• Manila welcomes the ultimate sports-business machine, the BMW 5 series


    Becky Garcia

    The Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines recently hosted an exclusive gala to unveil the ultimate driving machine, the all-new BMW 5 series.

    Upon entering the Globe auditorium at the BGC Arts Center, guests immediately got a glimpse of the sedan that reflects the ambition and vitality of the business class today.

    Different consumers around the world focus on varying degrees of innovation and class when it comes to buying luxury vehicles. But the changing times and needs of a discerning businessman, the perfect combination of sophistication and innovation, are all what he is looking for.

    The car is perfect for the business athlete because it is the epitome of both work and play. Guests present were in awe with its elegant interiors, lighting package of 11 different light designs and ambient air package with both eight different fragrance dispersal and air ionization functions.

    This luxury vehicle is the perfect partner for the refined and selective professionals who are always on the go.

    ACC President Maricar Parco personally attended the launch to present the most progressive sports-business sedan.

    Of course, prominent and successful businessmen, whom Hi! Society knows for sure owns several BMW cars, were in attendance. SMC President Ramon Ang was in demand for photo ops while Wopsy Zamora right then and there ordered the BMW Sports for his lovely wife Agile. As expected, the night alone got enough reservations from the guests to make it one of the most anticipated cars of the season.

    Congratulations to ACC for bringing in the ultimate sports-business machine, the BMW 5 series, which Hi! Society is so proud to drive.

    ACC is a wholly owned Filipino company under the Alvarez group of companies. Chaired by Governor Jose “Pepito” Alvarez, the group is recognized as one of the pioneers in the Philippines automotive industry. Zoom away!!!

    Meanwhile, coming from a family that has always been involved in fashion, it is no longer surprising that Carlo Evaristo would take after his active enterprising mom Mariliese Evaristo who used to own the popular Colleziones New York.

    At age seven, Carlo was already sketching clothes, giving hints that he would someday take the path to fashion styling.

    To broaden his knowledge, he enrolled at the Madonna School of Fashion before traveling to New York where he studied Export Management, Product Development and Fashion Merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology. But in the end, he decided to design jewelry instead.

    Fast forward today, Carlo has established his own brand, Otsirav’e. His handcrafted collections, which use semi-precious stones, are vibrant and eye-catching. With his works, he caught international attention and is now one of the 12 Filipino designers who will showcase their collections in Versailles, France this September called Premiere Classe.

    The young designer is rightfully proud to be considered a world-class talent. Bravo Carlo! Good luck!


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