Marcos apologizes for ‘wrongs’ during Dad’s time


BAUANG, La Union: Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has apologized to those whose rights were said to be violated and those who were said to have suffered injustice during his father’s administration.

He apparently disappointed his supporters by not declaring his intention to run for President in next year’s elections, which supposed bid he was expected to announce over the weekend in San Fernando City in this province.

A guest of Lion’s Club 301, he instead turned the tables on his family’s perceived political opponents, urging them to exert all efforts to criticize him for alleged misdeeds of his father’s presidency against Filipinos.

“That’s good, use all of these against me,” Marcos said in a news conference held at City Hall last Saturday.

The senator noted that all the surveys made since 2011 revealed that “Ferdinand Marcos [his father]is still the best President of the country.”

‘’I will reveal the thousands and thousands of kilometers of roads that were built [under the Marcos administration], the [country’s] status in the international community, the millions of Marcos scholars and students who graduated,” he said.

“The agricultural policy that brought us to self-sufficiency in rice, the power generation, the OFWs [overseas Filipino workers]who gave life to the economy and the country having the highest literacy rate in Asia [were achieved during the Marcos administration],” Marcos added.

Many in the Ilocos Region, where the Marcos patriarch came from, still believe that he will declare his candidacy for either President or Vice President in the days ahead.


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