Marbury bids teary adieu to basketball


BEIJING: Former NBA player Stephon Marbury ended a trailblazing 22-year basketball career with rhyming couplets and tears after winning his last-ever game on Sunday in Beijing, bidding an emotional farewell to his adoring Chinese fans.

The six-time Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) all-star reinvented himself in China after a rocky end to his 13 years with the NBA, becoming one of the first high-profile foreign players to ditch home for the Middle Kingdom in 2010.

He leaves the game just shy of his 41st birthday as one of the Chinese league’s most beloved stars, honored by Beijing with “honorary citizenship”, a green card, his own museum, statue, postage stamps, and even a musical.

Stephon Marbury AFP PHOTO

As cheerleaders danced with elegant fans and a yellow dragon mascot fist-bumped, Marbury scored 20 points to lead Beijing Beikong Fly Dragons to a 104-point victory against Jiangsu, who scored 92.

Both sides seemed to step back to let him shine in his final minutes of play, with Marbury grinning as he scored a last three-pointer with seconds to go.

Victory cinched, he sat stunned on the sidelines, tears streaming down his face despite the jostling scrum of cameras around him.

A showreel of career highlights played to the saccharine tune of Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” before he took to center court for a speech, bringing tears even to the beaming cheerleaders.

“Ending my basketball career here in China completes me. This is it — no NBA, no anywhere. This is the way it’s supposed to end, here with you and only you,” he told the overflowing crowd at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, who yelled themselves hoarse.

There are good reasons for why the Brooklyn-born player has “I [heart]China” tattooed on his arm, next to the Mandarin characters for his Chinese name: “Ma Buli”.

Marbury is the last player to retire from the famed 1996 NBA draft class, considered one of the most talented drafts in history given its roster of champs like Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant.

Yet his career appeared at a dead-end back in 2009, following ugly feuds with coaches on the New York Knicks and ultimately a ban from that team.



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