Mar Roxas: I don’t want to be your president


THAT is the only message we can draw from Mar Roxas’ disappointing remarks on Monday, in which he confirmed that he fully supports President BS Aquino 3rd’s ignorant, anti-people rejection of broad-based calls to reduce income taxes.

Roxas even adopted his mentor’s annoying habit of trying to belittle a contrary position by asking mawkishly sarcastic questions. In the process he accused supporters of tax reform of “grandstanding.”

“What are the programs that will be sacrificed [if income taxes are reduced]?” Roxas asked. “How many youths will not have their classrooms? How many of our countrymen will not benefit from PhilHealth? How many will be slashed from the 4Ps [the Conditional Cash Transfer dole-out program]?”

Answer would be ZERO
For your information, Mr. Former Interior Secretary, the answer to those questions–if you had the best interests of our country at heart, if you had a sincere desire to convince the people that you are both qualified and worthy to lead them, if you had learned enough public finance policy from your studies–would be NONE. Because those questions are beyond absurd.

The estimated dip in government revenue due to an overhaul of the income tax system is about P30 billion per year. That is just a little less than one percent of next year’s P3.002 trillion national budget, and about 0.23 percent of GDP. Even if the overall improvement in individuals’ and businesses’ financial circumstances and spending power contributed precisely nothing in terms of larger VAT, tariff, and excise tax revenues – which they most certainly would – any minimally-competent executive would be able to successfully manage such a minor reduction in funding without compromising performance.

The call to reduce taxes has been repeatedly endorsed by every major business group in the country, and just last week no fewer than 18 such organizations issued a collective statement pointing out that the move would improve the competitiveness of Philippine business and its workforce, improve tax collection and compliance, and increase revenues by broadening the tax base and increasing the total amount earned through consumption taxes due to increased purchasing power. Support for tax reform is virtually unanimous in both houses of Congress, even among the most dedicated allies of the President. At this point, there is likely no one capable of rational thought among the 100 million-plus Filipino public who would agree that keeping an outdated, inefficient system featuring regressively high tax rates is the best thing for the country.

Dead wrong on tax reform
The President is dead wrong on tax reform, and by blindly adhering to the same ill-considered and unsympathetic position, so is Mr. Roxas.

This is perhaps why, among all of us Filipinos, he alone seems to be mystified that he remains unpopular despite having the advantages of being a scion of two influential families, a reasonably respectable political resume, and the full weight of the incumbent administration behind him. Support for tax reform has become a prerequisite to be considered for the presidency. If Mar Roxas cannot grasp that reality rather quickly, he should not be surprised to find himself still unemployed come next May.


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  1. We cannot expect anything good from roxas aquino and the entire LP machinery. Every time they often their nothing comes out but lies lies and more lies. This administration have done nothing to serve the people’s interest and must be totally voted out.

  2. eltee mulawin on

    Ang tanong ni Mr. Mar Roxas……
    1). What are the programs that will be sacrificed [if income taxes are reduced]?”
    2). How many youths will not have their classrooms?
    3). How many of our countrymen will not benefit from PhilHealth?
    4). How many will be slashed from the 4Ps [the Conditional Cash Transfer dole-out program]?”

    Sagot ng mga karamihan…Mr. Mar. Roxas.
    1). What programs do this administration is talking about ? This 2016
    elections ? What have you done in Leyte, Samar, OFWs?
    2). From mid 2010 till this month Oct. 2016, how many class rooms or schools have had completed built?
    3). Disclosed in public how many people and how much did the received from the alloted budgets in 2012, 2013, 2014?
    4). Why you so very worried to that CCT dole-out fund? Which is the fact that CCT was generally if not all, are same and it is just a renamed or rehabilitated illegal and unconstitutional DAP fund.


  3. This blubber-mouth-low-iq has no to a government position.. he is FAKE.. foul-mouthed.. and creates divisiveness. Delusional just like his retard mentor.

  4. Mar Roxas is not the kind of leader we want to lead our nation. We should collectively junk his ambition, by May 2016 presidential election ” NO” to MAR ROXAS + LP BETS.. Yes to RODY DUTERTE.

  5. Kung wala na o kakaunti na ang mga corrupt na manunungkulan kahit ibaba ang tax marami pa ring maitatyong mga eskuwelahan, mga pampublikong ospital at marami pang iba.

    Pero kung maraming mga maibobotong muli na uupo sa gobyerno….. kahit malunod pa sa lalim at taas ng tax ang ipapataw sa mamamayan, wala pa ring maitatayong mga eskuwelahan at mga pampublikong establisiyemiento. Kasi kahit sa taas na ng tax sa mamamayan ng Pilipinas, walang natitira dahil winawaldas lamang ito sa walang kabuluhan. Isa na diyan ang imbestigasyon ng senado sa sinasabing corrupt na mga Binay, diyan ginagastos nina Trillanes, Pimentel ang pera ng bayan. Kung hahayaan na lamang sana nila ang kaso sa Korte malaki ang matitipid sa kaban ng bayan.

    Marami na ngang corrupt, mali pa ang paggamit sa pondo ng bayan kahit elementarya lang ang naabot ng isang tao kung kukuwentahin talagang walang matitira, mauubos lang. SAYANG. Help us Lord.

  6. Wala ba talaga siyang sariling utak. Bakit di mo sabihin (gawain) ang iyong nalalaman. Bakit gagawin mo yoong palpak na ginawa ni Penoy.

    Nasaan ang iyong pinagaralan at kaalaman. Di ka naman bobo.

  7. I am with the Tax/Zakat dept of a big conglomerate here in KSA, with operations in other countries. My work give me great insights on the innards of taxation/Zakat of other countries. Comparing the “taxable/zakatable income” calculation dynamics with countries I have visited, I find RP has ambiguous protocols and higher rates. I just wonder the truthfulness of the reported influx of foreign investors to RP as heralded with pride by the gov’t. On one sojourn to a European country as part of my Tax impact assessment job,, I directly asked one of the propective project joint venture proponent..would he be willing to invest in RP and the first thing he asked was the professionalism of RP tax collecting agency (BIR).. and that was the end of my sales pitching for RP. RP high Tax Rates plus unprofessional tax agency vis a vis the gov’t trumpetting of robust influx of foreign investors is very hard to reconcile. Along the line there maybe some numbers misclassified or even massaged to arrive at very appealing numbers for FDI…this is my worry and among others about Gov’t achievement and efficiency numbers..are they really true?


  9. Hindi ako sasama sa daang matuwid kung hindi naman sa tamang direksyon ang pupuntahan.. Ok lang na may liku-liko minsan o ma-traffic ng konti , dahil yun naman ang realidad ng kalsada,…basta lang tamang direksyon ang pupuntahan. Zero vote from me.

  10. Bakit kaya wala ni isang pangulo ng Pilipinas ang nagugustuhan ng maraming Pilipino. Kahit ang ibinoto nilang pangulo ay inaayawan nila sa paglipas ng panahon. Lahat ng ginawa ng kanilang pangulo ay mali sa kanilang paningin. Labis kaya nilang inaasa ang kanilang kapalaran sa pangulo? Kaya kung bigo sila sa buhay ang pangulo ang binabato nila. O kaya naman sadyang ayaw ng maraming Pilipino ang bumanat ng buto. Sabi ni John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your government can do for you, but ask what you can do for your government.” Huwag magalit, nagtatanong lang po!

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Nasabi ni Kennedy yun dahil ang mga Amerkano ay mga busog at malalakas at may pinagkukunan. Nasasalamin ng mga mamamayan bilang panuntunan ang mga namumuno na una munang iniisip ang pagyamanin ang America bilang mga lingkod-bayan bago ang kanilang sarili dahil sa ganang kanila bilang namumuno ay “If you act & contribute to the welfare of your country, your country will give back to its citizenry”. Dito sa Pilipinas sa ngayon ay mas maraming di-hamak ang mga kumain-dili na katulad ko, walang mapagkukunan at kapos sa oportunidad dala ng pangungurakot at kawalang malasakit ng mga tao sa gobyerno sa kapakanan ng Inang Bayan at sa nakararaming dukha at dusta. Kung kumukulo ang tiyan, mahina at hapis, ay papaano mong sasabihin sa mga kumain-diling mga mamamayan ang “…Ask… what you can do for your country”?! That would be cruel, so cruel !!!

    • OFW kami and we support daang matuwid. Philippine economy is now enjoying
      The reputation of aggressive economy. My company is planning to set up business in the Philippines because of this factor. You may say marami pa ring mahirap as pinas maybe you were right but don’t you think madami ding tamad.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Hindi na nila inisip na lugami at sadlak sa dusa at pighati ang Inang Bayan. Kung ano ang itinanim nila ay ganun din ang aanihin nila… “If your country is happy, so will you be”… Kaming mga kumain-diling nakararami ay DUMARAING SA KAWALANG PAG-ASA AT KALUNGKUTAN, kung kayat ano nga ba ang aming maibibigay sa kanila sa kanilang pangangailangan sa halalan nitong Mayo 2016 kundi kung anong meron lang kami, na walang iba kundi ang bigay nila sa aming mga kumain-dili — WALANG PAG-ASA AT KALUNGKUTAN para sa kanilang kandidatura…

  11. isidro c. valencia on

    NANINIWALA SI PIGNOY kay MAR umi because of CONJUGAL PRESIDENCY (P-Noy and First Person MAR umi Roxas Ahas).

    Day One when PIGNOY assumed the presidency, MAR umi was already on his lap (pun intended). Mas matindi pa si MAR umi kay Former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Kung ano ang sabihin nia sa kanyang partner (PIGNOY) yon ang masusunod.

    WHY o WHY Jessie Robredo was not CONFIRMED as Secretary of DILG?

    Simple. MAR umi Roxas Ahas was interested to be the Secretary of Inferior and Local Bad Governance.

    MAR umi in collaboration with DRILO OINK, and PIGNOY’s pitik maneuvered, dictated Commission on Appointments not to confirm Jessie’s appointment. It was a CONJUGAL PRESIDENCY (P-Noy and First Person Marumi Roxas)’s dirty tactic.

    Why o Why MAR umi immediately went to accident area after the plane crush?

    Why o Why only after nine months after the accident, the gadget to determine exact location of place beefed and found in Pangasinan?

    And to make it subtle, the CONJUGAL PRESIDENCY offered the Vice Presidency to Leni Robredo? Adding salt to injury?

    “Ako si MAR mi Roxas Ahas. Tinatangap ko ang hamon ng DAANG PALPAK, GANID AT MANHID. Ang paglago ng ating ekonomya ay para sa MAYAYAMAN LAMANG. WALA NAMANG BUWIS GALING SA MAHIHIRAP, KAYA BAHALA SILA SA BUHAY NILA.”

  12. KORINA SANCHEZ becoming the Phils. First Lady? The biggest joke in Phil. History… BWUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

  13. brace yourself mar roxas. even if i do not live there, i would have wanted to see you putting on noynoy’s shoes, u are more than qualified, honest, an economics graduate, and have high values unlike the trapos na makapal and u called a spade no matter who, no matter what 0 when you criticised noynoy for keeping you in the dark during the mamasampano incident, he did not trust you enough than purisima, and i hate to see that when he steps down will be lawsuits for him on this. god bless you and korina

  14. Our tax rate is the highest in Asia yet our collection is only 12.3% of GDP (2011 ADB report), so policy makers on taxation and finance, you know all about this. What is the real problem? Mar is only showing how dim-witted he is with his seemingly magnanimous stand on taxes. Wow, hiyang-hiya naman ako.

  15. we are 100M and yet singapore only have 5 million but those who are earning PHP660,000 a year don’t pay tax at all. Tayo yearly earning less than 40,000 moron pang tax.. kawawa na naan tau sobra samantalang mga businesses nde naan nag babayad ng tamang buwis.. Mawawalang na kc sila ng gagatasan para sa bulsa nila

  16. it is not far fetched that after the 2016 elections when mar realizes that his canine devotion to noynoy had pulled him down instead of helping him, he would shoot noynoy after a highly chargerd emotional confrontation! what a tragic story of “friendship” and wasted efforts.

  17. It seems both Mar Roxas and PNoy have one thing in common, they are not concerned about the people’s welfare, The Presidency is very addictive that those who are not qualified, heartless and devious wanted it more than those who are qualified. Woe to those people!

    • funny coincidence is they both studied in the same school. boy sisi even majored in economics while the boy pickup went to graduate school called wharton, a very prestigious school if i may say so. both forgot the so called MULTIPLIER EFFECT economic principle. in this case by reducing the tax burden of the low and middle income group, aside from redistributing the economic gain benefit, the additional funds in their hands will be spent for food, clothing and durables thus earning the gov’t vat from point of sale. the malls, whose owners are cronies of boy sisi and boy pickup, would enjoy higher sales and thus order more produce from manufacturers thus increasing demand for products etc etc etc.

  18. The President BS Aquino III and his bosom buddy Mar Roxas is never right. They represent what is all wrong in our society.

    • Natalo na nga siya ni Binay dati. (I’m not for Binay) Humiliated himself during CNN interview and I really don’t know what he has accomplished. So far, I am choosing between him or should I go for Duterte kaso nung biglang itinambal siya kay Bongbong nakaka raised ng eyebrows (I really don’t know kung taong bayan lang ang gumawa nun o galing din sa supporters nya…pero kung wala talaga siyang pera- si bongbong may makinarya)….lesser evil at least may balls…kaso un nga sa dami ng balls, andami ding chicks kya malamang may binubulsa din para sa mga chicks at least may action.

      Going back to Mar, I really don’t know if he has what it takes. He couldn’t even commit and have his own family just like Pinoy not until he had his target on the Presidency…Nagpakasal pa kay Korina parang strategy lang ni Chiz. He said he will continue the “daang matuwid”….

      I don’t think the Daang Matuwid is really matuwid. Mayroong kinikilingan ang daang bumabaluktot kapag kapatid, kaibigan, kumpare. What happened to the recent sugar smuggling? Ano ba ang parusa sa smuggling? May video na nga eh. Nasan si DOJ superwoman na soon to be senatoriable na mahilig pumapel. Anyare sa laban nila sa INC???

      He even marketed himself as Mr. Palengke, simply because they own a palengke. Poor Libredo, the guy who passed away…. he would have taken my vote….not his wife please. Filipino fall for the same story….and strategy.

      Hirap mamili kahit kay Duterte nakakatakot din kasi baka pag siya na ang binangga…mass killing din pero at least Davao is impressive.

      And I go for federalism, we just have to choose the leader that wants to serve. I’ll wait for the president na makakapag pabuti ng EDSA. Anyways, whoever wins… and if ever si Mar man yon….And sana wag naman Mr. Palengke nya imarket ang sarili kundi ung nagawa nya sa bayan and ung specific na alam nyang magagawa pa nya. Kung sino man ang Makakapag-implement ng transparency in leadership at maisasabatas ito, those leaders deserve a second term. Kaysa puro Aldub Aldub,at pastillas at mga mistresses lang ang mga palabas, sana magkaroon din ng programa mula sa Pamahalaan kung saan maiiaahin ng mamayan ang kanilang pangangailangan at ibobroadcast at irereport din ang nagawa ng kanilang leader at (TAKE NOTE) ng mga mamamayan upang masolusyonan ang mga pangangailangan.

  19. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

    Robot yata itong si mar roxas ni penoy.
    “If Mar Roxas cannot grasp that reality rather quickly, he should not be surprised to find himself still unemployed come next May.” – HINDI BAGAY KAY MARimar Roxas ANG PRESIDENTE. Puede siyang mag padyak na lang ng tricycle; magbuhat ng sibuyas sa palengke; mag-trapik; pero mas bagay sa kanya ang MAGKULOT na lang ng buhok. Mar Roxas – BOY PARLOR.

  20. He probably believes all those surveys that says Aquino is still popular despite all his incompetence and anti-people stance on issues that are near to the taxpaying public’s heart. Pls, Mar, continue cloning Aquino and pls keep repeating daang matuwid in every sentence you utter because that’s gonna win votes…not!

  21. Reduced income tax rates would mean a proportionate reduction in the public money available for corruption. The Aquino government including Roxas, whose main weapon of persuasion is bribery using public money, is opposed to that. How can Roxas win the presidency with a reduced bribe money from the treasury? This is the main reason Pnoy and Roxas are vehemently opposing reducing income tax rates even if a lot of poor people would benefit from it. To the poor voters of the country, please remember that Roxas is not pro-poor.

  22. “What are the programs that will be sacrificed [if income taxes are reduced]?” Roxas asked. “How many youths will not have their classrooms? How many of our countrymen will not benefit from PhilHealth? How many will be slashed from the 4Ps [the Conditional Cash Transfer dole-out program]?” – Roxas

    “And do you have any idea how expensive it is to bribe Congress to do the Palace bidding? Those who clamor to rationalize our country’s taxation, to alleviate the suffering of the majority, is detached from reality that we in power have always been trussed up by the bludgeoned taxpayers.

    “Sanay na naman sa hirap ang mga hirap. So, why rock the boat? Can they [taxpayers] really be mustered to vote for leaders who are genuinely concerned about their welfare and well-being? History has proven, we the ruling class will always rule as we please.”

  23. Had he not realized that foregoing some taxes can help the economy. People will have more to spend contributing to increase of consumption and in turn increase of collection of VAT. So the policy can pay for itself for a year or so.

    • Pag sinabi ni Abnoy ,sit!,,,susunod yan,makikialam pa si *czarina*,bumper lips ng channel 2,,tapos ang pinoy! Tsk tsk