AS our right and duty as citizens of the Republic of the Philippines to uphold and protect the “sanctity of the ballot “ (1987 onstitution Article V, Section 2), we, the undersigned, have tirelessly voiced our concern and taken legal as well as all forms of citizen actions to demand rectification and accountability over the unresolved issues of the 2010 and 2013 elections. To this day, these issues involving compliance with the automated election laws, particularly the disablement and nullification of various security safeguards, remain unresolved.

    These unresolved issues include, among others:

    1) the disablement of digital signatures intended to safeguard against fake transmissions of election returns;

    2) the disablement of the ultra-violet lamps intended to guard against fake ballots that may be used in pre-loading spurious votes in the CF cards;

    3) the disablement of vote verification intended to assure the voter that his or her vote was properly counted;

    4) the inadequacy of the source code review intended to ensure the integrity of the system;

    5) thelack of randomness of the manual audit where the covered precincts were pre-selected and announced in advance.

    Worse, if these issues involving the controversial disablement and nullification of the various security safeguards mandated by the automated election laws remain unresolved, the legality and legitimacy of the coming 2016 elections will be compromised.

    We therefore, as citizens of the Republic of the Philippines and members of legitimate people’s organizations of the sovereign Filipino people, call upon the Commission on Elections and Executive and Legislative Branches of Government to uphold and protect the SANCTITY OF THE BALLOT through unquestionable TRANSPARENCY in the COUNTING of the votes .

    We urge them to mandate that the VOTE RECEIPTS dropped by the voters in a secured box before leaving the precinct be COUNTED at the premises immediately upon the closing of the elections in full view of the public and be officially recorded as an integral part of the voting process. This will ensure the integrity and transparency of 2016 automated elections relative to the number of votes that will be recorded for each precinct.

    Under the guidance of our moral shepherds, led by Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla, Chairman of the Bishops-Ulama Conference, Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles, the Assumption Sisters and other religious, the people’s organizations under TanggulangDemokrasya, Inc., Global Filipino Nation and Lumad Mindanao People’s Federation, and the concerned citizens represented by the leaders of civil society, adopt this Manifesto.


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