Marcos’ burial at Libingan is ‘an act of civilization’


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I borrowed the phrase “an act of civilization” from Victor Hugo’s tribute to Voltaire during the 100th death anniversary of the great French philosopher and dramatist.

Hugo (author of Les Miserables), on that occasion, got to the heart of why every country should pay homage to her great sons and daughters, when he said: “We are here to perform an act of civilization. We are here to make affirmation of progress, to pay respect to philosophers for the benefits of philosophy, to bring to the 18th century the testimony of the 19th, to honor magnanimous combatants and good servants, to felicitate the noble efforts of people.

“We are here at this grand moment, in this solemn hour, to bow religiously before the moral law, and to say to the world, which hears France, this: There is only one power, conscience in the service of justice, and there is only one glory, genius in the service of truth.”

So it might be also for the coming burial of President Ferdinand Marcos but for the dishonest controversy that the Aquino crowd, joined by leftwing activists, is hysterically promoting in a desperate bid to stop the official interment.

Burying Cory’s dog with military honors
I am joining the debate on the planned burial of President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) in indignation, because of my discovery that during the time of President Corazon Aquino, she ordered the burial, with military honors, of her dog at Malacañang Park, while she doggedly refused to allow Marcos’ interment at the Libingan.

On Facebook, someone has posted an old Reuters story on the controversy generated by the dog’s interment. The dog’s name was Shadow, and it was a Labrador bitch, and she served as security for President Cory for six years.

The canine devotion is maudlin, but what appalls and offends is the imposture of the Aquino crowd that there is a legitimate question about whether President Marcos is qualified to be interred at the Libingan.

The fact is, Marcos is qualified many times over for interment there, and with all the honors that he deserves because he is:

1. a Medal of Valor awardee;

2. a former President of the Republic, and incidentally, the only reelected President in the country’s history;

3. a former secretary of national defense; and

4. a veteran of World War II

Regulations for Libingan burial
The case for a Marcos burial at Libingan has been advocated by many, but no one has presented it more forcefully and convincingly than retired Brig. Gen. Rosalino A. Alquiza, who wrote to Star columnist Federico Pascual on the matter, and who then quoted the letter in a column published on April 24, 2011.

Alquiza wrote:
“AFP Regulations G 161-373, subject: ‘Allocation of Cemetery Plots at the LNMB,’ issued on 9 April 1986 by GHQ AFP under then AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Fidel V. Ramos and then President Corazon C. Aquino, prescribes who are entitled to be interred in the LNMB.

“Pursuant to the aforecited AFP Regulations, re-published on 11 Sept 2000 as AFP Regulations G 161-375, there are 10 categories of deceased persons entitled to be buried at the LNMB, namely:

1. Medal of Valor Awardees;

2. Presidents or Commanders-in-Chief, AFP

3. Secretaries of National Defense

4. Chiefs of Staff, AFP

5. General/Flag Officers of the AFP

6. Active and retired military personnel of the AFP

7. Former AFP members who laterally entered/joined the PNP and the PCG

8. Veterans of Philippine Revolution of 1896, WWI, WWII and recognized guerrillas.

9. Government Dignitaries, Statesmen, National Artists and other deceased persons whose interment or reinterment has been approved by the Commander-in-Chief, Congress or the Secretary of National Defense.

10. Former Presidents, Secretaries of National Defense, widows of former Presidents, Secretaries of National Defense and Chiefs of Staff…

“Former President Marcos is entitled to be interred at the LNMB in any of four categories, namely: as Medal of Valor awardee, as former President, as former Secretary of National Defense, and as veteran of World War II.

“As regards disqualification, Marcos was neither dishonorably discharged nor convicted with finality of an offense involving moral turpitude. While he was charged with several offenses, he was never convicted. Thus, he died an innocent man.

“Except for the 9th category (Government Dignitaries, Statesmen and National Artists), the regulations do not require the approval of the President or anybody else for the interment at the LNMB of those so entitled.

“The LNMB is a military cemetery (just like the Arlington Cemetery in the United States) intended primarily for military personnel and veterans. One does not have to be a hero to qualify to be buried there…”

It was President Cory Aquino who signed the regulations, but she then arbitrarily put up the barrier to Marcos’ interment at the Libingan.

Presidential approval is not required for the interment of a person meeting the qualifications, but Cory made an exception for Marcos, and subsequently President Ramos also tried to make it appear obligatory. It is only now with President Duterte that we have a President who is firm in honoring the regulations .

Pathetic protest and propaganda
The puny protest staged last Sunday at Rizal Park, bathed in yellow shirts and led by Mar Roxas, Risa Hontiveros and Leila de lima, seeks to continue Cory’s bile from the grave. Aided by the still slavish yellow media (ABS-CBN, Inquirer, Star), the protestors hallucinate that they can panic President Duterte into retreat from his decision to allow the burial with honors of President Marcos at the Libingan. Or that they can stampede the Supreme Court into issuing a restraining order on the burial.

Panic Duterte? Bamboozle the High Court? Who are they kidding?

Leni Robredo had more sense. She ran away from the charade.

A debt of justice
To close this meditation on the Marcos interment at the Libingan, I turn to the words of the great Athenian statesman Pericles, who in 431 BC delivered an oration as a memorial to the first Athenian soldiers who fell in the Peloponnesian War.

Pericles said:
“It is a debt of justice to pay superior honors to men who have devoted their lives in fighting for their country…

“The grandeur of this community was acquired by brave and valiant men, men who knew their duty…

“It is greatness of soul alone that never grows old.”


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  1. This article presents a logical thinking approach to Marcos burial. Not a Marcos fan, hated him during his time. He’s long gone and now, we must take the journey to forgive and let him be laid to rest. We can discuss all his sins for all we want but who would be the real judge in the end? Let go of the hatred, anger and vindictiveness as these acts will only ruin the goodness in you, if not your mental health. For all that Marcos had done, karma had already struck him. Banished, shamed and suffered a terrible illness, his wealth did not even save him from dying. We will all go there sooner or later, so instead of focusing about details of his past, let’s enjoy and appreciate our lives now. Be logical, civil
    and be informed and follow the laws.

  2. When asked during the campaign period if he is going to allow the burial of FEM in the LNMB, he categorically said YES. When he received 16M votes during the election, I think its tantamount to a drirect authoirty from the Filipinos that he can bury FEM in the LNMB. Unless the silent majority can show more numbers on the contrary.

  3. Linda Luz Amante on

    Yen, I just want to correct you on some of your claims to justify why Marcos deserves a place at the LNMB: 1) he was never received a medal of valor. This was already disputed several times and by the very family(Rigor), whose father was the real hero but whose honor, Marcos stole
    2) he was re elected during an election he was forced to declare because he wanted to stay in power. That election was full of dishonesty and caused the walk out of comelec personnel who witnessed the rigged canvassing that would have made them accomplices 3) Cory’s dog was never buried in the LNMB and this gossip has slready been dispelled. For the sake of argument, if this was the president’s guard dog and helped secure her safety during her presidency, then the dog desrves a place at the LNMB. In other countries, they give these guard dogs full military honors. Honestly, dogs have been found to be more loyal than us humans. At least, they do not become traitors like the former president who was voted to serve the Filipinos but decided he wanted to stay longer and eventuslly declared martial law to do that. Worse, the family treated public coffers as their own, stealing and bringing them out of the country and using dummies to hide their wealth. Please go back to you history.

    Yen, I suggest you take into consideration and be thankful that some people died so we could get back our democracy which you and I and many of the young generation enjoy today. That’s why you can write what you want to say today without fear of being picked up. Think of the families who lost fathers, some mothers, sons who were picked up
    by the military and were never found up to now. Yes, think of Ninoy Aquino who was shot at the tarmac because he posed as a threat to the regime. Be grateful for the past and the people who made your present what it is today.

    • Keith Harrington on

      I will reiterate one point as it seems you didn’t read the article:

      “..Marcos was neither dishonorably discharged nor convicted with finality of an offense involving moral turpitude. While he was charged with several offenses, he was never convicted. Thus, he died an innocent man.”

      granted he was not a recipient of the medal, kindly dispute the other stipulations in AFP Regulations G 161-375.

  4. ferdinand naboye on

    Mr. Tiglao It is very obvious now how the catholic charge are being used by the aquinos to saw hatred against marcos. to cardinal rosales do you think aquino is your boss you should be ashame because your are suppose to lead the whole church. Stop this pretension and hypocysy in the church. we have witness the efficiency of the the aquinos to govern and serve and witness too how they want to control the economy of the philippines. look at the CARPO program does it has a meaning when it could not be even applied to hacienda luisita.

  5. David Michael Meyer on

    by all means bury him –But please -not as a hero

    David M Meyer (PhD Psych }

  6. Let’s move on, let them bury former president Marcos to LNMB.
    I think that the people who are against the burial of Marcos to LNMB are
    uncivilized and pretentious…Give peace a chance.

  7. Just hang the URN with CREMATED ASHES of Marcos on acacia branch planted inside Libingan ng mega Bayani. This way some birds can swarm the URN and make their droppings on the URN. At least Marcos is inside the LNMB. What dya say?

  8. Marcos not a hero and no place in Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB)!

    Marcos must instead be CREMATED and ashes be kept by Imelda as her bejeweled Urns and not interred in Heroes Cemetery!

    Duterte’s irrational and idiotic reason that he permits Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) is because his father was Marcos cabinet man and he voted for Marcos was more personal and do not reflect the Filipinos sentiments and judgment on the matter as they are affected by Marcos ruthless rule for killings thousands of protestors, violations of human rights and lastly but most heinous was Marcos plunder of Philippine wealth which the Marcos Family now enjoys and source of income for the next ten generations!

    Duterte now claims that the law on LNMB allows Presidents and soldiers to be interred there.
    Duterte’s logic that being a President and soldier there is nothing wrong to interred Marcos in LNMB. That is precisely why Marcos remains do not DESERVE to be in the LNMB since he was a dictator, brutal, plundering President and FAKE and FRAUD soldier! Marcos was the biggest liar in all his life, whether as a person or politician.

    Ferdinand Marcos was not only a Great Liar. Marcos was a big-time congenital gigantic liar and a thief! Marcos first lie was when he denied he stole a rifle from UP armory, used as the murder weapon he used to assassinate Nalundasan, Marcos’s father political opponent in Ilocos Norte. This was the trial court’s (Ilocos Court of First Instance, now called Regional Trial Court) findings from evidence which convicted Marcos of Murder, though later overturned by the Supreme Court as he was absolved by Justice Jose P.,Laurel, because of his friendship with Pepito Laurel his UP classmate and the justice’s son.
    During the Japanese occupation in 1943, Marcos formed the Maharlika Group not as a guerrila unit to fight the Japanese but sold contraband to Japanese army and during he liberation in 1945 to PILFER weapons and materials from US army bases.

    Having a political vision for and embellish his wartime records, Marcos attempted to dupe the Americans, including Gen. Mcarthur, that he was a captain in Philippine army and a Bataan death-March prisoner but he was investigated by the US army and uncovered him as a FRAUD! In his political career Marcos presented himself as a war-hero receiving 27 war medals which later on turned-out to be faked medals as unearth by New York Times from the US archives, which was published in 1986 during the waning years of his martial law regime.

    Duterte’s position that Marcos should be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani “not because he was a hero but because he was a soldier” is wrong because Marcos was neither never a hero nor even a soldier” for that matter. Marcos was just a fraudulent claimant self-styled patriot, a great liar and a notorious plunderer of Filipinos wealth and nationalism!
    Marcos must not be buried at all but must remain in his wax mausoleum in Ilocos to forever symbolize greed for wealth and political power, dictatorial brutal regime to be encrypted in the minds of all for all time to remember by the whole world!

  9. So why did President Ramos made a deal with the Marcos family disallowing the burial of Marcos at the LNMB as one of the conditions for the return of Marcos body to the Philippines?

    Makabenta can cite all the regulations he wants but isn’t a deal a deal?

  10. renato irlanda on

    to: Roxas, Hontiveros, de Lima, and your rag tag paid mob of a measly 500 heads or less
    read this column of mr Makabenta so that you will be enlightened on the foolishness of your actions against the burial of Marcos.
    why in the name of fairness and magnanimous defeat can you not accept that you are already a gone force. you had your chance during Cory’s time and his stupid nincompoop son’s time to show all and sundry that you were deserving of being models of a respected, honest, worthy to be emulated public servants. but you all blew it.
    better ride off into your caves and for god’s sake stay there. you’re gone adios good riddance

  11. Makabenta’s arguments are absurd and full of fallacies! Her argument boils down to: Cory’s dog was buried in LNMB, so we should add another dog there.

    • Keith Harrington on

      “Makabenta’s arguments are absurd and full of fallacies!”

      any halfwit can make a statement – elaborate.

  12. They declared Ninoy Aquino as a hero for what? And Cory Aquino a saint? What are they talking about? Can anyone give some sense to the people who are making this blunder.

  13. Well said Mr. Makabenta, may it be added:

    “Courtesy makes the country civilized, power makes the nation strong”

    Give Marcos his due burial as a civilized courtesy, then activate the Bataan nuclear plant for cheap power for the people…

    …as Marcos had wished, let his legacy not be forgotten

  14. Check your facts sir. You are a new comer in the debate so might as well check and cross-check your facts regarding marcos as a soldier.

    • Daniel B. Laurente on

      His facts are right from exhausted research while yours are probably from unverified and untruthful source.

  15. Although not very parallel Sophocles’ Antigone has some overtones in the Apo’s burial issue. To the Pros and Cons, the Greek dramatist has this line for you, “It is a bad thing if one judges and judges wrongly.” Defying her reigning Uncle Creon’s edict not to bury her dead brother with honors for the crime of treason, Antigone fought by burying him and told Creon, “I did not believe your proclamation had such power to enable one who will someday die to override God’s ordinances, unwritten and secure.”: Placing divine over civil law, Sophocles further penned, ” If he (man) honors the laws of the earth and the justice of the gods he had confirmed by oath, high is his city.” And finally, Sophocles’ Tiresias advised Creon, “Yield to the dead man; do not stab him–now he is gone–what bravery is this, to inflict another death upon the dead?” Aren’t we Pinoys more spiritually inclined? Let’s now pay our last respects to the dead Apo. All of us according to God’s will, will be heading that destiny, too.

  16. sir makabenta, you have said very well the requirement for those who are qualified to be interred at the libingan ng mga bayani. For those who are protesting for the burial of Marcos, protest for the buried K-9 dog instead. understand the Rule and it did not say that a dog is qualified for military honors.

  17. Same reply to the other Manila Times article justifying Marcos’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The question one has to ask about the Marcos’s is why did they have to go into exile? What would have happened to him and his family if they remained in the Philippines? Would he have been treated a hero? The unquestionable looting of the country as found by their guilt in International courts, the thousands of political prisoners who opposed the Marcos’s oppressive regime killed or jailed for decades. Weighing these misdeeds that Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies had committed against the filipino people for more than 20 years versus the qualifying standards that one must meet to be entitled to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is what must be reconciled. In other words, does Marcos’s credentials far outweigh what he did to the country and to its people? If you can say yes with a straight face, then this is a non-issue. Btw, Marcos did not fight for the country. He hid in the hills in Tarlac with Taruc during the Japanese occupation.

    • whether he hid or fake medal or whatever you have against Marcos, it is still a FACT the he was once a soldier and was a president period. My father was a soldier, fought during the Korean war. He told us stories about how dangerous wars were during those times, now Do we judge soldiers who hide just to protect themselves from what situation they were in during those times?

    • Incarcerating and killing of political enemies did not stop even during the time of President Cory Aquino and Preside Abnoy.- best example is the incarceration of Pesident Arroyo. At least Marcos was in the mountain hiding or fighting the Japanese unlike the grandfather of Abnoy who collaborated with the Japanese.

      Yellow tardy what’s the big fuss in burying Macos in Libingan ng mga Bayani?

    • If all the you stated about Marcos were true and can be proven in court beyond reasonable doubt then you should go and contact the main people who drafted the TRO request from the SC because they sure could use your help. In fact, I think they need all the help they can get.

  18. I am a die hard Marcos believer. PDU30 is Marcos’s reincarnation so PDU30 be extra careful with the Yellow Followers- look what they have done to President Marcos. Double your intelligence gathering on this Yellow Cult.

  19. The Supreme Court should not meddle into this Marcos burial issue, if it does not want to get embarrassed again, and the Executive Department proceeds with the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Remember, in November 2011, then DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima ignored the order of the Supreme Court allowing GMA to travel abroad to seek medical treatment.

  20. abegail linaming on

    i am an avid reader of Manila Times online. Please restore the old format because it gives a quick overview of the events reported. Discard this one. It strains the eyes. Sayang, but really, this new format is really tiresome; boring, too. Please discard, huh? I hope I am the only complainant, so my best newspaper will not mind losing just one avid and critically-thinking reader. Really….

    • i agree with you. the old format is easy to follow. have you noticed that when you share the news or column in fb, nawawala ang manilatimes website after sharing.

  21. Thanks for your intellectual view and untiring effort in sharing information to all , with a very broad and truthful kind of journalism.

  22. “I do not believe on what you are saying but I will depend to death your right to say it.”

  23. In other words, the decision of PDU30 is a sort of a ‘political question’ matter the exercise thereof is better left to the Executive and cannot be subject to judicial review if any one of the enumerated conditions is present. Thus, a petition to stop PDU30 from recalling/reneging his earlier order to allow FM’s interment at LnmB before the courts and a TRO is inapplicable.