Mandaluyong school sued


    A COMPLAINT was filed against Lourdes School of Mandaluyong (LSM) for removing 10 students from the honor list after they posted a photo of their teacher in a private Facebook chat group.

    The parents of Kevin Lloyd Aboy, Alfonso Gabriel Laureta, Isaac Raphael Magpantay and Julian Songsong filed a lawsuit against LSM claiming that their sons’ rights to due process were violated.

    They also claimed that their sons were threatened and intimidated by Lorraine Mae Anoran, a Technology and Livelihood teacher, and the school officials committed gross abuse of authority and violated their oath as teachers or educators.

    The civil case, which was filed at the Mandaluyong City Regional Trial Court Branch 208, asked for P2 million in moral damages (P500,000 for each student); P500,000 in exemplary damages; and P300,000 in attorney’s fees and litigation expenses.

    In October 2015, Laureta, a consistent top student in his class, and a fellow member of his group, Miguelito Yamamoto, took pictures of Anoran, who was not wearing the usual uniform during a group meeting in preparation for a business plan contest, and posted it in their Facebook chat group. Some of the members made certain comments about the pictures.

    According to Laureta, their teacher confronted Magpantay about the pictures posted in the Facebook chat group, and threatened to bring the matter to the attention of school authorities if he refused to give up the pictures and the group’s conversation.

    But even if their son had apologized to the teacher, the school still imposed “heavy sanctions” despite their appeal to reinstate the students in the honor list and absolve them of all charges, the parents said.

    Based on the school’s report on Student Conduct and Deportment dated December 10, 2015, the students were found to have violated LSM’s Internet Policy, Item 5.22.6 of LSM’s Student Handbook for school year 2015-2016 (Manifesting behaviors through posts in the Internet, that are deemed unbecoming of a Lourdesian gentleman).

    The parents said they will also file an administrative complaint against LSM with the Department of Education for alleged violation of the agency’s child protection policies.


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