• Man admits killing wife, son


    A day after he was arrested by policemen, Danilo Rafael Sr. admitted to killing his wife and son in a fit of jealous rage. He then stashed the bodies of the victims in the trunk of their car and drove the vehicle to Parañaque City where the bodies were later discovered.

    Rafael, 55, told policemen he had long suspected that his wife was unfaithful.

    Mayor Edwin Olivarez of Parañaque City said the local police received a call from a concerned citizen from Tuguegarao City on Tuesday. Rafael fled to Cagayan after the crime.

    Authorities quickly dispatched a team to the province.

    Parañaque Police Chief Sr. Supt. Ariel Andrade said Rafael did not resist when the team led by Sr. Police Officer 4 Charlie Bayoca arrested him.

    Rafael said he did not plan to kill his wife and son but he was maddened by jealousy. He appealed for his relatives’ understanding and begged for their forgiveness.

    Rafael said he had suspected his wife Fe, 54, of having an affair since 2012.

    On Thursday, he said, he and his wife were in a beauty parlor in Parañaque when he saw a text message on her mobile phone but he kept quiet.

    On Friday, the family went to their provincial home in Barangay Babacao, Maragondon, Cavite to attend a family reunion. That night, he and Fe had an argument when he confronted her about the text message.

    Rafael claimed his wife became hysterical and started to attack him but he tried to pacify her and covered her mouth.

    The commotion attracted the attention of their son, Danilo Jr., 18, who thought his mother was being harmed. The teen barged into his parents’ room with a knife.

    Upon seeing the knife, Rodrigo grabbed his .45-caliber pistol lying nearby and shot his son. He then turned to his wife and shot her too, killing her instantly.

    When he saw their son convulsing on the floor, Rodrigo said he ended the teen’s misery by firing more shots, using a pillow to muffle the gunshots. He said he didn’t know how many times he shot his son.

    Andrade said a .45 caliber pistol with bullets and a mobile phone were seized from the suspect, who was identified because of a security camera in the area.


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