• Manny not bothered by Floyd’s Vegas hometown ‘advantage’

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) and Manny Pacquiao strike a pose during a press conference. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) and Manny Pacquiao strike a pose during a press conference. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Veteran promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank said that Manny Pacquiao is not worried about Floyd Mayweather’s supposed hometown advantage when the two boxers meet on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Many boxing fans believe that the judges would favor Mayweather, a Las Vegas native, if the fight went the distance.

    “He [Manny] doesn’t give any attention to it [officiating]because his main priority is to train,” Arum told The Manila Times on Monday in a phone interview. “But I’m hopeful they (Nevada Athletic Commission) will choose the best of the best referee and judges to officiate the fight.”

    “I still don’t know who the judges are and who the referee is. We will know it two weeks from now.”

    Pacquiao’s nemesis Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez earlier expressed concern that Mayweather would win over Pacquiao if their much-awaited fight goes to the judges’ scorecards.

    In an interview by Golpe y Golpe in February, Marquez said: “He [Pacquiao] needs to go for the knockout. In Vegas, the judges are going to favor Mayweather if a fight goes to a decision.”

    Marquez’s trainer Ignacio Beristáin holds the same opinion. A translation of Beristáin’s interview with fighthype.com reads: “I think because of the means he has and because he’s an excellent boxer that’s American, I believe he’s also the promoter… the public is American, and so are the judges, so in a close fight, it’s probable they will be inclined to go with him like they have other times.”

    Pacquiao’s split decision loss against Timothy Bradley in June 2012 was said to be the result of unfair judging. He lost his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt in that fight.

    Despite the beating absorbed by the American, Las Vegas judges Duane Ford and CJ Ross favored Bradley 115-113. The third judge Jerry Roth favored Pacquiao 115-113.

    Pacquiao won the title back by beating Bradley via unanimous decision in a rematch on April 2014.

    Arum said that he’s happy the way Pacman’s preparation is going, “Pacquiao is definitely in his best shape when I visited him last week. He moves faster, moves forward and fights in different angles during his sparring sessions. I really like what I saw. Coach Freddie [Roach] and Team Pacquiao are doing a wonderful job.”

    Arum added that he sees Pacquiao dominating Mayweather in every round, “Coach Freddie provides the best sparring mates for Manny who are also fast, strong and young. I believe Manny will win round by round against Floyd. I have no doubt about it.”


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    1. Vegas is not on Money’s side in this one. WHY?
      Because of cold hard cash.

      If Money wins, he might not go for a rematch. No more money for Vegas.

      Eh kung si Manny ang winner?
      Baka sa ring pa lang, meron nang schedule for a rematch, di ba?

      Ano say nyo?

    2. This is one chance for USA to show in the sports arena that it is a nation founded on the bedrock of justice and fair play. Floyd has already won in practically all areas of this fight of the millennium, namely, in purse split, in the fight venue, and also in the choice of referees, even in the area of trash talking before the final fight agreement, etc. I don’t think Floyd will allow that a Filipino arbiter will be inserted during the fight.

      Yet, the obvious truth that every boxing fan, whether causal or hard core, already understands is this: Manny, win or lose in this mega fight, will forever be perceived as the ultimate winner.

      If Mayweather will come out victorious, it will leave always a space in the mind of all thinking boxing afficcionados where doubt lurks. This is precisely because Floyd had already in many of his previous bouts cheated deliberately. The glaring examples are: his weight advantage over Marquez and the the sucker punch he dished out to a sheepish Ortiz. And all those judges played along with the charade because Floyd is a protected business entity.

      So please Americans, let the fight play out in all its naturalness! Let the sheer talents of these two transcendent pugilistic combatants unfold in their sheer natural sweetness and beautiful brutality. That is, the winner or the loser should never be decided in terms of the judges’ monetary gullibility or perhaps the promoters’ insatiable greed for profit, or for that matter, what not.

      Let the best man come out the the genuine TBE!

    3. Most people of the world would want to see this braggart Mayweather beaten by Pacquaio. Manny will literally beat him to a pulp like what he did to Cotto and Margarito.

    4. Hope the judges & referee will be fair & not spoil the beauty of this fight! Manny will do his best to unseat Floyd & make the Filipinos & the whole world proud! Go Manny! Annihilate this bastard Floyd!

    5. If Nevada Judges have robbed Manny this time and then main event of world Boxing will be moving from Las Vegas to somewhere else. Judges must do right thing and must be honest.

      • Absolutely……. Alex Ariza is just a front man and a stoogie. the real man behind orchestrating the conditioning is MEMO HEREDIA. the rat who made that latino hulk Marquez.