MAP Management Man of the Year Awardees


Nomination Process
1 Only MAP members are eligible to submit nominations.

2 A nominee need not be a MAP member.

3 To ensure a wide search of potential awardees, the MMY Search Committee, headed by the immediate past MAP President, is tasked to identify and propose nominees for the Award.

4 The nomination form or letter should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the nominee, including possible references who can help make clarifications as may be desired by the MMY Judging Committee.

5 Nominations shall be submitted to the MAP Secretariat through the prescribed nomination form or in the form of a letter signed by the MAP member.

6 The MMY Search Committee may or may not do a shortlisting of the nominees.

The MMY Search Committee will then endorse its list of nominees to the MMY Judging Committee.finalist20161213

General Criteria
Any MAP member or any other person who has exceptionally distinguished himself/herself in the practice of management over a significant period of time may be elected as “M.A.P. Management Man of the Year.”

Specific Criteria
Integrity, prestige and distinction in the business community

2 High qualities as a manager exemplified in his/her leadership, vision, decisiveness, fairness and firmness in dealing with people

3 Exceptional ability for performing his/her managerial functions under exceptional conditions, such as creating and managing a new enterprise, reorganizing and re-orienting an existing enterprise, turning around a moribund company considering the difficulties of the times

4 Active and continuous management at top level of a private business or industrial enterprise, or a government institution for a significant length of time, and in a manner highly deserving of the recognition and commendation of the MAP by reason of his/her contribution to the advancement of management as a career in the Philippines Contribution to re-shaping national values and orientation

6 Effective service and tangible contribution to nationwide professional, social, civic or charitable undertakings through personal initiative

7 The organization under his/her stewardship must have exhibited consistent exemplary performance and achieved stability under the highest standards of business ethics and practice.

8 The organization must be an entity operating in the Philippines and the business must have contributed substantially to the growth and development of the Philippine economy.

Selection Requirements
The selection of “MAP Management Man of the Year” requires the review, screening and selection by the Management Man of the Year Judging Committee; approval by the affirmative vote of the majority of the entire Board of Governors; and approval by the affirmative vote of the majority of the M.A.P. members present at a meeting called for the purpose of electing the awardee.

Judging Process
1 The MMY Judging Committee shall serve as the Board of Judges which is tasked to choose the most deserving nominee.

2 The evaluation process shall consist of two stages: (a) a preliminary evaluation that will result in the preparation of a shortlist, and (b) a final evaluation of shortlisted candidates from which a final choice is made of one or more nominees, as the MMY Judging Committee may decide.

3 The MMY Judging Committee shall review the materials submitted through the nomination process, and other information as may be obtained, on which basis it shall decide who should be on the shortlist of nominees for further and more thorough evaluation.

4 The MMY Judging Committee may write to the nominators or the shortlisted nominees to confirm the nominees’ willingness to go through the evaluation process, to request additional information as it may need for final evaluation, and to request a personal interview, if necessary, with the nominee, his/her nominator and/or the references specified in the nomination form.

5 The MMY Judging Committee may seek information or assistance from the M.A.P. Secretariat or other persons as it may feel necessary for its evaluation work.

6 The principal selection criteria for the MMY are integrity, leadership and management qualities, contribution to nation-building and values formation, effective stewardship within the confines of the highest standards of business ethics and management practice.

7 Article I Section 3.3.1 of the M.A.P. By-Laws stipulates that the selection of MMY requires the “review, screening and selection by the MMY Judging Committee.” In the past, the MMY Judging Committees have invariably sought a consensus in their decisions.

8 With the exception of the Chair and the Vice Chair, the names of the members of the MMY Judging Committee are not disclosed until the search process has been completed.

9 To ensure confidentiality in the discussions of the MMY Judging Committee, no minutes of its meetings are taken.

10 The MMY Judging Committee’s choice is presented to the M.A.P. Board of Governors for approval.

11 As stipulated by Article I Section 3.3.2 of the M.A.P. By-Laws, the election of MMY requires “approval by the affirmative vote of the majority of the entire Board of Governors.”

12 The Awardee approved by the Board of Governors will then be presented to M.A.P. members for approval during a M.A.P. general membership meeting.

13 Article I Section 3.3.3 of the M.A.P. By-Laws provides that the election of MMY requires the “approval by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members of the Association present at a meeting called for the purpose” of electing the MMY.


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