Mar clueless on respect for law – Binay camp


A spokesman for Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday chided Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd for not understanding and respecting the rule of law.

“The Vice President was speaking as a lawyer. The difference between graft and corruption is something clear to lawyers and those who understand and respect the law,” Rico Quicho, the Vice President’s political affairs spokesman, said.

“This is something that is lost [on former Interior]secretary Roxas and the LP administration, who do not respect the rule of law and twist the law to advance their narrow and selfish political agenda.” he added.

Roxas had reacted to the Vice President’s statement during a student forum in Negros Oriental explaining the difference between graft–which involves procedure–and corruption, which involves money.

Quicho also twitted the track record of the Aquino administration that Roxas wants to to continue if elected, saying the administration has no expertise in improving the lives of poor Filipinos.

“Its expertise is in ruining independent institutions and misusing the law against political enemies,” he said.

“[The administration] is not an expert in improving the lives of 99 percent of Filipinos,” the spokesman added.

“If you look back at the track record of the administration that Roxas wants to continue, it has failed to lift the poor from poverty, provide food and jobs for majority of Filipinos,” he said.


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