013 ay fraud