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    YOUR accountant resigns and hurriedly turns over the official business files to the newly hired replacement. You then find out that your finance officer inefficiently allocated a huge chunk of the budget for insignificant office expenses. On top of all these, your banker is on the phone complaining about irreconcilable documents.

    The scenario is typical of the most common accounting problems that companies and businesses encounter. More often than not, they are also the simple reasons why many owners get buried in debt.

    G Cross Systems and Process Inc. is a company that specializes in solving common but difficult accounting woes.

    “We, at G Cross Systems, are primarily engaged in management information technology and data processing that help clients gain higher productivity, enhance performance and increase cost savings through a wide range of G Cross systems and software,” says Neth Cambiador, the company’s managing director.

    “Our accounting payroll and bank reconciliation software will help any business control costs without spending more than they should,” she cites an example.

    G Cross Systems can also tailor-fit solutions to specific business needs and problems, she says.

    The services
    G Cross Systems offers intelligent and efficient services devised by a pool of financial experts.

    “Our services ensure completeness, accuracy and reliability of the company’s financial report. This is very important as financial reports serve as a basis for management in making sound decisions for the company,” explains Cambiador.

    First on the list is Implementation Services, under which companies can outsource G Cross Systems’ experts to do their accounting. The service includes the installation of an affordable and simple accounting system software, which clients will be trained to use.

    A set of Registration and Compliance services is also available. This relieves companies from having to register existing computerized accounting system and system-generated accounting records with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. G Cross Systems will do this for them by securing the BIR permit to use the company’s computerized accounting system.

    The management accounting services, meanwhile, is a system that will create consistency in financial reports and accurate financial management. The service will help a company establish effective internal control over financial records by providing assistance in the correct recording of financial transactions.

    There is the Payroll System Services, a software that will expedite personnel data record keeping, payroll preparation, report and document production tasks, computation of benefits, conversion of leaves, and all other human resource transactions.

    The Accounting Manual Services provides an accounting manual of the system to acquaint new employees with the company’s accounting transactions.

    According to Cambiador, G Cross Systems’ services rates vary from P15,000 to P35,000, depending on the package.

    The beginnings
    G Cross Systems & Process Inc. was established in September 2010 and fully began operations in March 2011.

    Cambiador says G Cross Systems is one of the companies under Alas Oplas & Co., one of the leading assurance and consultancy firms in the Philippines.

    “Actually, our first software [for accounting solutions]was developed by Alas Oplas for their big clients. It was then that the firm realized that many other companies also need the software, which led to the creation of G Cross Systems,” she says.

    The managing director says G Cross Systems signed on 50 clients in a short period of time, and aims to double the number by 2015.

    The lady boss
    Cambiador has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She previously worked with the Alas Oplas Group for two years, and the BSU and Compliance Consulting Services Inc. for more than four years.

    Besides running G Cross Systems, Cambiador also manages two other companies, the Records Update Consulting Firm and the G Fire System Consulting Firm.

    Cambiador finds her work both challenging and exciting. She also believes that the services all three offices offer are valuable and timely, considering the maze of bureaucratic requirements for setting up a business in the Philippines.

    “What draws me to fulfill these multiple responsibilities is to see a promising but problematic company get up from the ground with the help of our services, and become the success story that it should be,” Cambiador says.


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