Marcos accepts, LP rejects drug test dare


SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said he is willing to take a drug test to prove that he is not using any prohibited drugs such as cocaine, heroin or shabu.

“As what I have been saying, I am wiling to undergo any test, including a DNA test,” the senator told reporters after a flag-raising ceremony in San Juan City (Metro Manila) that was attended by Mayor Guia Gomez.

“I can take [a blood or drug]test if that’s what the people want,” he said in response to a challenge from Sen. Grace Poe that all presidential and vice presidential candidates undergo a drug test.

But the Liberal Party (LP) on Monday rejected the challenge.

Senate President Franklin Drilon, LP vice chairman, said he sees no need for presidential and vice presidential candidates to be tested for drugs.

“I am not in favor of a drug test. Come on, you are a candidate for the highest office in this land, I would like to think that having presented yourself, you are not indulging in this vice, so I don’t see a need for a drug test,” Drilon told the weekly Pandesal forum in Quezon City.

“It’s up to them [candidates]if they want to do a drug test but I don’t see the need for a drug test. But what I see the need for is for them to reveal their complete medical records,” he said.

Marcos said there is no problem with his health.

“The people have the right to know your health condition. That’s a superb suggestion. For me there is no problem,” he told reporters.

The senator earlier called on the government to strengthen its anti-drug campaign.

“Unless the government can attend to its own backyard first by cleansing the ranks of public officers and employees of those involved in illegal drugs, we cannot launch a credible nationwide campaign against the drug menace,” Marcos said.


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  1. spot on jj, i just wonder how many politicians would be prepared to take a lie detector test on camera for all to see. It would have to be done by a foreign country or people will accuse this & that.
    Come on guys lets all call for lie detector tests for all officials from presidents to barangay personnel. p

  2. Why, mostly of the candidates doesnt want to have a drug test or dna. BBM is willing to do this things. While LP rejected it. Why? somebody from their candidates is been using drugs???First of all, the highest position like President and vice President shall be tested if they were using drugs or whatever. It should be compulsory for the above position.. Why they were afraid???? It means only Bong Bong Marcos is the cleanest and honest man among all the candidates…Therefore, BBM is the right man for our nation and our people. GOD BLESS MDS-BBM. the saviour of our nation.

  3. Madali lang yan, kung ayan ng LP to undergo drug test, then HUWAG nating iboto sila (una sa lahat si DRILON). Ano bang sama nuong magpa drug test?

  4. It is always sen Drillon who will negate this idea. He refused to be subjected to airport security check in the US by taking off his shoes and socks. Remember? He consider himself as a high and mighty public official and therefore is above the any security law. He always want to use his diplomatic immunity status. Now that the country is becoming to be haven for illegal drugs, he would not conform because he is a high public official. Very proud and hypocrite public official. You can not be a great model of following the law but you serve as a bad example of a lawmaker who uses the law to your advantage.

  5. opinionated na pinoy on

    It would be nice, when an elected President, can instructs the Congress to create and pass some type of legislation to randomly conduct an unannounced urinalysis test on the vice president, members of the senate, and congress as well. It should also included the cabinet members, supreme court justices, high ranking members of the NBI, AFP, national police and everybody that has been granted security clearances by the government that have access to classified information.

    I do not think Sen. Grace Poe consulted with her running mate, Chiz Escudero when she issued the challenge for all the candidates aspiring for the highest offices of the land to voluntarily undergo drug testing. Chiz Escudero would have not agreed by this proposal and neither he would be a willing participant of this process. Escudero has been long suspected as a drug addict and some of his political backers are in illegal drug business. It is a common knowledge about his connections, but nobody has proven that, as of yet ( sa isip ko lang, si PNoy kasi ang bestman niya sa kasal).

  6. I believe that all candidates including President, Vice-Pres., Senators including Sen. Pres. Drillon, Congressmen down to barangay kagawads should take Drug and DNA tests. No discrimination as drugs is now in 96% of all barangays and the cause of heinous crimes.
    According to Amb. Tiglao in his editorial yesterday that Cabinet members of the former Dictator Ferdinand Marcos knew about the Ferdie-Rosemaries love affair that resulted a lovechild. Pres. Marcos persuaded Rosemarie Sonera to hide her lovechild as Imelda might get angry and leave him besides the 1969 election was very near and might affect Marcos re-election bid.. Is this the reason why Sen. Grace Poe does not want to have a DNA test with Sen. Bong-Bong Marcos not until after election in May 9, 2016 as the truth might come out that she is a Marcos that might affect her presidential ambition? Was it a coincident the lovechild might have landed to a Marcos Loyalist Ronnie and Susan Poe?
    Sen. Grace Natividad Poe Llamanzares, why not accept the offer of Sen. Marcos so you will know the TRUTH about yourself that you said you have been seeking all your life and will solve your disqualification case in the Supreme Court?
    I am sure we, the people, will understand and will not take this against you and will more vote a Marcos-Marcos tandem in the 2016 election.

  7. Instead of drug test, give all politicians a lie detector test to find out about corruption, tax evasion, sins, etc.conduct them live on TV so the people know that 98% are damn corrupt!!

  8. What about subjecting LIQUOR and NICOTENE TEST TO THE Presidential Candidate? It is rumored that a LADY ASPIRANT is a HEAVY DRINKER and SMOKER. How true is this?