Manalo siblings seek Gordon’s help


AFTER failing to get assistance from the Commission on Human Rights, members of the Manalo family who have been expelled from the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) have sought the intervention of the Philippine National Red Cross (PRC).

Felix Nathaniel “Ka Angel” Manalo and Lolita “Lottie” Manalo-Hemedez, siblings of INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo, asked the help of Sen. Richard Gordon, who is the chairman of the PRC.

“We beg you to please help us end our suffering and restore our human dignity through the intervention of the PRC. We hope and pray that you will act with utmost concern at heart and urgency in mind,” the siblings said in their letters sent to the office of Gordon last week.

They claimed that their movements are being controlled by private security personnel who have been illegally and forcibly posted inside their compound in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

“It is unfortunate that the Commission on Human Rights under Chairman Chito Gascon has ignored our pleas for help and assistance as well, forcing our families to live under inhuman conditions,” they added.

The siblings claimed that they were denied the right to confer with their lawyers, relatives and friends.

Gordon said the PRC is willing to provide help to the Manalos but the problem can be better handled by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

“Our principal objective is assisting the most vulnerable especially during disasters, but we will help them (Manalos) if needed,” the senator said.


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  1. EarlySevenStrikeLand on

    If all of you knew the roots of all this… Hay nako. These people are taking their attention-seeking to another level. I pity them.

  2. The CHR didn’t refuse the people in Tandang Sora, it was the ex-INCs themselves who drove away the CHR when it arrived at the door.

    Stop crying wolf and go outside to find your own livelihood.

    Moreover if the lot is truly the property of Lottie, then why didn’t she pay for it’s utilities?

    It’s been months since the government ordered the illegal occupants in Tandang Sora to evict and yet they still stubbornly disobey the law.

  3. Wow! PRC can not even help? Gordon is also coward to stand by the truth. Sayang ang pagkakilala namin sa iyo Gordon.

    • The Human Rights Commission went to the lot countless times, and every single time the illegal occupants turned them away.

      These people are merely crying wolf.

  4. Was there any effort to look into this and offer help before dismissing it as a domestic squabble? There are women and children starving in that compound whose human rights are violated every single day. The unsanitary conditions alone from no water supply and electricity must already be too much to bear. Wether caused by a domestic squabble or a natural calamity, human suffering must not be ignored. Please look into this, Senator Gordon and PRC! Thank you.

    • The illegal occupants in Tandang Sora are allowed to bring food and water inside, if anything it is the people bringing things in who are starting fights with the security staff as ABS-CBN crews are filming them so that they could edit it later to their advantage. The CCTV footage of these fraudulent men, women and journalists is posted in Youtube for all to see.

      The lack of water and electricity is their own fault for not paying their bills. If the lot is really theirs as they claim, then why are they not paying their bills? We shouldn’t expect MERALCO to give you or me free electricity, the people in Tandang Sora are no exception. The INC no longer has any obligation to tend to them now that they have decided to not just leave it but also attack its integrity and picket its churches.

      The Red Cross wasn’t made to feed the lazy, it has more pressing concerns to deal with other than entitled children throwing a tantrum after their plan to use offerings to build a personal telecom business was rejected for obvious reasons.