• Manila Bay area ‘no-sail zone’ during Asean meet


    Ship activities, including sailing, are banned in the vicinity of Manila Bay starting November 5 in preparation for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit.

    Officer-In-Charge Catalino Cuy of the Interior department, in a statement on Friday, said the “no-sail zone” will cover the bay area facing Okada Hotel, H2O Hotel and New Seaside Drive.

    “Maximum maritime security is part of our safety preparations to ensure that the short stay of the Asean delegates in our country will be as peaceful, safe and secure as possible,” Cuy added.

    According to him, no ship or vessel shall be allowed to pass through the area during the “no-sail zone” period for the entire 12 days from November 5 to November 16.

    “We are covering all fronts because the safety and security of our delegates is our primary concern,” Cuy said.

    He ordered all Asean ships to submit their “manifest of passengers” to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) three days prior to docking, while passenger vessels are required to submit their “manifest” a day before.

    “We therefore request for the full cooperation and understanding of our seafarers so that the upcoming Asean summit will be safe and incident-free,” Cuy added.

    He said the shore from H2O Hotel to the Pasig River will be designated as a “controlled zone” during the “no-sail” days.

    Cuy added that the controlled zone is an area where vessels will be escorted by PCG patrol boats.

    The “no-sail zone” and the “controlled zone” do not include areas one nautical mile away from the waters of Manila Bay.

    The PCG will form part of the 59,000 troops to be deployed by the government to guard the waters in the vicinity of Metro Manila and Pampanga as part of “safety and security” measures for the Asean Summit.


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