• Manga’s ‘Titan vs. Titan’ comes to life


    Following the box office success of the Manga movie adaptation Attack on Titan is the much-awaited sequel Attack on Titan: End of the World. The movie, which opens in Philippine cinemas today from Pioneer Films, is poised to outperform its predecessor at the box-office worldwide.

    Struggling and fighting united against the Titans, Eren after being devoured by a Titan mysteriously came back to life taking on after the Titan’s form and strength. Surprisingly, Eren after being turned into a Titan started to attack the Titan towards the end of the film, leaving the rest in awe that they finally found an ally against the towering monsters. However, not everybody is convinced that Eren is humanity’s last hope against the Titans since a few still doubt where his loyalty lies between man and Titans.

    Attack on Titan: End of the World takes the audience back to futuristic and apocalyptic Japan where humans are now repairing the holes in the wall that the Titans have destroyed. Along with Eren, mankind’s last counterattack begins as the gigantic humanoids continue to devour people.

    Haruma Miura, who plays Eren, the film’s lead star seriously prepared for the role. “We didn’t use any stunt men in the film. As for the training, there was a lot of muscle that I had to build, but not for aesthetic reasons. It was all for the wire action because of course that is the highlight. So there was a lot of training of the inner muscles,” the actor said in a previous interview.

    The movie was based on the Manga series that has become a critical and financial phenomenon with over 50 million volumes produced.

    Attack on Titan: End of the World is directed by Shinji Higuchi’s from a two-part film based on Hajime Isayama’s best-selling comic about teens battling human-eating giants.

    Kiko Mizuhara, who plays Mikasa, a leading character in the film shared how she prepared for the role. “The day when I got the part, I went into training right away because I knew from the outset that she was the strongest character in the film. I had a personal trainer because, you know, you have to act with the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, so I had to put a lot of muscle on my legs and my lower back. It was every day going into the studio to train for wire action. It was really, really hard.


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