• Mar blinded by ambition – Binay


    LIBERAL Party standard bearer Mar Roxas is “blinded by his ambitions” that are pushing him to resort to discrediting and harassing others, the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay said Monday.

    “We need not state the obvious, Mr. Roxas, that you have been blinded by your ambition that you routinely disregard the rights of your adversaries, trample on the legal processes and glaringly besmirch their reputation through your yellow trolls,” Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman, said.

    Quicho said that discrediting and harassing the Vice President through allegations of corruption allegedly committed when he was still the mayor of Makati City, and the recent dismissal of Makati Mayor Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr., “does not make you [Roxas] ready for the presidency.”

    Quicho noted that although some of Roxas’ allies in the ruling party have been convicted of corruption, the former Interior secretary refused to take action.

    On the other hand, he said that Roxas was quick to implement orders when the Binays are implicated in a case.

    He noted that Roxas’ harassment of the Binay family started when he was appointed as the DILG chief.

    “Kapag hindi pabor sa kaniya, hindi sinusunod. Kapag nakuha ang gusto mula sa Ombudsman na halatang kakampi niya ay napakabilis ng pag-implement at overkill pa (If the situation does not favor him, he does not follow. If he gets what he wants from the Ombudsman who is obviously his ally, he acts swiftly),” he said.

    Since last week, the Binay camp has repeatedly accused the Aquino administration and its allies of “overkill” on the way it handled the dismissal of the Makati mayor.

    On Wednesday, the Binay camp said police authorities harassed the younger Binay when it served him the dismissal order of the Office of the Ombudsman in his home in San Antonio Village, Makati City.

    The administration and Binay’s camp have traded accusations since July, shortly after the Vice President formally severed ties with Aquino, a longtime friend and political supporter.

    Binay cut loose from the President’s official family after almost a year of being subjected to Senate inquiry regarding corruption allegations thrown at him when he was still Makati mayor.


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    1. I am for Mar Roxas for President and Leni Robredo for Vice-President, I am very much convince by Mr. Mercado, the evidenced he submitted to the Blue ribbon commitee and none was refuted by Binay, his only response to the accusation of his former vice-mayor was in the Media saying that was all lies…for Mar and Leni never I ever heard that they were accused of any corruption.

    2. Roxas can’t talk about any accomplishments as he has none, his incompetence ran every agency he headed into failure.

    3. Hindi ko malaman kong itong si Mr. QQuicho inutil o stupidong filipino. Akala niya ang mga filipinong botante kapareho niyang stupido. Mr. Quicho ang evidencia nang coruption nang amo mo maliwanag pa sa sikat nang araw. Seguro bulag ka o nag bu-bulag bulagan ka lang para ambunan kang rin nang perang ninakawan.

    4. Why this corrupt olligart always target mar. Mar did not do or comment bad words to them. Alam mo talaga ang taong may pinag aralan at tamang paglaki ng magulang. Mar is not mayabang like binay nognog at gracia llamanzares. Popular lang adopted father nya at wala naman nagawa sa senado. I vote Mar roxas as p and Leni Robredo as vp.

    5. Those who blindly put ilocanos to trash are not Filipinos! We, ilocanos are hardworkers, our parents are truly Filipino culture. Please treat all filipinos equal.

    6. I asked a taxi-driver while aboard his taxi “Sino ba ang iboboto mo sa Presidente?”
      Without hesitation he replied “Si Binay po!” Then, Iasked him again, “Bakit mo iboboto
      mo si Binay di ba sabi nila magnanakaw siya?” The Taxi-driver replied, “Magnanakaw
      naman sila lahat, si Binay marami ng ninakaw kaya busog na siya kunti na lang ang
      nanakawin niya!”

      I believed that the logic is flawed but if the perception of the taxi-driver is like that and
      so many will have the same argument, then Binay has good chance of being elected,
      Don’t you agree? Then, we have our cake and eat too!.

      Hope you like my comments.

    7. rene catalasan on

      Bernice, as a columnist why do still entertain and print this kind of hogwash?
      Just asking!

    8. lorenzo legisniana on

      All the camps are pointing to mar doing all the nonsense..ganoon ba kasama si mar?ang pagkatao nya?or sya ang kandidato na may laban??

    9. hey binachimp, shut your face old man. you ilocos trash. binay, marcos jr, marcos sr. ilocos produces nothing but chimp leaders. here’s a banana chimp

    10. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      To Binay, Binay’s lawyers as well as your blind followers, the answer for your accusations will be “Look who’stalking”. Binay’s ambition to amassed more wealth through corruption by becoming a president will be worst than the Marcos alleged regime of corruption. With the tons of documents and evidences that AMLC used to freeze the monetary assets of the Binays, Binay is the most corrupt government official in the Philippines. Why do the Binays just defend themselves by explaining to the people (as well as in courts) the billions of dollars or pesos they have accumulated as a government employees. Does your amassed wealth equal to your family’s combined salaries as government officials? The Filipino people knows the correct answer as NO. Binays greed for money (“DO NOT STEAL) has no end that they are even planning to sell the Spratly Islands to the Chinese for 30% commission. Why do the Binays have millions if not billions of dollars in Canada? To the Binays, the Filipino people are tired of your lies that all they can say to you Binays will be: “Go To Hell”. Let us keep praying to God to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    11. It is good to State the Fact of the Matter about Roxas.
      We welcome the Presidential debate. This will show more comprehensive revelations of the kind of candidates we have out there.