ManilaMed advancing cancer treatment


Balancing the two often conflicting goals of offering healthcare that is at par with the best available in the Philippines and keeping the cost of healthcare as reasonable as possible has been the defining directive of ManilaMed for 50 years now.

And as ManilaMed celebrated 50 meaningful years last week, the company showed no signs of slowing down or shifting priorities. ManilaMed has also undertaken a generous charitable initiative and major upgrades that will ensure it remains at the very forefront of healthcare in the Philippines for years ahead.

Last week, ManilaMed unveiled an upgraded delivery room, which was completed only a few months ago. It features five encloseable labor rooms in which expectant couples can be together with their families throughout the laboring process. This offers a measure of privacy that was not previously possible. Mothers no longer have to be alone with their fears leading up to childbirth. Previously, the delivery room had a labor ward that could accommodate four patients and in which non-hospital personnel were not allowed.

Top-notch Cancer Care Center

Another milestone in line with their 50 years in the business is their cutting edge program in cancer care, aimed at addressing one of the most feared healthcare issues. The soon to open Cancer Care Center is designed from top-to-bottom to address the specific needs of cancer patients. The center is built around the Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach to cancer treatment. This is a whole new paradigm in cancer care, which has been successfully implemented in leading hospitals all over the world.

Under the MDT paradigm, doctors and healthcare workers involved in every cancer patient’s care and treatment will coordinate on a regular basis to ensure more effective treatment, fewer trips to the hospital for patients, and a generally more humane and far less frustrating process. Its centerpiece is a linear accelerator (LINAC), which is the absolute cutting edge in radiation therapy and only one other hospital in Metro Manila has
a machine that is only comparable.

Utilizing a breakthrough technique that is only possible with top-of-the-line LINACs called Volumetric Art Therapy (VMAT), it is now possible to irradiate a tumor with literal pinpoint accuracy and in precise dosages. This maximizes efficacy and minimizes collateral damage to healthy tissue. Whereas radiation therapy was once mostly a means to merely prolong the life of terminal cases, LINAC can now be a lifeline to some patients who might otherwise be regarded as terminal.

ManilaMed is one of the leading hospitals in the Philippines, located at 1000 General Luna Street, Ermita, Manila. For more information on the Cancer Care Center at ManilaMed, go to or call (02) 5238121.


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