• Mango leaf extract hastens healing of wounds – study


    Mango leaves may now be used for faster healing of wounds in addition to treating diabetes, chronic lung disease, asthma and common colds.

    Researchers from the Our Lady of Fatima University conducted a study to analyze the effects of mango leaf crude extract on wound healings.

    In laboratory experiments, the researchers have analyzed the effects of mango leaf crude extract to wound healing of Sprague Dawley rats.

    The study showed that the extracts caused a significant decrease on the size of the wound of the experimental control group.

    The reduction was caused by tannins, which are phytochemicals that facilitate faster wound healing through increasing formation of collagens and growth of epithelial tissues in damaged areas of skin.

    The researchers expect that the mango leaf extract be considered as an effective wound healing agent and that the result of their study leads to its eventual commercialization. (PNA)


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