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A guide to building a wardrobe for every occasion
To most men, fashion can be a very intimidating concept. To some, it is the least of their priorities. Why spend hours scouring for the nicest stylish finds and paying for them when a basic white shirt and jeans combo is just the way to go? It’s cheap and it’s comfy, no fuss whatsoever. Ask an everyday man anything about fashion and style and chances are, you’d just get a chuckle. This shouldn’t be the case!

Just like in building a house, you need to start with a solid foundation. It is no different when we talk about style and fashion. Forget about the trends or the pressure to look like the models or male celebrities you see on runways and in magazines, a man needs a wardrobe he can rely on.

When I say “build a reliable wardrobe”, this does not mean a closet filled with all the exorbitantly-priced clothes you can find. This could simply mean, you should invest in timeless pieces that you can mix and match or are versatile enough to be worn when the need arises. Get pieces that would help a man feel good about himself not just something on trend that he won’t feel comfortable in. After all, looking good is about feeling good (insert all the clichés you can find here.)

If you are a man looking for some fashion tips or a woman looking to help your beau get a stylish upgrade come 2018, this issue of Rank is dedicated to that.

1. A good ol’ coat
A good overcoat is not just a wardrobe staple when the weather gets a bit nippy. Investing in a good coat can bring you places—literally. If a woman has that little black dress, for a man, this could be it. From the workplace to a romantic night-out with your girl, finding that versatile coat could be your best fashion statement.

We all know that wearing your best in the office setting could help lift your image professionally. A classic overcoat could easily be your stylish ally when you need to go out for a dinner meeting, or, it could be something you pull out from your closet and put on your back when you are celebrating your anniversary with your loved one.

2. All-buttoned up
For men, a basic round-neck shirt tends to be the more reasonable option when looking for items to buy in a store. It is something that could easily be stacked up in his closet until it gets so worn out before trooping to the stores to get a new one—and then the cycle continues. Consider replacing the classic cotton round-neck shirt into a more “versatile” option.

Why not invest in a button-down shirt. It is timeless as it is versatile. That alone makes it a wiser option. It can be worn on a movie date and it can be worn under a blazer or a coat for a sales pitch or a client presentation or can easily be layered with for a special occasion. You can never have enough of a button-down shirt in your wardrobe to get you through any occasion.

3. In denim, we can
The classic “maong”, as we Filipinos are so fond of calling it, has been a style staple for men throughout the years—and it is not without merit. Denim could very well be one of the most versatile materials we have around. Designers and brands have seen its value that many permutations of the classic denim material have seen runways andmagazine spreads.

The classic denim jacket and pants have jumped in and out of fashion trends but it is not going anytime soon. It helps that now, variations of the classic denim jacket, and pants have come up that it could be worn in many ways and in different occasions. Some downtime with your buddies, or a road trip with your girl, perhaps?

4. Layer up!
With our climate, jackets may not seem to be a popular choice among many as it looks and feels like an unwise wardrobe investment. On the contrary, jackets, in its different forms, variations, and style are a good way to spruce up your look. It is not only your added layer of defense when the air turns chilly, but jackets could also amp up your style in many ways.

When you invest in a timeless jacket, it could easily be worn in different occasions. Be it in a casual sports bar hangout a movie premiere with your friends or on casual Fridays at work. When you mix and match it with the right items, it can go a long way.


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