• Mandatory carpooling eyed


    THE government may implement mandatory carpooling as part of efforts to reduce vehicle volume along Edsa.

    Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson said carpooling is one of the schemes they are looking at to decongest the 23-kilometer highway.

    The worsening traffic congestion along EDSA is being blamed on the huge volume of vehicles plying the thoroughfare.

    Singson however said carpooling will only be implemented during the morning and evening rush hours or from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    “The number of vehicles during peak hours have to be regulated to maximize the use of EDSA. We’re assessing everything and this will be discussed when we hold another meeting this Friday along with other findings on how to fix the bus lanes,” Singson said during the Senate finance committee hearing on his department’s 2016 budget.

    Under the proposed carpooling scheme, cars carrying less than three passengers will not be allowed to pass Edsa during peak hours.


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    1. This is good only if it is implemented fairly. Car won’t be allowed to run if there are less than three passengers. I guess Taxi won’t be allowed to run too if it has only one passenger. Passenger bus won’t be allowed to run if there is only less than 10 passengers. AUV’s won’t be allowed to run if there is only 5 passengers, so as jeepneys. If you implement it on one sector, implement it too the others too. It’s very hard to imagine that government is blocking one of the basic human rights to drive along the public highway. This is more than just a regulation but an alibi of the government for their mistakes, uncompetitiveness and lack of enough wisdom and will power to solve the real issue. The traffic problem is because its simply we don’t have enough roads and urban planning is not that good enough to sustain traffic congestion in a long term. The rise of number of cars along EDSA should not to be blame because our number of population is growing and economic status of each citizen is advancing. If you are blaming the booming rise of cars its just like you are already blaming loving parents on why they bear a lot of kids being added on this crowded world. The traffic solution that the governemt is proposing should not be permanent and should be only a temporary basis, in fact even the odd coding scheme is also a ridiculous one, foreigners even can’t believed that we have this kind of regulation. Instead of focusing on the volume of cars passing EDSA, the government should focus on regulating the flow of traffic in the short term and building a lot of roads and planning urban development in the long term. Don’t put the blame to the people on the mistakes that you have done. If only the amount of money being corrupted by government officials were to be combined, it might already built complex transport systems, layers of super highways and balanced distribution of infrastructure developments. In fact since the demand of road space is needed, economically road tax collection should rise too, making enough roads for everyone. I wonder why the government is not using that money to build roads and if its not enough then just simply increase the road tax and motorist should not complain on it because they are stakeholders on this congestion. You get what you deserve, you pay low road tax you get traffic and shut your mouth and don’t complain, you pay high road tax you get less traffic, its all about proportion of demand and supply. Now, are these stupid and laggard government officials we have still insist on implementing mentioned regulation? You’ll be the judge.