Marcos belies declaration yarn


Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Thursday said there is no truth to reports that he will announce his presidential bid for next year’s elections in Pangasinan on Sunday.

In a statement, Marcos noted that he has not authorized anyone to make such announcement.

Unless the announcement comes from his camp, it should not be given credence, the senator said.

“There is no truth to reports that I would announce my candidacy in Pangasinan this weekend. I have been hearing so many dates of my supposed declaration of my plans for 2016,” Marcos added.

The reports said Marcos will be making an announcement in Pangasinan on Sunday during a gathering of officials and members of Pagkaka-isa ng Mga Pilipino Para sa Pilipinas (PPP).

“Unless you hear it directly from me, do not believe. As I said before, I believe these false advisories being spread by an unscrupulous group are intentional and meant to put my name in a bad light,” the senator explained.

This is the second time Marcos’ name was used to spread false information. Just recently, he received information that there are some individuals going around recruiting people to join a three-day convention that will be held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

Unidentified individuals have been recruiting participants in Taguig City (Metro Manila) promising them to be provided free transportation and cash amounting to P4,500 during the three-day event.

“I had already issued an official statement to set the record straight that such reports are simply untrue and that I have nothing to do with [them]. Apparently, this is not enough to dissuade the dirty tricks directed against me,” Marcos said.

He remains undecided if he will run for President next year and that he is keeping his options open including the possibility of running for reelection. Marcos will be ending his first term as senator next year but he is still eligible to seek another term in the Senate.


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