• Mar to turncoats: Come clean now


    LIBERAL Party (LP) presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd has dared possible turncoats to come clean now that the Supreme Court has allowed Sen. Grace Poe to run for President in the May 2016 polls.

    Roxas, who still trails Poe by seven percentage points in the latest Pulse Asia survey released on Wednesday (19 percent to 26 percent), made the challenge when asked if he is expecting to lose allies to the more popular Poe.

    “To those who seek to jump ship, thank you very much. It is better that they jump ship out in the open, rather than hide in the shadows only to stab my back,” the former Interior secretary told reporters.

    “What is meant to happen will happen, so it is better that they tell it to me straight [now],” Roxas said.

    Deputy Speaker Giorgidi Aggabao of Isabela, also Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) president, earlier said a Poe victory in the Supreme Court will virtually finish the race for President, with the senator emerging as the winner.

    Roxas, however, is not splitting his hair over possible turncoatism, a fixture in Philippine politics.

    “That’s speculation. Let’s just wait if there will really be turncoats. How do you respond to speculation? Nameless. Like who? I’d like to focus on presenting my programs of government,” he said.

    During the 2010 polls, then-Lakas stalwart and Albay Gov. Joey Salceda campaigned for then-administration candidate and ex-Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro.

    At the last minute, however, Salceda threw his support behind race frontrunner and then-Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd.


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    1. But Grace Poe is not fit to be President…she has no experience, she is only being used by the powerful moneyed enemy of the common people. Grace Poe will not function as president ….she will just be wind up doll like Barbie doll and Francis Escudero will be her Ken…they will be just smiling and giggling but nothing inside their head but the peso sign pouring to their love of luxury and wannabes high society.

    2. Amelie Reyes on

      Mar Royas, this is called Karma. You looted the government funds and resources to fund your campaign, destroyed the reputation of your opponent and this is where it gets you.

    3. ok na yon maglabasan at magpakilala ng husto .
      at least pagnanalo alam niya kung sino ang tunay na kakampi at tunay
      na tutulong sa mga problema kahaharapin.

    4. Hey Mar,
      How about you come clean detailing all the corruption in the Liberal Party ?
      How about a detailed report on the SAF 44 massacre and why you didn’t lift a finger to help them ?

    5. Then fine give her father JUSTICE na matagal na nilang gustong makamit…May impeachment naman only in the Philippines, kapag ayaw nila pwede namang patalsikin hindi ba….

    6. The best thing Marimar can do is to quit the race and support Binay or Duterte for president and Bongbong for vice president to make even to Pinoy kalbo, anyway he’s a loser!

    7. To Mar, you made a lot of wrong moves. Delay in MRT , being buddies to Abaya, infuriating the seniors on the SSS benefits increase. This will all count during election day. You will lose for sure.

      • The SSS VETO is one of the nails in your crucifixion. That’s stabbing the senior citizens at their back. Turncoatism will never do you anything bad. You’re losing anyway.

    8. Tama ang sinabi ni Mar, maaga pa lang ay lumipat na ang mga gusto lumipat para naman hindi siya umaasa na siya talaga ang sinusuportahan. Salamat sa mga lumipat para suportahan si Grace Poe dahil good choice yan. Tama ang pinili niyo at tama ang pamato niyo.

    9. Natalia Salvacion on

      mar roxas, wala ng epekto yan, magkita nalang kayo ni senator poe sa election. kung ako sayo mar accept mo nalang na mahal ng masang pilipino si senator poe.