Man sued by wife attacks policemen


Two officers of the Criminal Investigative and Detection Unit (CIDU) were injured when they served an arrest warrant against a man charged with violating provisions of Republic Act 9262 or the Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) Act.

SPO1 Luisito Ubias and PO2 Mario Morales were attacked by Rovic Canono when they informed Canono of the warrant and advised him of his right to legal counsel.

According to an affidavit issued by Ubias and Morales, members of the PNP-CIDU showed their identification cards and requested Canono to surrender peacefully and to contact his lawyer. Canono attacked the police officers who sustained bruises and wounds.

Canono had previously made a motion for the court to stop his arraignment and set aside the charges against him, but the court rejected his motion for lack of merit and ordered his arrest.

Canono was accused by his estranged wife for violating Sections 5(h) and 5(i) of the VAWC law. Section 5(h) includes, but is not limited to stalking or following the woman or her child in public or private places; peering in the window or lingering outside the residence of the woman or her child; entering or remaining in the dwelling or on the property of the woman or her child against her will; and engaging in any form of harassment or violence.

Section 5(i) of the VAWC law, on the other hand, makes it a crime to cause mental or emotional anguish to a woman or child, including but not limited to repeated verbal and emotional abuse and denial of financial support or custody of minor children of access to the woman’s children.

If found guilty, Canono faces between six to twelve years in prison.

Aside from the charges filed by his wife, Canono faces additional charges for resisting arrest since the officers he attacked have filed a complaint accusing him of direct assault and resistance and disobedience to persons in authority.


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