• Marcelino one of our spies – Army


    THE Philippine Army has issued a certification stating that Marine Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino has been feeding information to the Army’s Intelligence Service Group (ISG) in relation to an ongoing anti-drug project of the military, Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, Army commander confirmed on Tuesday.

    “The certification stated that he was giving information, sharing information [with]our Army intelligence regarding the effort in identifying if there is any soldier taking drugs or any soldiers who might be involved in trafficking,” Ano said.

    He explained that the ongoing anti-drug project of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) was contained under Oplan Moses of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Isafp) and the AFP-wide Oplan Midas.

    “So because of Marcelino’s extensive network and his experiences, he was sharing information from time to time [with]different intelligence agencies that include the Army intelligence and security group, that was part of the certification,” Ano pointed out.

    The certification, according to him, was issued by the ISG upon request of Marcelino’s lawyer.

    The Army commander said the certification might help Marcelino to establish that he has official efforts against the anti-drug campaign.

    “But even if he has no official effort, he has personal effort to continue his crusade against drug syndicates. So it would [also]help that he took it [crusade]as his conviction and personal [undertaking]to fight the drug syndicates,” he added.

    When pressed if this would help the embattled Marine officer to justify his presence in a large clandestine shabu laboratory at a townhouse along Felix Huertas and Batangas streets in Manila, Ano said this is already a legal matter.

    “[By this time, they should have established if Marcelino is really involved in drug trafficking. By this time they should have already gotten indicators and collaborating information that will support their accusation because it would be very easy to check the bank account, the lifestyle, check his cellphone and other information coming from other sources and the database of the drug syndicates under watch],” he added.

    During his stint at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Marcelino, according to Ano, has been giving the AFP information on drug operation.

    Even when he left the agency and was assigned to ISAFP, he said, the Marine officer continued to provide information to the military.

    A former chief of the PDEA also on Tuesday heaped praises on Marcelino, describing the intelligence officer as a “high risk taker” who took spy jobs where he was considered “expandable” or “dispensable.”

    Retired AFP chief Gen. Dionisio Santiago, in an interview, said drug lords even wanted Marcelino dead for his successful anti-drug operations in the past.

    “He busted many big time drug syndicates and caused a very huge dent on the illegal drugs business here. He was hated by drug traffickers and even some anti-drug agency officials whose toes he had stepped on along the way,” Santiago told The Manila Times.

    Reports indicated that a daughter of Marcelino had been targeted for kidnapping in the past in a bid to keep him away.

    Santiago said he still finds it hard to believe that Marcelino, who worked under him when he was PDEA director general, was himself involved in the illegal drugs trade, citing the Marine officer’s simple lifestyle.

    He added that he believes that Marcelino drew the ire of other anti-drug officials for passing on big-time drug operations to other agencies such as the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

    “He [Marcelino] is a hands-on spook. He only gives A1 information, no less. He verifies information himself and does not leave anything to simple guesswork,” Santiago said.

    He added that he believes that “professional jealousy” may have led some government officials to take offense for being “repeatedly bypassed” by Marcelino.

    For one, he surmised that a top PDEA official held a grudge against Marcelino because the latter was instrumental in the NBI raid on a “mega-laboratory” of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu in Camiling, Tarlac, in November 2014.

    The raid yielded P2 billion worth of illegal drugs, plus equipment, and led to the arrest of seven Chinese drug suspects.

    “Imagine that. Tarlac is the home province of the President [Benigno Aquino 3rd] and do you know where the sitting PDEA chief is from? Marcelino may have drawn their ire for busting a syndicate operating under their noses,” Santiago said.

    The former military general stopped short of naming PDEA Director General Arturo Cacdac Jr. as among those who may have an ax to grind against the Marine officer.

    Santiago likened the incident to a blockbuster spy movie wherein the “antagonist turns out to be the protagonist in the end” and vice versa.

    “This is among the risks that those in the intelligence community usually face. Like Marcelino, many operatives take on jobs that are not put in black and white, rendering them expendable or dispensable. It’s like when you’re caught, you’re on your own. That’s how dangerously they perform their tasks,” he said.

    With Marcelino’s arrest, according to Santiago, the illegal drug racket is rejoicing.

    The same is true, he said, with anti-drug officials who considered him a rival.

    “They succeeded in vilifying and discrediting him. On that aspect, they have succeeded. But the public must reserve judgment and weigh all the facts with circumspection,” Santiago added.


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    1. Oh my, our country is so bad that you do not know the good guys or the bad guys. Let SOCO handle this problem not any general or colonel covering up their own. Let the evidence tell us who is telling the truth. There are so many bad guys in the military that it is very hard to believe them.

    2. Gusto ko lang ibahagi ang aking kuro-kuro….sabi nila si col. Marcelino siya ay isang decorated ay anti-drug crusader. At nakilala siya dahil sa pagkakahuli ng mga miyembro ng malalaking sindikato at pagkakasamsam ng bilyong bilyong halaga ng shabu. At bilang isang anti-drug crusader ipinagpapatuloy niya ito sa kanyang sariling kapasidad kahit na siya ay wala na sa PDEA at kahit na nasa military na siya. Subalit nakikipag ugnayan naman siya sa PDEA kapag meron siyang nakukuhang Tip o impormasyon tungkol sa drug syndicate. Yung sinasabi niyang istilo na clandestine and compartmentalized methodology sa pagsugpo ng malalaking sindikato ay nararapat at tamang istilo, sapagkat napakalaki at napaka impluwensya ng sindikatong ito. Dahil possible na meron kuneksiyon ang sindikato sa police, militar at gov. officials. At dahil din sa patuloy niyang krusada laban sa mga demons na ito, marami siyang nasagasaan at patuloy na nasasagasaan. Pati na mismo ang opisina ng PDEA dahil nagmumuka silang inutil sa ginagawa ni col. Marcelino. Dahil nauuna pa siyang makakuha ng impormasyon. Inde ko pinagtatanggol si col. Marcelino, gusto ko lang tingnan ay ibang senaryo kung bakit nangyayari ito ngayun. Mas okay siguro kung tanungin din nila yung Chinese impormant na si Yi Shou. Di ba siya yung may malalim na kuneksiyon sa sindikato kaya siya nakakapagbigay ng malalaking impormasyon kay col. Marcelino? Ngaun, bakit siya nagkaroon ng susi ng bahay? Bakit isinama niya doon si col. Marcelino? Bakit andon na yung mga taga PDEA sa location ang hinihintay ang pagdating nila? Bakit nung tinanong ni col. Marcelino si PDEA Director Pedroso kung may operation sila sa area ay sinabi nito na wala. Si Pederoso katrabaho ni col. Cacdac na sinasabing naiirita sa patuloy na pangingialam ni col. Marcelino sa trabaho ng PDEA. Si Shou na nakakuha ng impormasyon sa laboratoryo ay kilala na ng mga opisyal ng pdea at ng mga sindikato ng impormante siya ni col. Marcelino. Ang nangyayari bang ito ngaun ay dahil sa paghihiganti ng mga sindikatong nasagasaan nya at mapigilan si col. Marcelino na patuloy silang tugisin? Or ito ba ay paghihiganti ng agensiyang nasasagasaan nya na nagmumukang inutil? Ano kaya talaga ang totoo.

    3. Moonshining is the illegal act of distilling — process of lambanog making– while Moonlighting is having a part time job/gig. Both words are aptly applicable to Col. Marcelino, if his accuser/s could prove the former’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Otherwise, Col. Marcelino is just an incognito Moonshiner.

    4. The stench of Narcopolitics. The winners are the hands that rocks the cradle of government bureaucracy and the losers are the lowly government workers that were treated as pawns because of greed.

    5. Despite the strong cover up for Marcelino by high AFP official, Marcelino’s possession of key to the Lab is significant to determine the ultimate owner of the Lab.

    6. What a boo..boo.. aside from blowing up the cover of marcelino and exposing his covert operations (if this report is true)…it put also places in grave danger his love ones and close relatives (heard that his daughter was abducted before)…. under this government INCOMPETENCIES seems to be the standard mentality……5 more months and we’re finally free…. wow how come days are too slow to count these days …..

    7. opinionated na pinoy on

      Ang mga palusot issued by the AFP in person of Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano are very shallow and I believe it will not stand in a court of law. But then again, in the Philippines, money is a very powerful element that can change everything favorable to whoever have the money. At this point, whoever comes forward to help, in the hope for Lt. Col. Marcelino to get off the hook, will be rewarded at end. Talagang ganyan tayo, mga Pinoy, marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob.

      Here is what Lt. Gen Ano said: the on-going anti-drug project for the AFP are contained in OPLAN MOSES for ISAF, and OPLAN MIDAS for AFP WIDE. Can anybody tell the difference between ISAF and AFP? They are both referring to the Armed Forces (AF), and having different Operational Plans? Secondly, the main purpose of the intelligence gathering by the Armed Forces is to identify if any soldier is taking drugs or any soldier who might be involved in trafficking. Wow! Shallow!!

      All these activities that Lt. Col. Marcelino doing was on behalf of the AFP kunu were not coordinated with other Drug Enforcement Agencies such as the PNP Anti-drug operatives, PDEA, or even the NBI? These are some of the reasons why all these excuses for Marcelino do not add up. All of us know that these drugs will turn into big time easy money, tax free.

    8. Marcelino was on his own to get the merit if his work ends up in a positive way. Unfortunately it did not. He has to take the consequences of his undertakings. His mother and sister are in financial needs. How can he help them with a meager military income? However it is not impossible for a crime buster to go left. Just like a priest, bishop or even a pope can commit a deadly sin. Unless he can prove otherwise, guilt is on his side.

    9. The Philippine Army’s certification is worthless. He was caught inside the drug lab. He opened the apartment door to the raiding team. He was caught moonshining.

      • If indeed Col. Marcelino was doing his work for the AFP which is intelligence in nature, then how come he and the former PDEA interpreter were the ones who had keys to the apartment that yeilded the shabu? Having keys to the apartment is proof enough that you own/rent the said place. maybe ABNOY has his hands on these and this is the reason why Gen. Ano made such certification. Opening a property without any warrants only suggest that you own the property. Maybe Col Marcelino job was to eliminate the competitor in these business for him and his cohorts will gain everything. Drug trade has been rampant, no wonder it may be because there are men in power who is moving heaven and earth for money.