• Marcia Adams on my plate

    Alice Bustos-Orosa

    Alice Bustos-Orosa

    After the Easter holidays with friends, Chichi, Pinky and Jasper—I drove up to sunny Tagaytay for lunch at a quaint home-based restaurant called Marcia Adams.

    Located at the boundary of Tagaytay and Alfonso, we simply turned a corner into a gravel-paved road and were surprised to have found the place quite easily. Known to be a choice venue for intimate wedding receptions, Marcia Adams has also often been blogged about for its authentic Tuscan cooking and rustic ambience.

    This country restaurant is named after its chef-owner, Marcia Adams, a Filipina. It’s interesting though that Marcia Adams is also the name of a former well-known chef in the States, who created best-selling cookbooks on Heartland cooking and comfort food recipes. What a unique coincidence indeed!

    As we began our leisurely walk towards the main house, my friends and I found ourselves in the midst of a lush garden of trees, flowery shrubs, and hanging vines. Despite the summer heat, the foliage was a natural cover to the afternoon sun.

    Like an English country garden, Marcia Adams seems untamed, bucolic yet charming. Upon descending the path leading to the restaurant, we chose the rustic-looking cottage on the left over the bigger hall with balconies overlooking part of Alfonso. Somehow, the cottage seemed cozier with its brightly painted stucco walls, antique-finished wooden chairs and huge colorful summer floral bouquets. It was just a picture-perfect setting. Add to that, its shabby chic interiors and attention to details with white linen, crocheted lace glass coasters, 18-count silver, and antique-inspired goblets. It was simply elegant, like a well-dressed woman in a white islet dress and casual espadrilles.

    But the best part of Marcia Adams was the cuisine, of course. The menu, which is seasonal, is a set-price three-course meal with starters, a choice of main course, and dessert. It was a good thing we were four in the group and got to taste four different matched menus.

    For appetizers, we tried the Amalfi prawns coated with breadcrumbs and pan-fried, paired this with the Provolone, melon and arugula salad with light raspberry vinaigrette. Then for the mains, we tried the Fish Souvlaki (perfectly seasoned with just the right tartness), the Beef Kebabs, Spanish chicken casserole with chorizo, and the Carbonara (a heap-full serving with a choice of either bacon or mussels).

    Every dish was impeccably seasoned, subtle to the taste buds, yet very pleasing to the palate.

    Dessert capped the meal as we dipped our spoons into heavenly Panna Cotta, Lavender Crème Brulee, Pavlova and Lemon Sponge pudding. The desserts were neither overwhelmingly sweet nor too creamy, making them all the more delectable.

    Our lunch at Marcia Adams that began past 12 unexpectedly ended four hours later. Ensconced in the foliage and the tranquil surroundings of the restaurant’s main hall, the easy camaraderie we shared made the meal even more delightful. For us all, Marcia Adams turned out to be worth the drive after all.


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