Marcos blasts ‘insensitive’ govt


    THE abysmal utilization of donated funds for victims of calamities shows the government’s callousness, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said on Monday following reports that more than P300 million in donations remain untapped.

    The senator expressed dismay over the government’s “insensitivity” to the plight of disaster victims as well as its failure to properly use the calamity funds and donations intended for families hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda and other calamities.

    Marcos called on the government to use the idle funds to provide permanent shelter to families rendered homeless by typhoons and other calamities.

    The senator made the call in response to a report by the Commission on Audit (COA) that P385 million in donations coursed through the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) under the Department of National Defense (DND) remained unused as of 2014.

    The senator particularly cited the unused donations for victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) amounting to P136,996,859.29 of which only P38 million was used.

    “It has been two years since typhoon Yolanda devastated Tacloban and other nearby areas but many of the survivors are still complaining that they have yet to get permanent shelters that the government promised for them,” the senator said.

    Marcos, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Works, conducted an investigation into the alleged sub-standard bunk houses constructed as temporary shelters for Yolanda survivors.

    A group of Yolanda survivors cited data from the National Housing Authority, which showed that only 534 out of the 13,801 targeted permanent houses have been built by the government as of September this year.

    In a separate hearing conducted by the Senate committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement chaired by Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito last month, the panel learned that of the 205,128 houses to be built by July 2016, only 16,000 have been constructed.

    Marcos said the government could have used the idle funds to provide immediate assistance and relief to victims of calamities.

    “This smacks of not only insensitivity to the plight of the disaster survivors but also negligence of duty,” he added.

    Marcos vowed to bring up the issue of the unused calamity funds during the forthcoming 2016 budget deliberations in the Senate to ensure that the funds are tapped for their intended purpose.

    The Senate resumes its sessions today after a month-long legislative break.

    Criminal negligence
    The Anakpawis party-list also condemned the Aquino administration for its failure to use the donations to help typhoon victims.

    “The rage of typhoon victims is indescribable over the Aquino government’s criminal negligence, many have died, starved, endured living in tents, make-shift camps, went bankrupt and lost their farms and other hardships, but we are to discover that the donations supposed to help them are hoarded. The Aquino government should be held responsible for this mercilessness,” Rep. Fernando Hicap of Anakpawis said.

    “Even the donations for the victims of typhoon Ondoy-Pepeng, Pablo and Yolanda were not distributed to the victims. The government even had the stomach to file charges against typhoon Pablo victims when they organized to claim the relief from the DSWD [Department of Social Welfare and Development] office in Davao, and the Emergency Shelter Assistance for typhoon Yolanda victims, DSWD had the audacity of claiming distribution would be soon fully accomplished when two years had passed,” Hicap said.

    “Let us all condemn this criminal negligence, this is irrefutable proof that Aquino is a big fraud when he claimed concern of calamity victims, the people must continue to hold him accountable, especially when he leaves his post as president,” he added.


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    1. Marcos is right about this issue.
      From The netherlands the Phillipines recieved an amount of Euro 36 million.
      Just the other day the TV aired a program asking where that amount of money jad gone too as the victims of Yolanda are still living in misery.
      Convertd into PHP we are talking about an amount of 36 M x Php47= PHP 1.692.000.000.
      It wont surprise me that some candidates running for president there in the Phils are using a huge part of this money for their campaign
      Mind you Mar Roxas already used PHP 357 million on illegal campaign; see all these billboards along the highway and his appreances on tv.
      Where did that money come from??

    2. Senator Marcos ,you will never be the president of this country. Your name just scares people.

    3. for noytard people. Life is better during martial law than today. Fyi.
      Are you a victim of martial law? if so why.. what is the reason… Alam ba ninyo (nancy pangit) na ang founder ng NPA ay si NoyNoy Aquino ?? at si JOMA SISon ang kanyang kanang kamay. Nasaan ngayon si JOMA SISON? nasa netherland. Pinatakas ni madam devil corykong nung panahon niya..via Singapore… Hanggang ngayon nasa netherland at iyong mga tauhan niya na NPA ay nasa bundok, nakikipaglaban sa gobyerno pero siya nasa netherland. Ito ba ang lider na dapat pagkatiwalaan??ASSHOLE. Feed your beautiful mind.. Iyang amo ninyo si Abnoy, pulahan iyan, hindi lang niya maipakita ang tunay niyang kulay, dahil nandiyan pa sila Enrile at Ramos na alam ang katotohanan…pathetic.

    4. Katrina and Sandy don’t have foreign donations!!
      Yolanda” funds came from other countries—Should go to the victims and not to somebody ‘s else pocket

    5. No donated funds for Katrina and Sandy!!! Rehab is being done by US government!!!
      Yolanda funds was donated by foreign countries–Its a shame they are not being given to
      the victims!!!

    6. I totally agree with your statements mr. Senator , please initiate the impartial fact finding investigation and let us prosecute, or even hang in San Juanico Bridge those who are responsible in taking advantage for personal gain those donated goods and cash intended for Yolanda victims. We concerned Filipinos must be firm and consistent in our resolve to provide the next generation a better place to live in.

    7. Go!!!Go!!!Go!!! Sen. Marcos. I have so many relatives there in Tacloban but until now they have not yet received any help from the Aquino administration for a fact that the Mayor in Tacloban is a Romualdez cousin of Mr. Marcos. Politics still prevail in this administration over HELP of those Yolanda victims…..

    8. Let me ask Marcos these questions.
      1. Was the rehabilitation of the victims of hurricane Katrina finished in the U.S.?
      2. Was the rehabilitation of typhoon Sandy in the U.S. finished?
      The Answers to these are NO.
      3. Were the victims of martial law already paid completely?
      If you want votes, don’t listen to Rep. Romualdez from Leyte.

      • Idiocies… can the people in the USA get a great job, money and redo their life??? Yes..!!! Big Time!

        Victims of martial law??? Not settled yet??? Really???<

        Idiots are doing what Nancy? It has been 30 years of Yellow Governing the country and not all settled yet???

        Oh well…. I guess Idiots like Idiots to govern!

      • You are definitely out of sync and is comparing apples with oranges on your assertions, to answer you questions:

        1) The point of Marcos’ contention is the utilization of ‘donated’ funds, which were not utilized. And, with regards to Hurricane Katrina, the disaster has revealed a country of political divide, which is a product of the same source of greed of the corporate elite, just like what is happening in Philippines currently. An excerpt from the World Socialist Web Site reads the following –

        ‘The result has been a non-stop process of social plunder, producing an unprecedented concentration of wealth at the apex of society and a level of social inequality exceeding that which prevailed in the days of the Robber Barons.

        Fraud, the worst forms of speculation and criminality have become pervasive within the upper echelons of American society. This is the underlying reality that has suddenly revealed itself, precipitated by a hurricane, in the form of a collapse of the most elementary forms of social life.
        The political establishment and the corporate elite have been exposed as bankrupt, together with their ceaseless insistence that the unfettered development of capitalism is the solution to all of society’s problems.

        The catastrophe unleashed by Katrina has unmistakably revealed that America is two countries, one for the wealthy and privileged and another in which the vast majority of working people stand on the edge of a social precipice’.

        2) For the victims of martial law, since the EDSA revolution, a commission (PCGG) was formed to recover the loot, which were allegedly plundered by Marcos, it was reported last year by a broadsheet popularly associated with the yellows, that PCGG had recovered 28 million dollars in two of Marcos’ account West Landesbank in Singapore, which was said to have been remitted to the treasury, and another from a Swiss account, so to answer your question with another question – where are these monies now and why are these not used to pay out the victims of martial law?

        Just to even out the whole process on human rights violations – how is it that those peasant farmers who were killed during the infamous Mendiola massacre or even continued oppression of peasant farmers of Hda. Luisita had never been included? Or, at present those reports who are felled by assasins bullets, under BS Cojuangco Aquino III’s regime, are not counted as victims? Your question is moot, once you cannot come out with a reasonable rebuttal.

      • I suggests solid North and Leyte. Let us bring back true leaders in this country. Leaders who are concern for the benefits of the Filipino people. Barcelona, spain for Marcos.