Mar now eyeing Duterte as runningmate

MArk My WOrd administration party standard bearer manuel roxas 2nd fields questions from arnel avila, program anchor of Lucena city tv-12’s ‘pagusapan natin’.

MArk My WOrd administration party standard bearer manuel roxas 2nd fields questions from arnel avila, program anchor of Lucena city tv-12’s ‘pagusapan natin’.

LUCENA CITY: Administration party standard bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd on Friday revealed he will be meeting Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to discuss the possibility of them teaming up in next year’s elections.

“Mag-uusap kami kung gusto niyang magpa-konsidera (We’ll talk and see if he wants to considered),” Roxas told a local television public affairs program.

Roxas was in this city on his last day as Secretary of the Interior and Local Government. Later in the day, he handed over the reins of the DILG to Western Samar Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento.

Duterte in a news conference last week announced that he is definitely not running for president and is retiring from politics in 2016. In an interview with TV5 on Thursday he discounted the possibility of even considering a vice presidential run, saying he doesn’t like the idea of having somebody above him.

In his interview with Arnel Avila, program anchor of “Pag-usapan Natin” aired over TV12, Roxas said the Liberal Party is also seriously considering Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo and Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos as a vice presidential candidate.

Both Robredo, widow of the Interior Secretary and good governance icon Jesse Robredo and Santos, a popular actress, had previously dismissed speculations that they’re eyeing the vice presidency.

“Of course, we will choose the leader who is principled enough and who is aligned with our campaign about honest, dedicated and focused on continuing the Tuwid na Daan advocacy,” Roxas said.

President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Roxas previously dogged pre-election survey frontrunner Sen. Grace Poe to be the administration’s candidate for vice president.

Last week, LP leaders, including party vice chairman Senate President Franklin Drilon, said it’s time for the administration party to look for other possibilities as Poe is reportedly determined to pursue the presidency.


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  1. Poor Mar, I bet you will not win unless Comelec ensure his winning thru the use of the hokus pokus machine worth of billions of pesos. Shame with Comelec too, for insisting to use the progammable election machines. Now, still the Comelec elects the candidate not the voters, umasenso nga sa election pero hindi tapat, kailan kaya tayo aasenso para sa tapat na election.? Maawa kau sa susunod na generasyon!

  2. i wish mar, together with his friend pnoy, must rest in peace on or before 2016. parang wala nang pumapatol sa inyo…pathetic.

  3. In the past Duterte’s name has been maligned and spit upon because of the many salvagings in Davao City he allegedly ordered during his term as mayor. Because of him Davao today is a safe city and reputedly has an honest local government. But all that will go down the drain if he allows himself to be manipulated by that PeNoy AbNoy clone by the name of Mar Roxas who is dreaming of become president. Duterte will consignhimself into the dustbin of history if he ever run as vice-president to Mar Roxas. The latter could not even beat Binay in the vice-presidential contest with all the resources of US imperialism at his disposal. Yes, Mar Roxas is true American puppet, more than President PeNoy AbNoy will ever be.

    Mar Roxas can only become president with the help of the rigged PCOS machines in a rigged election !!! This imperialist puppet should be deported to the US of which he is a loyal puppet !!!

  4. At the rate that nobody wanted to be Mar’s VP, in the end we should not be surprised to see a collaboration between UNA and LP with Binay as presidential candidate and Roxas as his VP.

  5. dami ko tawa.. puro palpak mga idea… lahat talaga gagawin manalo lang… kung sino sino hinihila ayaw naman pilitin ba naman… halatang mahina. palibhasa walang impressive na napatunayan kundi puro kalpalpakan. Nabigyan ng maraming chance sa ibat ibang sangay ng gobyerno pero wala naman nagawang magaleng… kaya masisi mo ba ang taong bayan??? tsk tsk tsk
    Ang sigaw ng taong bayan Du30 for President !!!

  6. Roxas was slightly ahead of Duterte according to the polls but the truth is Duterte might be even way ahead of everybody. If Duterte wasn’t inclined to be President, why would Roxas think Duterte would even consider to be his Vice President?

    Don’t have to be a genius to see that there was something, a human rights violation investigation perhaps that cause Duterte to make a U turn. Duterte knows he can’t fight that kind of power and will only end up in jail if he pursue the Presidency any further.

    Roxas did not misspoke. He is absolutely correct when he said that he and Duterte can now talk if Duterte wants to consider being his Vice President.

  7. Hay Mar, nag MUMUKHA kang KENKOY DI MO NA ALAM ANG GAGAWIN MO PARA PANSININ Ka!!! Walang gustong Somali sa iyo dahil GAGO AT TORPE KA. Ang kautak mo si Penoy Lang pareho kayong sira ulo. Kung Vice President di mo napanalo President pa? Wala ka ba talagang Utak mamas boy? Mag PAKAWALA KA nang mar among pera para sa election, pera Tng Nanay mo Huwag naman pera ng Bayan. ALIS DYAN! NOW NA!!! Pampangulo Ka Lang. Kumanta Ka na lang ng KORINA KORINA BAKA SUMIKAT KA PA.

  8. Shame on you Mar Roxas, begging for someone to pair with you. Have you considered Racuyal Pascual or Mickey Mouse as your tandem? You have no principles you are so desperate to get to Malacanang you seem to be on your knees for anyone8, no one with a bit of scrupulous wants to join a man with no originality or foresight, give it up you are a loser. You lost your chance when you went on with Penoy and did nothing on the Yolanda and Mamasapano incident. Naka dikit ang dila mo Kay Penoy wala kang originality SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. KAPAL MUKHA MO.

  9. Bobski Natividad on

    Dutarte would we a good choice, Mindanao and the Bisayan would be well represented. A tough talking high gov’t official is what we need to descipline those crooks in the gov’t. here is somebody who could implement RA 9485 that has long being ignored by gov’t employees under Pnoy.

  10. Style mo bulok Mar.

    Si Duterte pa ang lalabas na may gusto maikonsidera mo sa VP. Parang baligtad. Kaya bagsak ang rating mo, laging gusto mo ay nasa ibabaw ka lagi.

  11. “Of course, we will choose the leader who is principled enough and who is aligned with our campaign about honest, dedicated and focused on continuing the Tuwid na Daan advocacy,” Roxas said.

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    Roxas showed none of those traits during the past 5 years. His incompetent management of every agency he headed was on display for the entire world at Tacloban after Typhoon Yolanda.

    Roxas allowed Aquino to abandon the SAF 44 opting to finish his lunch and tour with Aquino and professing no knowledge of the events when questioned.

    Tuwid na Daan – Isn’t that where the president gives all the corrupt senators and house rep’s billions of peso’s so they can give it to fake companies and get kickbacks ?

    Isn’t that also where the president pays billions for votes to impeach a chief justice ?

    Isn’t that where the president cancels projects and takes the money, makes a DAP fund and does who knows what with the money since no audit is allowed ?

    Isn’t that also leaving over a hundred thousand people still living in tents 2 years after typhoon Yolanda ?

    Isn’t that where the government fails to pass the freedom of information law and the anti dynasty law ?

    Isn’t that where corruption, unemployment and poverty increase while the government claims the opposite.

    6 more years of that ?