• Manila market vendors seek TRO vs renovation


    Vendors of Quinta Market in Quiapo district of Manila on Friday asked a Manila court for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against renovation of the public market.

    The renovation is scheduled to start on Monday.

    Edith Santos, 56, vice president of Quiapo Public Market Cooperative, the petitioner in the case, said the petition was heard by the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 7.

    Respondents are Mayor Joseph Estrada, the City Council headed by Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and private contractor Market Life Management and Leasing Corporation.

    Also on Friday, merits of the case were debated and, anytime after the hearing, the judge is expected to either deny or grant the release of TRO.

    Melchor Monsod, lawyer for the petitioners, said the vendors will suffer irreparable injury if demolition of their stalls will push through.

    He added that a signed joint venture between the private firm and the city government was doubtful because, in effect, it transfers management of Quinta Market to the leasing company.

    Jose Flaminiano, lawyer for the respondents, said the relocation of the vendors is only temporary while a modern market is being built.

    He cited a study of the city engineering department that said the market was built more than a hundred years ago, making it unsafe for the stall holders.

    After a tense argument between the two lawyers, Judge Acerey Pacheco ruled that the motion for the 72-hour TRO is deemed submitted for resolution.

    Estrada moved distribution of certificates of tenure to deserving stallholders and vendors to 4 p.m. of Friday.


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    1. David M Meyer on

      How interesting..!

      In my own local market {Sampaloc} There is a move to Privatize ..In fact a few days ago the Vendors had a rally in protest..

      One wonders who will be on the board of the company that privatizes all these markets.

      The majority of vendors here would be forced out by the levy that will no doubt be imposed …

      Those that would remain;would have to increase their prices to cover the new fees..

      Where will our esteemed mayor be –Will he still be in office?..

      Who will be running the markets…More to the question –Who will be on the boards of the companies?

      Our mayor is supposed to be helping the poor..Promises were made to aged pensioners..Does any one know if they were kept?

      It is poorer people that shop in those markets..They are the ones who will pay the price of any privatization

      “The rich get richer –The poor get children..

      Our mayor was given a another chance by the voters..

      .Seems that he doesn’t change his spots ..

      D M Meyer

    2. Gabriela Silang on

      Our Mayor Joseph Estarada had been known for his drive “ERAP PARA SA MAHIHIRAP.” For this reason, the people of Manila voted for him with a hope that he will help the poor to uplift their quality of life. In contrary, the city ordinance 8436 known as joint venture ordinance is against the welfare of the poor, but rather protects the interest of the private investors. We would like to appeal from our beloved mayor to review the proposal of these developers because this will not be beneficial both to the market vendors as well as the buying public. There are other ways for the City Government to earn profits without sacrificing the benefit of its citizens. They have to focus as well in providing public service to its people through the services rendered by the public markets. Joint venture in fact is privatization in disguise.