Marcos blasts govt’s failure to protect children’s rights


Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., has criticized the government for its failure to address the continuous rise in crime incidents against children brought by its weak and inadequate enforcement of laws. Marcos said the government was unsuccessful in protecting the rights of the children despite of the laws en-acted by Congress and the availability of resources to help it address crime. Marcos cited the report of the Philippine National Police -Women and Children Protection Center that showed a spike in rape cases in the country, from a 15-year average of almost 4,000 cases to 7,000 cases in the past year. Mar-cos said that given such high figures it would mean that rape incident is happening every 72 minutes or around 20 individuals are being sexually abused each day.  “The most shocking part is that 77 percent of these cases involve minor victims!” Marcos said in a speech delivered before the Kiwanis Club at the Manila Hotel, last week.


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