• Marawi delays visa-free entry to Taiwan


    Scheduled implementation of visa-free entry to Taiwan (Republic of China) in September might be postponed once again because of the Marawi crisis, among other reasons.

    In a statement, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines on Monday said it is addressing some administrative and inter-agency procedures and relevant mechanisms including the security check-list and would announce the actual date of the implementation once it completed the process.

    Taipei is “expected to announce in September the actual date for the implementation for the visa-free travel,” TECO added.
    It noted that the Marawi siege is a factors in the postponement.

    “We regard the Marawi siege as an isolated case and TECO has assured [Taiwanese] that the incident will not affect other areas, and that generally speaking, the Philippines is a safe and friendly country,” the office said.


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