• Manila councilor milking Chinese couple


    By Erwin Tulfo

    What’s this I heard from the grapevine that a certain councilor in Manila has been making oodles of money by milking a Chinese couple, who have been illegally residing in the country for several months now?

    According to the story circulating in Binondo these days, this councilor, whom I shall call “Councilor Birdie Angry”, by threatening to sic Immigration on the couple.

    The problem started in January when the couple had a terrible fight. The woman, who is a friend of “Councilor Birdie Angry” sought the city official’s help how to go about reporting her husband’s fake Filipino citizenship to the Bureau of Immigration.

    The guy is now in jail and awaiting deportation. However, just recently the couple kissed and made up. The girl wants her partner now out of jail. So, once more she approached the councilor, this time to get her husband released.

    But the councilor’s services does not come cheap. He asked P1 million from the wife, saying he had to pay someone at the Bureau.

    The gave him the money, but days passed but the poor husband remained in jail. Once again, “Councilor Angry” told the wife he needed another million to pay off the some reporters or they would expose the case.

    And this councilor, who by the way has a Chinese sounding last name, also said he also needed to bribe someone at the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fast-track the release from the immigration jail.

    The asking price? a hefty P2 million. The couple are now wondering what to do next.
    “Konsehal, ang angas-angas mo”…

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