Manny Pacquiao, PNoy and the Marcoses

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

How much better it would have been if Manny Pacman had promised to donate a percentage of his guaranteed income this weekend, not only his fight.

Dedicating his fight to the Yolanda victims was nice but a solid credible promise to donate a certain percentage would have sounded better, given his questionable widely publicized commitments to help, and then, keep quiet.

In New York, a Marcos secretary was found GUILTY in the sale of a looted Monet. A one-time secretary to Taclobanon Imelda Marcos was found guilty by a US court last Monday for plotting to sell a Monet painting which vanished after the 1986 revolution that saw Imelda ousted.

Sentencing for Vilma Bautista, 75, will be held at a date yet to be announced, officials said. “[Ms.] Bautista was found guilty of attempting to sell art she had possessed secretly for decades and knew to be stolen, and for selling a looted museum-quality painting for her personal enrichment,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. said.

Hoard of artworks
She was one of three people accused of illegally conspiring to possess and sell works of art acquired by Mrs. Marcos, and keeping proceeds for themselves, the Manhattan district Attorney’s office said.

They also sought to hide the gains from the US tax authorities. The Monet was part of Imelda’s hoard of artworks and other luxuries accumulated during the reign of Macoy.

The Philippine government moved to recover the property following the 1986 revolution, but much of it vanished.

Mr. Vance said that after waiting 20 years beginning in 2009, Ms. Bautista and her two nephews allegedly began trying to sell.

Among the works they sought to cash in on were the Monet water lily painting, “Le Bassin aux Nympheas,” and three other valuable works that the Philippine government were trying to repossess.

They succeeded with the Monet, selling it to a London gallery and dividing the $32 million, with Ms. Bautista “keeping the largest share of the money herself,” prosecutors said.

Ms. Bautista was also accused of secretly keeping Monet’s “L ‘Eglise et La Seine a Vetheuil,” Alfred Sisley’s “England Bay” and Albert Marquet’s “Le Cypres de Djenan Sidi Said.”

Philippine authorities say 146 works of art that Mrs. Marcos acquired with public money have not yet been recovered, including works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, Rembrandt and Cezanne.

Ms. Bautista, as a member of the Philippine foreign service, acted as Mrs. Marcos’ unofficial new York-based personal secretary. go-fer, while assigned to the UN from the early 1970s through 1986.

Given Yolanda, PNoy has been to Tacloban more than once and has spent time with the Mayor (a Romualdez), but what about the invisible Imelda, Imee and Bongbong?

With the report last Monday on Monet, why wouldn’t the Taclobanons not feel that Imelda, Imee and Bongbong would fly in in aircraft laden with gold?


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  1. Sana hindi magdamot ang pamilya Marcos sa mga taga-Leyte at maglabas sila ng pera.Galing din naman sa kaban ng bayan ang pera nila

  2. Swerte si Imedla Marcos dahil wala siya sa mansion niya sa Leyte nung may bagyo kaya tulungan niya makabangon mga kababayan niya

  3. Sa dami ng nakaw na yaman ng Marcos kung tutuusin kaya nila gumawa ng sariling relief ops at rehabilitation sa mga taga-Leyte e

  4. angeline lecina on

    Barya lang sa mga Marcos at Romuladez ang milyon kung magdodonate sila sa mga biktima ni Yolanda di ba

  5. Hindi ko mata-take kung magkukuripot ang mga Marcos sa pagtulong sa mga taga-Leyte dahil sa laki ng nakaw na yaman nila dati

  6. Mr. Saguisag, just to remind you that Your Aquino prez is another failure of a false promise his mothers minions boasted years ago. I used to believed that myth just to realize now how naive people could be. Extreme poverty, power grabbing, corruption is what you can see after the minions takes over, kumbaga mga bantay salakay pala! You probably don’t know how the victims and their families felt with your articles bringing Imelda and her family into the mess Pnoy is supposed to deal. His excuses and blame game is boring and no one is buying.

  7. Mabuhay ka Rene Saguisag,,,ipaglaban mo si P-Noy dahil ikaw ang nakakaalam na wala ni isang piso na ninakaw nila na mag ina sa kaban ng bayan. Forget about the columnist above you.

  8. Jessie Corrales on

    Pnoy broke his promise again. He promised to stay in Leyte as long as the rehabilitation of the province was ongoing. Upon hearing of the14-0 SC decision, he broke his promise. Guess what his excuse was? Rehabilitation complete. Liar!

  9. the marcoses sent a boatload of relief goods. DSWD people tried to hijack the goods saying all relief good must be turned over to them, Bongbong refused and distributed these all by themselves with the help of local residents. This was done without much funfare. FYI ATTY. Saguisag.

  10. I am sure Atty. Saguisag will be in Leyte too should he be in tiptop shape. We are entitled to all our opinions… Let’s leave it that way and just do what we could in our own little way, what is important is we only want what’s best for our dear country.

  11. Mr. Saguisag, huwag mong pangunahan ang kahit sino mang tao kung ano ang gagawin niya sa kanyang sariling pera.

  12. One thing that we can’t do is to tell other people on what they should do with their money. We don’t have any right to do that. What if we all Filipinos give 10% of our income to the victims of Yolanda? That will be great, isn’t it? And problem solved.
    But it won’t happen. Only those who are willing will do so.
    I still remember the Pareto Principle that I learned in business school but applies to almost everything. And on Yolanda calamity, 20% of the people who give for the Yolanda victims will cover 80% of all donations. It’s still the 80/20 rule. It never fails.

  13. We must understand that Pacquiao’s finances are in the downswing. Gone are the days when a million dollars is peanut for him. At present, Pacquiao needs every penny to meet his over-exposed finances. Even his love and willingness to help fellow kababayan can’t be translated to quick cash.

  14. Oo nga … bakit hindi naririnig ang mga Marcoses (Imee, Bongbong, Imelda)? Akala ko… makamahirap sila? O baka… sinasadya nilang manahimik para hindi MAPAG-INITAN ni Pnoy!!!

  15. About time for the Romualdezes and Marcoses to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Spare them some of your stolen money from the Filipino people. You can easily rebuild Tacloban “just like that” if you want too. How can you spend all those bucks you have anyway? You have more than enough. You have enough cash, jewelries, expensive artworks, businesses, collection of mansions and shoes! The people of Tacloban, your kababayan, are suffering. Show them you love them and donate!

  16. Atty. Saguisag, with all due respect, what advise Pres. Cory Aquino got Re: Vice Pres. Doy Laurel’s request about Marcos’ deal to give 90 per cent of his wealth to the Filipino people in his death bed or to Enrique Zobel’s story about the Marcos’ gold.

  17. Mr. Saguisag, I suggest you have to read your papers everyday. If you do not know
    yet, Imelda Marcos was in the hospital. She did want to go to Tacloban but was
    not allowed by her doctors. Bongbong Marcos by the way is already in Leyte. I further
    suggest that you first do some factual verification of the facts before commenting
    about other people. And, what about yourself, have you done something for
    the Yolanda victims?