Man nabbed for stealing P200 from American


A 34-year old man was jailed for allegedly stealing P200 cash from an American while inside a hotel in Quezon City on Thursday. Police identified the suspect as Emmanuel Macatuno of Barangay Paltok, Quezon City who allegedly took the money from Peter Aaron Vendever, an American photographer and residing at Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City. Police said the theft incident or salisi occurred at Strawberry Hometel on Scout Lozano, Quezon City. It was learned that the suspect entered the victim’s room which was left unlocked, and allegedly picked the P200 from the victim’s pants placed near the door. The incident was seen the hotel’s CCTV operator, who sought assistance from the village watchmen in the area who arrested Macatuno.


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    I am unable to reply directly below your response concerning my earlier comment.

    Please read again what I stated there;
    “He has also written extensively in condemning and insulting newly elected President .Rodrigo Duterte.”

    I made no mention of this being on his You Tube videos. Perhaps you confused the two since my initial remark was made immediately following a remark about the videos.The opening words which read, “He has also written……. ” gives a clear cut indication to most readers that there is a change of subject matter there.

    So, I have isolated the remark in it’s entirety here to aid you in better understanding what you read and misinterpreted. It’s happens so don’t worry or be offended by my correction here.

    Best Wishes

  2. Dear Manila Times,
    I have noticed that there are a few comments here that support Vandever. Please read those with caution because Vandever has been widely known to use many aliases on the internet.

    Additionally, another arrest of Peter A. Vandever in the United States has been recently uncovered. He was arrested in St. Joseph, Missouri (USA) on August 31st, 2004 for Second Degree Destruction of Property and was also arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail in Missouri (2007) for the crime of Second Degree Sexual Misconduct.

    Peter A. Vandever has a history of criminal behavior in the United States which is officially documented. Once again, allow me to strongly suggest that you notify the Police about his history and current behavior. Please do so for the safety of any and all citizens of the Philippines who may have the misfortune to come into contact with him.
    Thank you for your time in reviewing this comment and please take action.

  3. PeterVanPoofster on

    Peter vandever is hardly a victim. he probably was asking to pay him for prostitution.

    Peter vandever was arrested for sexual assault in 2007 in missouri. You can search Peter Vandever on missouri arrest records.

    Also he has been arrested about 8 other times.

    Looks like hes been arrested about 9 times including the sexual assault.

    Peter Aaron Vandever, 20, and Melissa Ann Campbell, 20, both of St. Joseph

    Peter Aaron Vandever, 20, 1213 Lincoln St., about 3 a.m. Tuesday at Sixth and Middleton streets on a city warrant charging him


    Peter A. Vandever, 22, 1213 Lincoln St., at 6:37 p.m. Wednesday at 12th and Sylvanie streets on a city and two state warrants

    Peter A. Vandever, 23, Kansas City, at 9:25 a.m. Thursday by the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Department on a charge of property

    Peter A. Vandever, 23, Kansas City, Mo., at 10:35 a.m. Sunday on a charge of second-degree property damage

    Peter A. Vandever, 24, Kansas City, Mo., at 7:17 p.m. Friday on a city warrant charging failure to appear in court.


    Peter A. Vandever, 26, at 4:34 p.m. Monday on a city warrant charging failure to appear in court.

    Peter A. Vandever, 26, 1213 Lincoln St., at 8:18 p.m. Wednesday on a city warrant charging failure to appear in court.

    Peter A. Vandever, 26, Kansas City, at 11 a.m. Thursday on a city warrant charging failure to appear in court.

  4. Whatever, let the guy go with probation. If he’s that desperate for $4.00. He has enough problems just finding something to eat

    • The sick joke of it all is that this Peter Vandever claims to be a missionary, preacher. I guess, so much for ‘turning the other cheek’, huh?

      The man is a disgrace, in the truest sense of the term.

  5. The news article reports the robber was a 34 year old man. And that 200 pesos was taken.

    In his Youtube video, Peter’s version is that it was a ‘kid’ who robbed him. And that 700 pesos was taken. He also claims that over 20 officers were involved in “his case”. He also brags that while the police figured a 10,000P bail was far more than sufficient, Peter demanded that the bail be set at 100,000 pesos. And all this over less than $5 usd.

    Another thing that doesn’t line up, is that in the past Peter has claimed to own a condo unit in Makati. And yet the place he is actually staying at is a 200 peso backpacker’s hostel on the seedy side of town. Peter has claimed he pulls out at least 20,000 pesos as walking money for the week. Yet wants the book thrown at a guy over 200 pesos.

    By the looks of it, I don’t think Reality and Peter have ever been formally introduced.

    • joe blackmon on

      seems a certain sexpat womanizer with his childbride 15yo girlfriend has it out for Peter

    • What I stated in my comment is true. The facts back it up. Look at the article here and compare it to Peter’s video and it’s obvious what I stated here is the truth.

      You, on the other hand, accuse me of being a ‘womanizer’, despite the fact I’ve had the same girlfriend for a year and a half. So, you just got caught in a lie right there.

      Second, you use the phrase “15 year old childbride”. If you weren’t such a hateful loser you’d know that my girlfriend is 23 years old.

      This looks and smells like yet another fake account by Peter Vandever, folks. He has a LONG history of using fake accounts to either attack others or pretend there is someone who supports his hatred of others.

      Again, I can rely on the facts. In Facebook alone, if you search Peter Vandever you will see at least 9 different accounts he has had to bounce through after being kicked out of so many FB groups.

      Google his name and you will find plenty of discussions where the people in the thread discovered he was using more than one fake account for the same discussion.

      That is the sort of lowlife this person is. Again, I welcome anyone to visit my FB page (Reekay Velez) and anyone can see that she’s 23 and we have photos going back to 2014.

      But this loser, he has a trail of foulness that goes back decades full of hatred for Samoans, people in Fiji, the Philippines and even in the USA was convicted as a sexual offender. Again, I don’t need to make up fake lies, Google his name and ‘sex offender or look it up in the Missouri Court records and you’ll see for yourself.

  6. James Mcpherson on

    Why is this guy still in the PI or at least behind bars. He is a scam artist, racist, sexual predator who, IMHO, is borderline schizophrenic. And, authorities should pay the thief 500 pesos for making this a story.

  7. Minister Of Justice on

    Peter Vandever has also been involved in manipulating women for his own sexual perversions. His most recent exploitation we are aware of involved the Destiny church in Manila where he lied to a young woman that he was a church minister. He then persuaded the woman to leave the church. Later the woman returned to the church after being used by Peter Vandever and Peter then targeted the church for abuse.

    There must be some law enforcement agency within the Philippines seeking him as he is certainly a foreigner that needs deporting from the country. His fines remain unpaid in the U.S. from his sexual abuse case there.

  8. Peter Vandever its great that manila times decided to do an article on you so now we can tell them all about the REAL you and hopefully they can do a followup article.

    you sir are a disgusting sex offender pig. I loved your story on youtube about how a young boy “broke into” your room and stole your money. What freaking money? LOL! You are worst than scum! You are definitely a pedophile and this incident with the young boy is the PROOF. You are so pathetic I bet your dad is proud to know his son Peter is a disgusting sexpat who rapes little boys in hotel rooms. I hope the new president gets wind of a disgusting sexpat like you who lures little boys in hotel rooms. You better watch out for the Davao hit squad who will soon be after a piece of scum like you. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pearce Vanderbilt on

    The guy Peter Vandever is of questionable character. It is widely known to the Philippine expat community, as well as citizens of Samoa & Fiji, that this Vandever is a scammer by pretending to be a missionary and asking for charity donations. His channel in YouTube is full of hatred & bigotry towards other expats & mainly to Filipinos in general.
    With all these years of stay here & insults to the country, I’m surprised the Philippine Immigration or the Dept. of Foreign Affairs has not taken the appropriate actions towards this persona non grata.
    I suggest Manila Times do a follow up on this article by Ms.Iza Iglesias regarding the true nature of the robbery victim, Mr. Peter Aaron Vandever.

  10. Dear Manila Times & Iza Iglesias,
    Please allow me to seriously request that you research the person reported in this article as being the victim – Peter A. Vandever. Please Google, “Peter Vandever Exposed” and you will find that he has been convicted in the United States of Sexual Misconduct and has also been accused of several crimes elsewhere to include falsely seeking religious donations and theft of Professional Photography. There are many things such as this that you will see if you will kindly check.
    He operates a You Tube Channel (Peter Vandever) where he has posted numerous videos in which he completely disrespects the Filipino people and culture. He has taken many of these videos down but they are still available. If you like, I can direct you to the individual who archived these, “hate videos.”
    He has also written extensively in condemning and insulting newly elected President .Rodrigo Duterte.
    Vandever had been expelled or forced to leave both Fiji and Samoa before arriving in the Philippines. His actions have always been criminal in every location he arrives in. He stalked a young lady in Fiji and broke down the door where she lived. He has additionally made threats of violence against many people in his videos made in the Philippines and even has talked about getting weapons and, “shooting old men.” There are many other things like this that are too numerous to mention here.
    Many of us in the Expat community also believe that he may be on, “overstay” in the Philippines. He did once say in a video that he owed the BIR money for Visa Fees and was not, “going to bow down to them and pay.”
    I respectfully ask that you notify the authorities if your research leads to to understanding the same as we do. Peter A. Vandever is a dangerous individual who I believe should immediately be deported from your fine country.
    Thank you for your time in reading this and feel free to contact me if you require further information.
    Best Wishes,
    Alou Manotti

    • this news says 200 peso and now on peters video he is trying to claim the person took 700, peter is trying to rip off the thief, this is also a crime by peter. this video is now on youtube with him saying this

    • Mike Rochelle on

      I agree wholeheartedly with you post with one exception.I have seen every video he has made and have never seen him make derogatory comments about next President Duterte, he has raised concerns, but not more than that. Believe me I am the last person to defend despicable Vandever but I consider that to be a dangerous accusation.

    • Durtete recently bragged how he wished he was first in line to rape an Australian missionary.. You should be ashamed to have such an individual as your president. Good luck Marcos all over again..

    • joe blackmon on

      seems there are many people who threatened vandever in videos and solicit his death at the hands of others in their youtube vlogs. I have not seen Vandever ever threaten to harm anyone and I have watched his videos for a year or more. Careful what you ask for Henry Valez and your 15yo gf may be the downfall of you.

    • yeah the news says 200 peso but in peters new video he is trying to get 700 peso from the thief, how fitting it is, 2 thieves try to rob each other.

  11. Steve Rogers on

    Peter Vandever. Wanted by Bureau of Immigration for overstaying and owes thousands in fees. Google this person and help get him out of the country. He should be deported.

  12. Peter Vandumpster on

    ATTN. Iza Iglesias As an addendum on your report. Do a little research on this fella, Peter Vandever and you will see him for what he really is. The guy is a fraud, his notoreity is known back in Samoa, Fiji Islands, & Missouri, USA. He moved to the Philippines late 2011. He has different Facebook & YouTube accounts.
    He insults Filipinos & calls all Filipinas whores & gold diggers in his YT channel. Although those particular vlogs of his was pulled down (but still in YT server) by him recently due to backlash from other viewers who called out on him.There’s a YT channel (Peter Wanker) that exposes this guy for what he really is. I suggest you check it out.

    • I have searched everywhere, and I have not found where he is wanted by BI. I don’t understand this Peter scumbag has not been arrested and deported.

  13. What the intruder did was definitely wrong. And it is good that he was caught.

    As to the victim, Peter Aaron Vandever (actual, correct spelling).. he is well known among the Expat community in the Philippines and not in a good way.

    I suggest anyone interested in more behind this story do a Google search and/or Youtube search on Peter Vandever. It is quite shocking, to say the least.

  14. Couldn’t happen to a better guy (Peter Aaron Vandever). This is Karma in a small way. Peter Vandever has stolen peoples photos and sold them as his own. Convicted of a sexual crime in Kansas City, Missouri, scammed innocent god fearing people around the world of their money to fund his so-call life in Rockwell Center, Makati, he is fake missionary, insults the Filipino people, and the poor people in the Philippines, calls all Filipino women whores and sluts that sells themselves to old white men, insults OFWs are live-in prostitutes, harassed the expat community in Dumaguete with slanderous videos,calls the PNP idiots, owes the Philippines Gov’t back taxes and doesn’t want to pay them, and much much more.

    Peter Vandever has a long history of insulting other countries, cultures, heritage and customs. He is scammer, a liar, false missionary, and should not be trusted. Please be very weary when dealing with Peter Vandever, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Just google his name and you will see what type of person Peter Vandever is really like.