Manila revives 59 health centers


Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada ordered the revival of 59 barangay health centers and 12 lying-in clinics for poor residents.

The reelectionist mayor said doctors and nurses have been deployed in barangay centers. Health care centers are being put up in each barangay where residents must have medical records, including children and lactating mothers.

The mayor said all barangay health centers are undergoing repairs.

Estrada also announced the acquisition of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT scan for the city’s six hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Gat Andres Bonifacio Medical Center in Delpan, Tondo has been converted into a specialized hospital for dialysis.

“The Ospital ng Maynila will remain the flagship hospital but all others will be converted to specialized centers,” City Health head Benjamin Yson told reporters.

Jaime R. Pilapil


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  1. Great! That we see the mayor doing something constructive —This is something the City needs —The poor had to walk past the hospital to the cemetery gates …Good for you Mr Mayor

    David M Meyer

  2. If this is being done just because it is election time and once they get elected, politicians will have lots of excuses to pass around, that the budget does not allow medicines, or funds will not be enough to hire nurses and etc. Corruptions starts with the barangays captain who may become selective of who will receive care , medicines are dispense to those who are not indigent instead its given to personal friends of the barangay captain and employees family of the health dept. It remains to be seen if they will be consistent with their promises after election.H