Marcos appeals to young supporters to stay calm


SEN. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. appealed Wednesday to his supporters, mostly young people, to stay calm in the light of alleged discoveries in the unofficial quick count of the votes that, he said, strengthened belief of irregularities in the canvass favoring his rival from the ruling administration camp.

The Ilocano senator made the appeal after learning that a hundred of his supporters, mostly university students, went to Luneta Park in the morning and staged a protest rally to show indignation over the alleged dagdag-bawas (vote padding and shaving) scheme orchestrated by the followers of President Benigno Aquino III.

The “occupy-Luneta” rally has drawn followers from social media since Tuesday, the day when Marcos’ supporters woke up to realize the senator’s 1 million lead over Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, who was now leading the former by 200,000 votes, had dissipated.

“I urge our friends, our supporters who are rallying their Facebook friends to come out and stage a rally to calm down,” Marcos said. “Cool down your heads.”

Marcos’ lawyers are preparing the data that would show clearly how the Liberal Party had orchestrated the alleged fraud to stagnate the votes intended for him.

“What was even more puzzling was that the drop in my lead began after the Comelec had said there was a glitch that delayed the updates of the transmitted votes in the transparency server,” Marcos said. JAIME R. PILAPIL



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  1. Go Go go sir BBM. The righteous and justice will be on our side. God will not let you and our Filipino people to be overtaken by these evil ways of noytard admnistration.