• Manila police, village officials ordered to help missing children


    MANILA Mayor Joseph Estrada ordered the Manila Police District (MPD) and Manila Barangay Bureau (MBB) to help missing children and abandoned senior citizens and report them to the Manila Department of Social Welfare (MDSW) for intervention. “The city has a sustainable social and health program for them. In our temporary shelter, they will be fed, clothed and will be given medical care for their sicknesses,” Estrada said. Under the MDSW, rescued individuals can get livelihood and educational assistance from the city. Estrada said he ordered the department heads to form their own teams and have an assigned area to monitor the presence of street dwellers. He also ordered the MDSW to meet with representatives from the police and barangay (village) officials to draft plans on how to deal with the homeless, missing children and street dwellers. Estrada said there is a need for an updated profiling of street dwellers to determine what intervention the city can undertake.


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