• Manila barangay officials to undergo drug test


    MANILA Mayor Joseph Estrada has ordered 7,168 elected barangay (village) officials in the city to submit to mandatory drug tests starting Monday, November 7.

    Estrada warned of sanctions on those who won’t appear at the Manila Barangay Bureau.

    “We will not entertain any excuses or alibis. They have been warned before. This is compulsory,” he said.
    Those found positive for drug use will be slapped with charges under regulations set by the Civil Service Commission, Executive Order 292 or the Administrative Code of 1987, and the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

    Based on the Administrative Code of 1987, government employees and officials hooked on drugs shall be subjected to disciplinary or administrative proceedings with the penalty of dismissal at first offense.

    Those who test positive will also be charged with criminal cases.

    Estrada, along with the 36-member Sangguniang Panglunsod or city council, submitted to drug testing at the city hall on August 18. No one tested positive.

    The move to subject barangay officials to mandatory drug tests was also an offshoot of last month’s anti-drug operation at the Islamic Center in Quiapo, where Barangay 648 Chairman Faiz Macabato was killed after fighting it out with policemen who were about to serve an arrest warrant on his brother, a drug suspect.

    Barangay bureau chief Arsenic Lacson said the Department of Health had provided 8,000 drug test kits.


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