Mar Roxas is Kompre’s organizer and puppet master


    The gall of President Aquino and his cohorts to think that they can fool the nation so easily.

    To create a false picture that Mr. Aquino still has civil society support, it set up a pseudo-association, the “Koalisyon ng Mamamayan Para sa Reporma” (Kompre), launched on the day of the demonstration of the anti-pork barrel movement, which is an authentic groundswell of protest against this administration.

    It wasn’t only convenor Karina Constantino-David, as I reported Wednesday, who is a highly paid official of this administration, making about P2.6 million a year as board member of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

    The second of Kompre’s two convenors, Alberto Lim, has been a board member of a government firm, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), since late 2011 right after he stepped down as secretary of the Department of Tourism in August 2011.

    While Lim claims he resigned “to spend more time” with his family, insiders said he was asked to resign because of his pig-headedness when he insisted on launching a new tourism international tourism logo with the slogan “Kay Ganda ng Pilipinas,” which turned out to be a copy of Poland’s marketing line.

    Earning their keep: ‘Kompre’ convenors Karina Constantino-David and Alberto Lim claiming they are not pro-Aquino but pro-reforms. They are among the highest paid Aquino officials. Inset: Reportedly the puppet master Roxas. (*Average annual 2012-2013. Source: COA)

    Earning their keep: ‘Kompre’ convenors Karina Constantino-David and Alberto Lim claiming they are not pro-Aquino but pro-reforms. They are among the highest paid Aquino officials. Inset: Reportedly the puppet master Roxas. (*Average annual 2012-2013. Source: COA)

    But Lim should be very grateful to his detractors for helping him get kicked out of the DOT. His job as board director at DBP is so much more lucrative, giving him a generous income averaging P2.3 million annually. Other than his board directorship at DBP, he is also a board member of DBP Leasing and DBP Data (to which he presumably also gets some compensation).

    Like David in the case of her GSIS board seat, Lim had not disclosed his board directorship in a government firm in his media interviews, and was identified only as “former tourism secretary.”

    Of course they wouldn’t volunteer this information, as it would expose their hypocrisy that they’re in Kompre not for their civic-mindedness, but because they have to pay back their patrons. Most probably, Roxas ordered them to attend and reminded them that they have to earn their keep.

    There is one thing in common between David and Lim, other than they’re both earning millions of pesos from taxpayers’ money as board directors in two profitable state firms.

    My sources told me that in Aquino’s camp, the two are known to be Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas’ “people.” David, in fact, is Mar’s cousin through her mother Leticia Roxas. On the other hand, Roxas recommended Lim to his post as tourism secretary.

    After Lim’s grand failure at the DOT, Roxas asked Aquino to appoint his “tao” (his lackey) as DBP board member, telling the President that Lim would be doing other “tasks” outside the bank.

    I was told that the real convenor of Kompre aren’t David and Lim. It is forever-hopeful presidential aspirant Mar Roxas. Unfortunately for him, he has been unable to get other Aquino forces behind the idea of Kompre, particularly the so-called “Samar faction” led by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa.

    Because of this, Roxas has started to blame the “Samar faction” for the sparse attendance at the Kompre launching. In fact, Roxas had to bus into the assembly at the Ateneo members of the “Araneta Farmers Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association” to provide warm (but ultimately clueless) bodies.

    A joke about “Kompre” has already been circulating, that it’s a perfect name for this fake group, as it sounds like the Spanish “compre”, or “I bought,” referring to the mercenaries who lend a human face to the group’s identity. Another is that it should be called “Kompro,” for “Koalition ng mga Mamamayan para kay Roxas. “

    A moping President
    Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional, rumors have been buzzing in coffee shops and cocktail lounges about the president’s currently delicate mental and emotional state, confirming what many perceive as his shaky psychological foundations.

    I have heard the following account from friends who move in totally different circles, which bolsters its veracity.

    In a recent Cabinet meeting, Aquino asked why there were few, even those in the hall, wearing his yellow-ribbon symbol when he had asked people to do so in his recent speech.

    After an embarrassing silence in the room, Aquino remarked: “Ayaw na yata ng tao sa akin e magre-resign na ako.” (Maybe people don’t want me anymore, so I’ll resign.) Then he stood up and walked out of the room. A Cabinet member — Ochoa or Jose Almendras, the reports vary — in panic followed him out, and after a few minutes they returned to the room as if nothing happened.

    This story had actually spread quite a bit as the Cabinet meeting wasn’t an executive session, which means aides of Cabinet secretaries had witnessed it and later told their officemates, friends, and family about the incident. Later on, presidential spokesperson Coloma had to tell the media that the president was only “joking” about asking people to wear a yellow ribbon.

    Meanwhile, Aquino was advised to float the idea that he will work for a second term in order to counter this dangerous talk that he was peeved at the people’s lack of support and that he wanted to resign.

    Two separate sources also confirm this story of Aquino becoming so depressed with the fall of his approval ratings, as reported by his in-house pollsters, with numbers that are even worse than the publicly released findings of the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia. He has reportedly taken to moping and sleeping over at his sister Ballsy’s residence and not doing any work. In fact from August 19 to 24, or six days, except for his visit to his parents’ graves, he had not scheduled any work or meeting.

    For the ‘funds’ of it
    Many were surprised that the three impeachment complaints were approved as “sufficient in form” by the House of Representatives Committee on Justice, when most of its 55 members were seen as Aquino allies, even total lackeys. There are two explanations, other than a tectonic shift in their support of Aquino, which is unlikely to occur as long as the President has pork-barrel funds to dispose of, and he still does.

    First, the committee, especially its chair Rep. Niel Tupas, a protege of Liberal Party president and Senate President Franklin Drilon, intends to show that it is not Aquino’s tool and would not allow technicalities to stand in the way of truth.

    When it deliberates on whether the complaints are sufficient in substance, that’s when the impeachment bid would be dismissed. Thus, they would be able portray a false picture that the complaints were given due course, but were baseless.

    A second explanation is that members of Congress are desperate for more money, as the 2016 election is just 20 months away. They would want to squeeze as much money from the administration as they can, which can be done only if Aquino is threatened to be impeached. To borrow the jest politicians use in explaining why they run even if they don’t expect to win, this impeachment process will be for the “funds of it.”

    This explanation is quite credible since the 2015 budget has nearly the exact amounts of pork barrel as in the past two years. Yet, it was deviously designed by Budget Secretary Florencio Abad in a way that he hopes he can argue that it doesn’t defy the Supreme Court’s ruling that the pork-barrel system is unconstitutional. I will explain this on Monday.

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    1. As a foreigner who is a long time resident of the Philippines I will give my perspective. I am perplexed by politics here. Your political campaigns seem to be about nothing more that personality, a popularity contest. I can find nothing about policy. Yes, American (and other) politics also has its popularity component but politicians run on, and people vote on policy. As a liberal who is pro choice, pro equality, pro social safety net I know clear to vote Democrat and not Republican. I don’t see that here. Honestly the press is a BIG part of the problem. They report scandal but rarely discus issues, this article being a case in point.

    2. This reminds me when President Ferdinand Marcos called for “SNAP ELECTION” and the KBL forced him to run again even if they know that the President is physically not fit to run because at that time Marcos is ill.

      The KBL people wanted him to run again and make him by “hook or by crook”. What happened after the elections – NATULUYAN NA.

      To the Yellow Guys, this should give them a lesson. Do not force President BS Aquino to run. The problem is – the Yellow Guys wants the PRESIDENT TO BE PRESIDENT AGAIN AFTER 2016 TO SAVE THEMSELVES – NOT THE PRESIDENT.

      To what I heard during the campaign of that SNAP ELECTIONS ay napapaehi na sa pantalon niya si Presidente Marcos habang nagtatalumpati siya intablado. What is abominable is that the KBL’s put some sort of a pedestal between the legs of President Marcos to make him appeared standing, otherwise Marcos will collapse.



    3. What’s wrong with this Mr. Tiglao? You and others have done the same. We are a democratic country. There is yellow, red, blue and pink parties. Our society thrives on democratic form of government like India and USA. Regardless who organized the Kompre is not the issue. It is obvious that the group will counter the oppostion and we know all these. The issue is we have many corrupt officials and let us allow the adminstration who has 2 more years to clean up the government. I am sure the next administration will have their chances and opportunities to show to the Filipinos whether they have demonstrated good governance. I like all the comments and it is healthy sign of democracy.

    4. Dodols G. Amon on

      I would like to echo Mr. Alejo Rosete’s comment. Mga YELLOWISTAS – Allow your Lord and Master to “CUT AND CUT CLEAN.” Pag natuluyan yan, Cargo de Consiencia pa ninyo. Sige kayo !!!

    5. I have this high respect for Randy David for his deep analysis of news and events of for their social value. Lately though, I have noticed that the old Randy has somehow shifted gears. Now, do or should I continue to maintain those respect for the guy? Those in the NGO community have this favorite term: co-optation. The same holds true with his wife Karina. The least that they could have done was maintain silence or low profile and shun publicity… after all, they’re aldready freely enjoying the fruits of their labor.

      • Now you know that people change their loyalty based on their interest. Let’s grow up! Would you not do the same? Let’s not be hypocrite.

    6. Saan pa kaya humuhugot ng Lakas si Pnoy para sabihin mahal pa siya ng tao except his Cabinet members. Mar Roxas would a good service to Pnoy if will announce now that he will not run for president in 2016. It is about time for Mar to realize that the presidency is not for him forever.

    7. This desperate PeNoy’s less than two years administration is bound to fail as they do not know what to do even as their spokespersons would give contradicting statements as PeNoy would make and act differently too. He was even telling us that comes July 01, 2015 ang ibabanner daw ni PeNoy ay kalayaan. Tama! He is worried that he and aBAD will be jailed after their term. Poor guys.

    8. Tita Boluso-Rimando on

      with a leader that’s more looney than daffy duck, yeah, it’s “more funds in the philippines” ;-) everyone’s working for his own targeted political post. can’t really tell who’s doing the right thing anymore. can someone step in and be the leader we so badly need? where is that person?

    9. Aquino is now afflicted with Compulsive-Obsessive Personality Disorder (COPD). The medical COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is caused by smoking; on the other hand, this Aquino affliction is caused by the pressures of daily life and is usually self-treated by chain smoking. In no time this will become a medical COPD when he steps down from office.

    10. I enjoy reading the columns you write telling the full truth about the half-truths and lies we have all heard. Keep up the good work in telling us the full story and the behind the scene actions.

    11. Chief Executive on

      Kaya one time when Jumilla was interviewing Mar; narinig kong sinabi niya and I quote: ” tumutoo kami sa Bayan!” Buwisit, sobrang kapal! Walang pag-asang magbago ang mga walanghiya. Palibhasa mga magnanakaw! Galit kay Gloria dahil nagnakaw (totoo naman!) pero kaya pala galit para pumalit.

    12. wala talagang gimik si mar na hindi lumagapak. pcos na lang talaga ang pagasa nya kung hindi sya natatakot sa backlash ng pcos magic. sa tingin ko kahit sa kanya ang pcos magic machine, kung hindi talaga tataas ang kanyang ratings e hindi magagamit ang pcos magic machine dahil magiging obvious na dayaan ang nangyari.

    13. Wala mahina talaga ang utak nitong si p-noy kung magreresign siya si Binay ang magiging pangulo isa pang corrupt.Dapat sa kanya tapusin niya ang kanyang termino tapos tuloy siya sa hospital o house arrest.Pagdating naman kay roxas malayong manalo yan sa susunod na election kahit na barangay konsehal hindi siya mananalo.

    14. Moping means brooding or sulking and its a condition that could lead to depression! What do you think?

    15. kompre – koalisyon ng mamamayan pera sa reporma.
      with or without kompre, mar is dead politically;
      noykapon remains on a straight path to jail;
      that should explain his recent psycho attacks.

    16. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The Filipino people should not be surprised if the Tupas committee also rule that the 3 impeachment complaints are “sufficient in substance” and refer the to the plenary session for debate to enable our (dis)Honorable (T)Congressmen to display the oratorical skills that they believe they possess (which include their unabashed capacity to murder the English language) but in the end, by majority vote, “kill” the complaints. All “for the fund” of it.

      • Atty. Oliveros: This is a scenario that cannot be discounted. Don’t worry. The people are keenly watching. And those Tonggressmen will have their deserved comeuppance from the voters.

    17. Samuel Santos on

      PNoy’s “Tune for the Day”:

      “Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
      Pretending that I’m doing well
      My need is such I pretend too much
      I’m lonely but no one can tell.”

    18. This neither here nor there presidential wannabe will never give up exposing his hopelessness and frustration, will he? His frustration with his lack of acceptance by the people shows in his lackluster efforts at retaining the favor of te Abnoy. Can’t he just accept that the people do not like him; and that he will never become president of this country.

      I can’t help feeling sorry for him because he might have been president in 2010 had he not given way to the Abnoy But then perhaps, it’s just as well because we can’t have an easily irritated president cussing his way through his presidential term.

    19. Another excellent narrative of Mr. Tiglao and more importantly, an excellent analysis only a Tigalao can do. Actually, nowhere man PNoy’s mental state and acumen have been very suspicious and questionable even during the campaign period especially in the aggressive manner he attacked the past administration of Gloria Arroyo. And let us not forget that no less than his enemy, now a rabid ally, Alan Peter Cayetano mentioned a psychological examination report about PNoy’s mental state before they became bff.

    20. Thank you Ambassador Tiglao for the INFORMATION.



      it is too late. Payagan na ninyo mag resign.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Oo nga naman for his and his family’s sake payagan na natin yon gusto nyang mangyari. Hirap nga lang lahat ng nakikinabang sa kanya saan mapupunta? Pagpalain tayo ng Panginoon.

    21. We have the highest paid liars in the world..it can only happen in the Philippines.kapal muk..s.

      • tuwing nababasa ko ang laki ng kinikita ng mga kkk at yellow cultists sa gobierno ay nakakapang lata ng katawan. imagine mo na kayod ka ng kayod para mabuhay tapos kakaltasan ka ng mataas na buwis tapos wawaldasin lang ng mga pulitiko ang buwis at ibibgay na sweldo sa mga kkk at yellow cultists na ang trabaho ay hindi para sa bayan kundi para kay aquino. ang sakit nuon, hindi ba?