Mamasapano survivor calls for peace


A survivor of the Mamasapano massacre has launched an online petition for peace in Mindanao, saying the military offensives launched in the South will lead to more suffering.

In his appeal on the advocacy platform, the policeman, who hid behind the name “Jason Navarro,” said he was part of the team tasked to capture terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman.

Navarro, who claimed to have been injured in the clash that killed 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF), said he grieves to hear the clamor for war in Mindanao.

“The true face of war is not that dead soldier or rebel on the battlefield. It is a mother fleeing her home with a cartload of offsprings, amid sounds of gunfire,” Navarro, who withheld his true identity for security reasons, said.

“I am a Special Action Force [SAF] officer. I lost 44 of my comrades and was wounded in battle. I will carry physical and emotional scars for life,” he said.

“I too, am a child of Mindanao. In childhood, I watched the flight of thousands of people from nearby towns. Entire families desperately seeking safe haven, war having obliterated their communities,” Navarro said.

He called for an end to decades of conflict in Mindanao that have claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers, Muslim rebels and civilians and displaced thousands of families.

“A year after the Zamboanga City siege, thousands of war refugees continue to huddle on the grandstand. Food, water and other basic needs remain scarce. Many of their kin are dead, from the fighting or the diseases that have swept through evacuation centers,” Navarro said.

“To those who scream for war: What do you know of the lives lost? We, the people of Mindanao, are not pawns to be pushed here and there. Whether or not government wins battles, the people lose,” he added.

“I wrote this petition to give voice to the many who share my belief in peace. I write for the countless mothers who have seen offspring sacrificed to war,” Navarro said, adding that no mother would want to see her child holding a gun.

“No prize, no victory will ease their pain. War does not distinguish among faiths. War snuffs out lives – Filipino lives.”

‘I am SAF. I know war. I fear the day when my family comes face to face with it. Even as we seek justice for my fallen comrades, let us repeat again and again: War is not the solution. I hope you sign my petition. Together, let us send this message: Peace is the answer,” Navarro said.


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  1. NAKAKALUNGKOT……maraming nagpapanggap ng KAPAYAPAAAN, gusto raw ng PEACE, pero, nagke-create ng intriga at tensyon; mahilig MAGSUSPETSA, walang tiwala at laging NAGDUDUDA, DEMAND ng DEMAND, ang daming KONDISYON, naghahamon at nang-iintriga ng gera….HINDI MARUNONG sila raw ay para raw sa KAPAYAPAAN..

    HINDI CONSISTENT at walang LOGIC…….nagtutulak ng PEACE pero ITINATABOY ang PEACE….
    Ganito ang ASAL ng mga pulitikong nana-nabotahe at ginagamit ang KONTRA- BBL para sa pamumultika..

  2. We want every citizen to follow the rule of law…citizens in Luzon, Visayas and some parts of Mindanao caught carrying unlicensed firearms are dealt with the full force of the law while those “lawless bandits” roaming in Mindanao hinterlands continue to thumbs up their noses on our civilian and military authorities even taunting them to “Come and Get Us!” Where is justice here?

  3. Vicente Penetrante on

    “Hope springs eternal.”
    Romeo and Juliet, a trajedy by William Shakespeare, is about two young star-crossed lovers whose untimely death ultimately reconcile their feuding families.
    We can sing with Andy Williams: “A time ‘of peace’ at last to see, a life worthwhile for you and me. And with our love through tears and thorns, we will endure as we pass surely through every storm. A time ‘of peace’ someday there’ll be – a new world, a world of shining hope for you and me.”

  4. This so called Jason Navarro is a MILF fighter and the uniform he is wearing when he was interviewed by abs cbn is a uniform taken from a dead SAF commando.If you are a real SAF commando why hide your identity what are you afraid of.Another desperate attempt to save the stupid BBL that will never work like the AFP moro- moro operation against BIFF.

  5. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    I suspect this fellow who goes by te name of Jason Navaroo is either really a Mamasapano Massacre survivor and is afflicted with the Stockholm syndrome or an invention of the Malaysian-MILF propagandists.
    Yes, we must have peace in Mindanao. But there should also be the firm rule of law. The government military is going after the BIFF, the Abu Sayyaf and other illegal armed groups. Foes “Jason Navarro” want these hooligans to just be left alone, grow and continue doing their violent and criminal activities?
    What he should advocate is for the MILF leadership to tell their armies to join the AFP and PNP in finishing off the BIFF, the Abu Sayyaf and other illegal armies!

  6. If peace is not achieved at the war torn southern Philippines all of those who lost their lives either civilians or military or police will count to nothing. All of us are clamoring about the sacrifices we have done, but in respect to all of the dead because of the fighting we should tone down our blaming and clamoring be it because of government officials or anybody may help achieved peace. I don’t know I am not a rocket scientist and this is only my two-cents.

  7. Pete Gabriel on

    I know war too, it is ugly and both sides suffer. Peace at what cause? What MILF is asking is to run their own government, the Philippines already have a government. What needs to happen is for the politiicans to do their job, and undferstand what Islam is. Half of this numb nuts don’t even know what they are doing, let alone read the Koran to have a better understanding of what they are up against. What needs to happen is for the politiicans to love the Philippines and all the Filipino people and to take care of their needs and welfare. To have peace, prepare for war, I do not understand how this MILF & BIFF are at par with our police and military. How did that happen?