Mamasapano: The unfinished business



A collection of my musings that I find relevant to this day:

* * *

“There is a glaring similarity between the stories of SAF 44 and the fictional Sparta’s “300.” Both possessed allegiance to their oath to fight to the very end of their missions. Both had the same orientation to give their lives for their countries. Both were denied help and support when faced with insurmountable odds. Both were denied assistance for the very same reason – that “they acted on their own.”

“Everyone will agree that before you can administer justice, you will have to find the truth. Search for truth is fine except when the quest will be mounted by certified liars.”

“Up to this very minute, no one had admitted the blame for the death of SAF 44. Makes me ask myself: did they just wake up one day, went on a joyride and committed suicide? Did they just hear ‘voices’ in their dreams and were compelled to follow those voices? Were they just hypnotized by someone to walk into a dangerous zone? If no one is guilty, then it must be us who ‘over-reacted’ with our grief and outrage.”

“Interesting to note the muted reaction of the usually aggressive and “reform-minded” Sen. Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes 4th considering the issue is about the death of a courageous group of fellow men in uniform. I remember that with so much energy to visit and turn upside down a farm, a hospital, a city hall, and any structure connected to the Binay family, I have yet to see him in grief with the same intensity. Were you afraid to offend somebody?”

Mr. Trillanes should be given “The Best ‘Armor-All’ Award of the Year”. A super palace protectant that removes grime and dirt when applied.

“Peace and Justice should walk hand in hand. Never a step ahead of each other. Sincerity, trust and respect will help push them faster to the desired end. Any attempt to distort this will just increase travel time.”

Seriously, I still believe that we should pursue the road to peace and unity. Our Muslim brothers are really hurting and so is the rest of the nation. Many gave up their lives for this pursuit. My only wish is to encourage all parties to take this most important journey under One Flag – that of the Republic of the Philippines.

A good leader needs to have only four things. To able to close his eyes and think, open his heart and feel, extend his arms and hear and stand his ground with conscience.

“Too many scripts, too many versions and diversions, too many inquiries, resulted in just too many questions unanswered. There is one glaring result though – Mamasapano was indeed a showcase of cruelty, heartlessness and incompetence. And we have to know who is to blame amidst the smokescreen.”

Some say that chain of command was not violated, some say it was. Some believe that there is no chain of command in the PNP and so forth. If the ground commander is the only one accountable, why is there a title ‘COMMANDER” In Chief?

If Mamasapano is a movie, there will be no sequel as there was no ending. The last text graphic on the screen will be “Indefinite Intermission.”

* * *

Familiar headlines coming up:
“More students graduating this year”
“Less jobs being offered due to mismatch”
“Tuition hikes approved”
“More school rooms needed”

* * *

Sometimes most of us think that we should always be in love. Falling in love with love dilutes love’s essence. Falling in love with love is actually falling in love with yourself. Love’s purity is diluted when you proclaim your affection in public and expect the same from your partner. You start measuring, make an effort to live it and expect a reciprocal gesture. Affection is never an ocean roar. It’s a natural and untimely occurrence, free flowing, murmurs like a brook making music with the pebbles beneath. It’s never about you or what you give or receive. It’s all about a quiet but captivating feeling that makes each dawn and sunset breathtaking, leaving a strange smile on your lips that most will fail to notice.

* * *

Some say that U-turns on EDSA are heaven sent. With the daily traffic mess, that gives an option to motorists to head back home.

* * *

“Mea culpas” and “I resign irrevocably” are hard to come by these days in public service. There should be millions of reasons for these rarities.

* * *

The killing of the SAF 44 reminds me of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”

“Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon behind them – Into the valley of death rode the Six Hundred.”

* * *

I remember Pope Francis saying to typhoon survivors: “I’m very sorry I have to leave earlier.”

This person apologized for just leaving early. Another person refused to say sorry for turning off his cell phone while 44 of his men were being massacred.

The US did not participate in Operation Exodus. The truth is that THEY ALLOWED us to participate.

* * *

Environment’s fiercest enemy is mankind. He destroys our planet for himself and disregards all the other species of the animal kingdom. And we claim to be the smartest.

* * *

No truth to the rumor that PAL and Cebu Pacific are suing passengers for always being too early.

* * *

I have no doubt that eventually, most car manufacturers will have their own models of electric cars. In this part of the world, fossil fuel may still be cheaper compared to the cost of charging a car overnight.

* * *

Before, truths and lies can be defined distinctly from each other. Today, there only half-truths and half-lies. I’d like to agree half-heartedly.

* * *

A Facebook friend whom I haven’t heard from for years privately messaged this question: “Why are you keeping a lot of friends in FB who are not even responding to your posts or just lurkers most of the time?”

I just answered “Well, what I know is that although I haven’t heard from you for so long, I still keep you as a friend and that’s why we’re having this conversation.”

* * *

Who said we have to pay for parking fees? MMDA is offering the whole stretch of EDSA for free.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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