• Manila prosecutor clears milk tea poison suspect


    The charges of murder and frustrated murder filed against Lloyd Kevin Abrigo, the suspect in the milk tea poisoning deaths in April have been dismissed by the Manila Prosecutors’ Office for lack of evidence.

    Assistant City Prosecutor Dennis Aguila said the complainants failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was, Lloyd, son of William Abrigo, who placed the toxic chemical in the Hokkaido milk tea. William owned the milk tea outlet where Suzanne Dagohoy purchased the poisoned drink.

    Dagohoy and Ergo Cha Milk Tea House owner William Abrigo died after sipping the drink laced with oxalic acid, a toxic substance on April 9, 2015 in Sampaloc area.

    Dagohoy’s boyfriend, Arnold Aydalla, survived.

    “We empathize with the victims and their relatives especially on what happened to Suzaine Dagohoy but compassion is not a benchmark in determining the existence of probable cause.”

    The prosecutor said The ruling said the young Abrigo cannot be attributed with negligence since there was an absent of proof that “he prepared the Hokkaido milk tea which the victims drunk.”

    Murder was filed for the death of Dagohoy while frustrated murder was filed for the almost death of Aydalla. Prosecutor said even reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and serious physical injury could not alleged against Abrigo.

    Further, motive was not established against the respondent, saying Abrigo voluntarily submitted to the investigation on the day the tragic incident happened, “allowing the police investigators along with the nearest kin of complainants to be present at the store premises and take pieces of evidence for examination and surrendering the CCTV to the police negate the ill motive to injure or at most kill the victims.”

    Prosecutor said it is unbelievable for Abrigo to have the motive to kill Dagohoy and Aydalla becauee he “does not know them from Adam.”

    Days after the burial of Abrigo’s father, the charges were filed before the Prosecutor’s Office, but the accused was allowed to post bail.


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